75 Pumpin’ Piano Greats

Various Artists
FORMAT: Audio CD - 3 Disc
Release date: 4 May 2009

"Never have so many great piano players been presented in a single package"  NOW DIG THIS


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Jerry Lee Lewis changed Rock‘n’Roll. Hitherto, R&R records had been predominantly either sax or guitar dominated, piano having largely been relegated to a supporting role, as part of the rhythm section. Even Little Richard’s strident piano was usually buried under layers of riffing saxes. But after Jerry Lee, things were noticeably different – and on the back of his success, a whole lot of piano-pounders were to enjoy a new, reinvigorated lease of life.

Of course, Boogie-Woogie went right back to the birth of recorded sound, a staple element of Blues repertoire, aptly demonstrated herein by Pete Johnson, Camille Howard, Little Willie Littlefield, Amos Milburn and Cecil Gant, whilst Merrill E.Moore, Chuck Miller, Moon Mullican and Freddie Slack present equally-powerful white, Countrified interpretations. Jerry Lee, of course, brought Boogie-Woogie to Rock & Roll, but guys like Owen Bradley, Roy Hall, Floyd Cramer – and particularly, Chuck Berry’s collaborator, Johnnie Johnson – sure knew how to lay down a rockin’ solo or two, as they so readily demonstrate.

Fats Domino’s easy-rollin’, New Orleans style adapted readily to rock’n’roll, whereas his near-neighbour Professor Longhair trod a somewhat funkier path, sticking closer to R&B – as did guys like Champion Jack Dupree, Huey ‘Piano’ Smith, Ike Turner, Rosco Gordon and Lloyd Glenn. Ray Charles music crossed so many genres he was virtually impossible to categorise, as was, perhaps to a lesser extent, Piano Red. All these and more are featured on this unique 3-CD set, which presents 75 wild, piano-propelled slices of R&R, R&B, Boogie-Woogie, Blues, Country and raw hillbilly music.

Featuring more than thirty different piano-pumpers, the pace never lets up and all musical boxes are well and truly ticked. The booklet is laden with 50s vintage pics and memorabilia, and also includes detailed liner notes from R&R guru Stuart Coleman.



  1. Pumpin' Piano Rock (Jerry Lee Lewis)
  2. Down The Road A Piece (Amos Milburn)
  3. Rock-Rockola (Merrill E Moore)
  4. Boogie Blues (Chuck Miller)
  5. Jim Wilson’s Boogie (Little Willie Littlefield)
  6. Woo-Ee (Piano Red)
  7. Shake Baby Shake (Champion Jack Dupree)
  8. Put Your Cat Clothes On (Carl Perkins)
  9. You're Barking Up The Wrong Tree (Don Woody)
  10. Will You, Willyum (Janis Martin)
  11. Slippin’ And Slidin’ (Little Richard)
  12. The Fat Man (Fats Domino)
  13. I Done It (Moon Mullican)
  14. Chuck's Boogie (Chuck Miller)
  15. Walk Your Blues Away (Professor Longhair and His Blues Scholars)
  16. Cecil Boogie (Cecil Gant)
  17. Roll ‘Em Pete (Big Joe Turner & Pete Johnson)
  18. Mess Around (Ray Charles)
  19. Honky Tonk Train (Lloyd Glenn)
  20. Rock And Roll Music (Chuck Berry)
  21. Snake-Eyed Mama (Don Cole & Al Casey)
  22. She Sure Can Rock Me (Roy Hall)
  23. Seven Nights To Rock (Moon Mullican & Boyd Bennett and His Rockets)
  24. The House Of Blue Lights (Freddie Slack and His Orchestra & Ella Mae Morse)
  25. X-Temporaneous Boogie (Camille Howard and Her Trio)


  1. Shot Gun Boogie (Tennessee Ernie Ford)
  2. The House Of Blue Lights (Chuck Miller)
  3. Drinkin' Wine Spo-Dee-O-Dee (Jerry Lee Lewis)
  4. Don't Stop Now (Roy Hall)
  5. Let's Elope Baby (Janis Martin)
  6. I'll Sail My Ship Alone (Moon Mullican)
  7. Rocket "88" (Jackie Brenston and His Delta Cats)
  8. Chicken Shack Boogie (Amos Milburn)
  9. T Model Boogie (Rosco Gordon with The Beale Streeters)
  10. Rockin’ Pneumonia And The Boogie Woogie Flu (Huey "Piano" Smith and The Clowns)
  11. Long Tall Sally (Little Richard)
  12. You Can’t Catch Me (Chuck Berry)
  13. Ball Room Baby (Dick Lory)
  14. Wild Fire (Piano Red)
  15. We're Gonna Rock (Gunter Lee Carr (aka Cecil Gant))
  16. Fire-Ball Boogie (Camille Howard and Her Trio)
  17. Ball The Wall (Professor Longhair and His Blues Scholars)
  18. All By Myself (Fats Domino)
  19. I'm Mad At You (Moon Mullican & Boyd Bennett and His Rockets)
  20. Bad Whiskey And Wild Women (Champion Jack Dupree)
  21. It Should've Been Me (Ray Charles)
  22. Old Time Shuffle (Lloyd Glenn)
  23. Pigfoot Pete (Ella Mae Morse & Freddie Slack and Rhythm Section)
  24. Birmingham Bounce (Hardrock Gunter)
  25. Fly Right Boogie (Merrill E Moore)


  1. Amos Boogie (Amos Milburn)
  2. Red Light (Merrill E Moore)
  3. Vim Vam Vamoose (Chuck Miller)
  4. Country Boogie (Moon Mullican)
  5. Please Don't Leave Me (Fats Domino)
  6. Daybreak Rock (Champion Jack Dupree)
  7. Cecil Boogie No 2 (Cecil Gant)
  8. Hey Little Girl (Roland Byrd (aka Professor Longhair))
  9. Rockin’ With Red (Piano Red)
  10. Hallelujah I Love Her So (Ray Charles)
  11. Chica Boo (Lloyd Glenn)
  12. Tutti-Frutti (Little Richard)
  13. Barefoot Baby (Janis Martin)
  14. Bird Dog (Don Woody)
  15. All By Myself (Roy Hall)
  16. Country Junction (Tennessee Ernie Ford)
  17. Miller's Boogie (Chuck Miller)
  18. Roll Over Beethoven (Chuck Berry)
  19. Cool Love (Wanda Jackson)
  20. Rock Me All Night Long (Ella Mae Morse)
  21. Instantaneous Boogie (Camille Howard and Her Trio)
  22. Pipeliner Blues (Moon Mullican)
  23. Blackout Boogie (Freddie Slack and His Orchestra)
  24. Gonna Dance All Night (Hardrock Gunter)
  25. It’ll Be Me (Jerry Lee Lewis)