After Sun

Various Artists
FORMAT: Audio CD - 3 Disc
Release date: 13 May 2013

“Another of those ‘why hasn’t this been done before?’ " Now Dig This
“Beyond being a real insight it’s a mix of fantastic lesser-heard cuts that you may never have spun back-to-back otherwise” Vintage Rock
"A first rate collection of some of the finest musicians known to Sam Phillips" Blues & Rhythm
4/5 Record Collector

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What The Stars Of The Legendary Sun Record Company Did Next

Because of the iconic nature of Sun Records and its universally-accepted claim as the cradle of rockabilly, there have been countless reissues over the last four decades celebrating the label’s recordings – both famous and obscure. As its title suggests, After Sun offers, instead, a substantial look at the compelling music made by those who began their recording careers at 706 Union Avenue, after they had left the cramped studio of the Memphis Recording Service for pastures new.

Whether the final destination had been Chicago, St Louis, Nashville, New York…or just a couple of miles north on Chelsea Avenue, and whether they were destined for obscurity or immortality, the legacy of the spirit imbued upon those who were fortunate enough to participate in those open-ended sessions directed by Sam Phillips is here for all to enjoy.

Over 3 CDs and 97 tracks, rock & roll authority Dave Penny reveals what these veterans of Sun did next, in the process coming up with a thoroughly satisfying selection of good rockin’ music. After Sun boasts big names a-plenty – Ike Turner, Carl Perkins, Elvis Presley, Howlin’ Wolf, B.B. King, Roy Orbison, Conway Twitty, Little Junior Parker and Johnny Cash – but there is also a wealth of recordings by lesser-knowns, which will appeal to lovers of prime blues, rockabilly and country. So sit back, relax and slap on some After Sun.



  1. Trouble Up The Road (Jackie Brenston)
  2. Hey...Hey (Ike Turner)
  3. So Glad You’re Mine (Elvis Presley)
  4. That’s All Right (Ray Smith)
  5. Whoo! I Mean Whee! (Hardrock Gunter)
  6. Switch Blade Sam(Jeff Daniels)
  7. Neighbors (Howlin’ Wolf)
  8. I Need Your Lovin’ (Conway Twitty)
  9. Is That All To The Ball Mr Hall (Bill Riley)
  10. I Wanna Ramble (Little Junior Parker)
  11. House Rocker (B.B. King)
  12. I Belong To You (Jimmy Williams)
  13. Perfect Girl (Smokey Joe)
  14. Out Of This World (The Simmons)
  15. $ F--olding Money $ (Tommy Blake)
  16. Bim Bam (B.B. King)
  17. Cat Squirrel (Doctor Ross)
  18. Who’s That Big Man? (Lee Mitchell)
  19. F-B-I Story (Rudy Grayzell)
  20. What I Wouldn’t Do (Rosco Gordon)
  21. White Lightning Cherokee (Onie Wheeler)
  22. Wampus Cat (Howard Chandler)
  23. Hydramatic Woman (Joe Hill Louis)
  24. Gonna Shut You Off, Baby (Jimmy Haggett)
  25. Why Don’t You (Charlie Feathers)
  26. Do The Chicken (Billy Emerson)
  27. That’s My Baby (Little Junior Parker)
  28. Cry, Baby, Cry (Narvel Felts)
  29. Up Town (Roy Orbison)
  30. The Shape You Left Me In (Gene Simmons)
  31. Where The Rio De Rosa Flows (Carl Perkins)
  32. Boodoo (Carl Simmons’ Orchestra)


  1. I Feel So Bad (Elvis Presley)
  2. Shake It Up (Conway Twitty)
  3. My Dolly Bee (Little Junior Parker)
  4. I’m Tryin’ (Little Milton)
  5. Trudy (Johnny Carroll)
  6. Rootie Tootie Baby (Lee Mitchell)
  7. Jack Rabbit (Ike Turner)
  8. Everybody’s Lovin’ My Baby (Charlie Feathers)
  9. Numbers Blues (Doctor Ross)
  10. Quick Sand Love (Macy Skip Skipper)
  11. Have A Good Time (Walter Horton)
  12. Rockin’ Daddy (Howlin’ Wolf)
  13. Get It Off Your Mind (Kenny Parchman)
  14. Pink Pedal Pushers (Carl Perkins)
  15. Early In The Morning (B.B. King)
  16. Boo Bop Da Caa Caa (Eddie Bond)
  17. Guitarville (Roland James)
  18. Flip Flop And Fly (Billy Riley)
  19. Tough, Tough, Tough (Andy Anderson)
  20. Barefoot Rock (Little Junior Parker)
  21. Too Much Alike (Charlie Feathers)
  22. Rock-A-Bop Baby (Hardrock Gunter)
  23. Uh-Huh-Huh (Jeff Daniels)
  24. I Like It (William Tell Taylor)
  25. Sattellite Hop (Kenny Parchman)
  26. With The Bug (Roy Orbison)
  27. Teenage Letter (Billy Riley)
  28. Every Woman I Know (Billy Emerson)
  29. Ho...Ho (Ike Turner)
  30. Reconsider Baby (Elvis Presley)
  31. That’s All Right (Carl Perkins)
  32. Beautiful Dreamer (Johnny Bernero)


  1. Rock A Little Baby (Harmonica Frank Floyd)
  2. Little Jewell (Wild Bill Taylor)
  3. Tummer Tee (Rosco Gordon)
  4. Long Distance Operator (Little Milton)
  5. Start All Over Again (Smokey Joe)
  6. L-O-V-E-V-I-L-L-E (Carl Perkins)
  7. I Want You With Me (Elvis Presley)
  8. I’ve Got Papers On You, Baby (B.B. King)
  9. The Easy Livin’ Plan (Rufus Thomas)
  10. When You Come Around (Charlie Feathers)
  11. This Ole Heart Of Mine (Eddie Bond)
  12. Makes Me Feel Good (Ray Smith)
  13. Keep Your Arms Around Me (Joe Hill Louis)
  14. Gonna Wait For My Chance (Jackie Brenston)
  15. Don’t You Know (Kenny Parchman)
  16. Catfish (The Spitfires)
  17. Mean Ole Frisco (B.B. King)
  18. Locomotive Man (Johnny Cash)
  19. Watcha Gonna Do (Hayden Thompson)
  20. Just Can’t Stay (Willie Nix)
  21. Rakin And Scrapin (Dean Beard)
  22. Shake, Baby, Shake (Jesse Lee Turner)
  23. You’re Always Late (Jimmy Williams)
  24. Almost Eighteen (Roy Orbison)
  25. Who Put The Squeeze On Eloise? (Macy Skip Skipper)
  26. Treat Me Right (Kenny Parchman)
  27. Holy Mackerel, Baby (Billy Emerson)
  28. Honey, ’Cause I Love You (Carl Perkins)
  29. Goin’ Back To Memphis (Gene Simmons)
  30. You’ll Be Mine (Howlin’ Wolf)
  31. Have Guitar Will Travel (Scotty Moore Trio)
  32. I’m Comin’ Home (Elvis Presley)
  33. Movin’ (Bill Black’s Combo)