A Summer Song

Chad & Jeremy
FORMAT: Audio CD - Disc
Release date: 25 Jun 2012

CAT No: FVDIG514UPC TEXT: 887396048560

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Pop duo Chad & Jeremy was signed to Ember Records by the British indie label’s head of A&R John Barry. The label was unable to build on the domestic success of initial hit “Yesterday’s Gone”, but the duo went from strength to strength in the States, where their recordings were licensed to the World Artists label. “A Summer Song” followed “Yesterday’s Gone” into the Billboard Pop chart, where it stayed for 14 weeks, and the chart-topping “Willow Weep for Me” provided their third hit of 1964. Encouraged by such success, Chad & Jeremy took the term British Invasion literally, and boldly relocated to the States. 1965 brought further hits with “If I Loved You” and “What Do You Want With Me”. By the time a cover of Lennon & McCartney’s “From a Window” had become their sixth and final hit for World Artists, the duo had signed to Columbia, and further hit singles and increasingly ambitious albums ensued. A Summer Song takes its title from their most popular hit, which is regarded as a Golden Oldie, and is in constant demand as a download and for TV commercials. Right now it features in the new blockbuster movie Men In Black III. As well as those first six hits, A Summer Song presents the cream of the duo’s other Ember/World Artists recordings, when they were recording with talented producers John Barry (on the cusp of international fame with the James Bond film soundtracks) and Shel Talmy (The Kinks, The Who, The Easybeats), and legendary New York arranger Jimmie Haskell.



  1. A Summer Song
  2. Yesterday's Gone
  3. Like I Love You Today
  4. Now and Forever
  5. If She Was Mine
  6. Willow Weep for Me
  7. September in the Rain
  8. Too Soon My Love
  9. The Truth Often Hurts the Heart
  10. Your Mama's Out of Town
  11. If I Loved You
  12. Donna, Donna
  13. What Do You Want With Me?
  14. From a Window
  15. If You've Got a Heart
  16. No Other Baby
  17. The Girl from Ipanema
  18. Four Strong Winds
  19. Only Those in Love
  20. You Know What
  21. My How the Time Goes By
  22. A Summer Song (UK Version)