1959 British Hit Parade Part 1: January – July

Various Artists
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FORMAT: Audio CD - 4 Disc
Release date: 18 Jan 2010


A good year for sounds and a turning point for UK pop music - RECORD COLLECTOR

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Fantastic Voyage wraps up its 1950s Hit Parade series by inviting record producer and music historian Stuart Colman to guide us through the decade’s final twelve months.

Part 1 of this survey takes us from January to July. In many ways, 1959 was the most intriguing year of the entire period. People were growing ever more confident and the average weekly budget could accommodate such leisure activities as a night out at the Palais and a new wardrobe to go with it. Popular music was very much a priority with jukeboxes being the dominant force in terms of promoting the product. The noble art of Phonebox Stuffing, a vastly different pastime, was being hailed as the latest thing. The objective was quite straightforward, simply to cram as many bodies possible into a standard-size kiosk then register the accomplishment. In February the ebullient mood was soured by the tragic loss of Buddy Holly, the Big Bopper and Ritchie Valens in a light plane crash.

The repercussions were such that few American acts toured the UK during the year. In March the giant EMI organisation announced their decision to eliminate 78s from the company catalogue, leaving the way clear for the still novel 45 rpm single to take over. The following month, Marty Wilde helped launch the new medium of promo films which in time would become known as pop videos. May saw the debut of the very first Grammy Awards, which were held at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Los Angeles. Comedian Mort Sahl was on hand to introduce the winning acts, including the Kingston Trio, Domenico Modugno and the Champs.

Meanwhile, June heralded the arrival on British television screens of the pop pundits’ programme, “Juke Box Jury” chaired by David Jacobs. And in the world of the teen idol the future was looking bright ahead with the arrival of several chart-worthy newcomers including Dion & the Belmonts, Neil Sedaka and Billy Fury.



  1. Queen Of The Hop (Bobby Darin)
  2. Cannonball (Duane Eddy)
  3. The World Outside (Ronnie Hilton)
  4. Baby Face (Little Richard)
  5. (I Love To Play) My Ukulele (Max Bygraves)
  6. You’re The Top-Cha (Al Saxon)
  7. Heartbeat (Buddy Holly)
  8. One Night (Elvis Presley)
  9. I Got Stung (Elvis Presley)
  10. Last Night On The Back Porch (Alma Cogan)
  11. The World Outside (The Four Aces)
  12. That’s My Doll (Frankie Vaughan)
  13. Livin’ Lovin’ Doll (Cliff Richard & The Drifters)
  14. There Must Be A Way (Joni James)
  15. Problems (The Everly Brothers)
  16. High School Confidential (Jerry Lee Lewis)
  17. Little Drummer Boy (The Harry Simeone Chorale)
  18. I’ll Remember Tonight (Pat Boone)
  19. I’ll Be With You In Apple Blossom Time (Rosemary June)
  20. The Wonderful Secret Of Love (Robert Earl)
  21. Wee Tom (Lord Rockingham’s XI)
  22. (All Of A Sudden) My Heart Sings (Paul Anka)
  23. Does Your Chewing Gum Lose Its Flavour (On the Bedpost Overnight) (Lonnie Donegan & His Skiffle Group)
  24. Little Drummer Boy (The Beverley Sisters)
  25. Smoke Gets In Your Eyes (The Platters)


  1. The Love Game (The Mudlarks)
  2. Wait For Me (Ti Diro) (Malcolm Vaughan)
  3. Willingly (Melodie Perdue) (Malcolm Vaughan)
  4. Little Drummer Boy (Michael Flanders)
  5. The World Outside (Russ Conway)
  6. Manhattan Spiritual (Reg Owen & His Orchestra)
  7. Venus (Dickie Valentine)
  8. A Pub With No Beer (Slim Dusty)
  9. Ciao Ciao Bambina (Marino Marini Quartet)
  10. Tomboy (Perry Como)
  11. Donna (Ritchie Valens)
  12. Stagger Lee (Lloyd Price)
  13. The Story Of My Love (Conway Twitty)
  14. My Happiness (Connie Francis)
  15. Ciao Ciao Bambina [aka Piove] (Domenico Modugno)
  16. The Lonely One (Duane Eddy)
  17. Gigi (Billy Eckstine)
  18. Side Saddle (Russ Conway)
  19. By The Light Of The Silvery Moon (Little Richard)
  20. The All American Boy (Bobby Bare (as Bill Parsons))
  21. With The Wind And The Rain In Your Hair (Pat Boone)
  22. Early To Bed (The Poni-Tails)
  23. French Foreign Legion (Frank Sinatra)
  24. Charlie Brown (The Coasters)
  25. Maybe Tomorrow (Billy Fury)


  1. It Doesn’t Matter Anymore (Buddy Holly)
  2. Donna (Marty Wilde)
  3. Sing Little Birdie (Teddy Johnson & Pearl Carr)
  4. C’mon Everybody (Eddie Cochran)
  5. Venus (Frankie Avalon)
  6. Petite Fleur (Chris Barber's Jazz Band)
  7. Love’s Made A Fool Of You (The Crickets)
  8. (Now and Then There’s) A Fool Such As I (Elvis Presley)
  9. I Need Your Love Tonight (Elvis Presley)
  10. May You Always (The McGuire Sisters)
  11. Idle On Parade (Anthony Newley)
  12. Lovin’ Up A Storm (Jerry Lee Lewis)
  13. It’s Late (Ricky Nelson)
  14. Never Be Anyone Else But You (Ricky Nelson)
  15. Come Softly To Me (The Fleetwoods)
  16. I Go Ape (Neil Sedaka)
  17. Guitar Boogie Shuffle (The Virtues)
  18. Fort Worth Jail (Lonnie Donegan & His Skiffle Group)
  19. Come Dance With Me (Frank Sinatra)
  20. Where Were You (On Our Wedding Day)? (Lloyd Price)
  21. Hey Little Lucy! (Don’tcha Put No Lipstick On) (Conway Twitty)
  22. I’ve Waited So Long (Anthony Newley)
  23. For a Penny (Pat Boone)
  24. If Only I Could Live My Life Again (Jane Morgan)


  1. Come Softly To Me (Frankie Vaughan & The Kaye Sisters)
  2. Mean Streak (Cliff Richard & The Drifters)
  3. Never Mind (Cliff Richard & The Drifters)
  4. You Made Me Love You (Nat King Cole)
  5. Margie (Fats Domino)
  6. May You Always (Joan Regan)
  7. Kansas City (Little Richard)
  8. Guitar Boogie Shuffle (Bert Weedon)
  9. Take A Message To Mary (The Everly Brothers)
  10. Poor Jenny (The Everly Brothers)
  11. Three Stars (Ruby Wright)
  12. A Teenager In Love (Marty Wilde)
  13. Please Don’t Touch (Johnny Kidd)
  14. Roulette (Russ Conway)
  15. Goodbye Jimmy, Goodbye (Ruby Murray)
  16. A Teenager In Love (Craig Douglas)
  17. Personality (Lloyd Price)
  18. The Battle Of New Orleans (Johnny Horton)
  19. Margo (Don’t Go) (Billy Fury)
  20. A Teenager In Love (Dion & The Belmonts)
  21. Endlessly (Brook Benton)
  22. Waterloo (Stonewall Jackson)
  23. Why Should I Be Lonely? (Tony Brent)
  24. La Plume De Ma Tante (Hugo & Luigi)