1958 British Hit Parade Part 2: June – December

Various Artists
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FORMAT: Audio CD - 4 Disc
Release date: 23 Feb 2009


"These comps give you a true and resonant idea of Britain in the Fifties"   THE TIMES

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Welcome to the seventh edition of the ‘British Hit Parade’ series. Once again we present in chronological order every disc to chart on the hit parade as published in The New Musical Express. By 1958 other weekly music publications had become well established. The jazz orientated Melody Maker, although still suspicious and overly critical of the new sounds of rock and roll, had, by necessity, embraced the genre and was publishing its own regular pop chart, as was the Record Mirror. For this 1958 edition we have extracted from both of these charts several records that failed to find a place on the NME chart.

Those titles are identified by either (RM) or (MM) after their title in the track listings. As with previous editions we are not including EPs or LPs that were listed on the NME chart. In 1958 there was only one item – Elvis Presley’s “Jailhouse Rock” EP which reached No.18. As introduced during 1956, the NME chart now contained 30 positions, so once again we are presenting 1958 split into two 4-disc sets.

This second volume covers the charts of June 21st – December 27th, and the rest of the year can be found on FVQD001 Part One: January – June, which contains the charts from January 4th – June 14th.



  1. The Purple People Eater (Sheb Wooley)
  2. Little Serenade (Piccolissima Serenata) (Eddie Calvert)
  3. Rave On (Buddy Holly)
  4. Sugar Moon (Pat Boone)
  5. The Purple People Eater (Jackie Dennis)
  6. I'm Sorry I Made You Cry (Connie Francis)
  7. Torero Cha Cha Cha (Renato Carosone and His Sextet)
  8. Sick And Tired (Fats Domino)
  9. Tom Hark (Ted Heath and His Music)
  10. When The Boys Talk About The Girls (Valerie Carr)
  11. Torero (Julius LaRosa)
  12. Sally Don't You Grieve (Lonnie Donegan)
  13. Betty, Betty, Betty (Lonnie Donegan)
  14. Chanson D'Amour (Art and Dotty Todd)
  15. Endless Sleep (Marty Wilde)
  16. I'll Always Be In Love With You (Michael Holliday)
  17. Ooh! My Soul (Little Richard)
  18. The Only Man On The Island (Tommy Steele)
  19. When (The Kalin Twins)
  20. I Know Where I'm Goin' (George Hamilton IV)
  21. Hard Headed Woman (Elvis Presley)
  22. Trudie (Joe "Mr Piano" Henderson)
  23. Patricia (Perez Prado)
  24. Think It Over (The Crickets)
  25. The Only Man On The Island (Vic Damone)
  26. Splish Splash (Bobby Darin)


  1. Jacqueline (Bobby Helms)
  2. Endless Sleep (Jody Reynolds)
  3. Wonderful Things (Frankie Vaughan)
  4. Splish Splash (Charlie Drake)
  5. Hello My Darlings (Charlie Drake)
  6. The Right To Love (David Whitfield)
  7. Yakety Yak (The Coasters)
  8. Fever (Peggy Lee)
  9. Everybody Loves A Lover (Doris Day)
  10. Poor Little Fool (Ricky Nelson)
  11. Stupid Cupid (Connie Francis)
  12. Carolina Moon (Connie Francis)
  13. Little Bernadette (Harry Belafonte)
  14. Little Train (Max Bygraves)
  15. Gotta Have Rain (Max Bygraves)
  16. Secretly (Jimmie Rodgers)
  17. Volare (Dean Martin)
  18. Early In The Morning (Buddy Holly)
  19. If Dreams Came True (Pat Boone)
  20. Got A Match (Russ Conway)
  21. Volare (Domenico Modugno)
  22. Girl Of My Dreams (Tony Brent)
  23. Moon Talk (Perry Como)
  24. Mad Passionate Love (Bernard Bresslaw)
  25. Rebel-'Rouser (Duane Eddy)
  26. Bird Dog (The Everly Brothers)


  1. Move It (Cliff Richard & The Drifters)
  2. Born Too Late (The Poni-Tails)
  3. A Certain Smile (Johnny Mathis)
  4. Little Star (The Elegants)
  5. Midnight (Paul Anka)
  6. Lonesome Traveller (Lonnie Donegan)
  7. King Creole (Elvis Presley)
  8. It's All In The Game (Tommy Edwards)
  9. Volare (Marino Marini and His Quartet)
  10. Western Movies (The Olympics)
  11. Come Prima (Marino Marini and His Quartet)
  12. Am I Wasting My Time On You (Frankie Vaughan)
  13. My True Love (Jack Scott)
  14. Ginger Bread (Frankie Avalon)
  15. Someday (You'll Want Me To Want You) (Jodie Sands)
  16. More Than Ever (Come Prima) (Malcolm Vaughan & The Michael Sammes Singers)
  17. Susie Darlin' (Robin Luke)
  18. Tea For Two Cha Cha (Tommy Dorsey Orchestra)
  19. Hoots Mon! (Lord Rockingham's X1)
  20. More Than Ever (Come Prima) (Robert Earl)
  21. Volare (Charlie Drake)
  22. I'll Get By (Connie Francis)
  23. Love Makes The World Go 'Round (Perry Como)
  24. Summertime Blues (Eddie Cochran)
  25. Someday (You'll Want Me To Want You) (Ricky Nelson)


  1. Rock-in Robin (Bobby Day)
  2. It's Only Make Believe (Conway Twitty)
  3. Come On Let's Go (Tommy Steele)
  4. Lonnie's Skiffle Party (Medley) (Lonnie Donegan)
  5. Mr Success (Frank Sinatra)
  6. Tom Dooley (Lonnie Donegan)
  7. Fallin' (Connie Francis)
  8. High Class Baby (Cliff Richard & The Drifters)
  9. It's So Easy (The Crickets)
  10. I Got A Feeling (Ricky Nelson)
  11. Mandolins In The Moonlight (Perry Como)
  12. Tom Dooley (Kingston Trio)
  13. More Party Pops (Medley) (Russ Conway)
  14. The Day The Rains Came (Jane Morgan)
  15. Topsy II (Cozy Cole)
  16. Gee, But It's Lonely (Pat Boone)
  17. Real Love (Ruby Murray)
  18. The Son Of Mary (Harry Belafonte)
  19. Winter Wonderland (Johnny Mathis)
  20. As I Love You (Shirley Bassey)
  21. Woman From Liberia (Jimmie Rodgers)
  22. To Know Him Is To Love Him (The Teddy Bears)
  23. Kiss Me, Honey Honey, Kiss Me (Shirley Bassey)
  24. You Always Hurt The One You Love (Connie Francis)
  25. Chantilly Lace (The Big Bopper)