After Tonight: Ember Beat Vol. 3 (1966-67)

Various Artists
FORMAT: Audio CD - 1 Disc
Release date: 9 Nov 2009


CAT No: FVCD031UPC TEXT: 5055311000312

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Following hot on the heels of Tell Me (FVCD014) and Done Me Wrong (FVCD023), After Tonight concludes our survey of indie label Ember’s contribution to the beat scene. We have reached the years 1966 and 1967, when the beat scene was giving way to the nascent rock sound and psychedelia on the one hand, and teen-orientated pop on the other. Cover versions of both A Whiter Shade Of Pale (by Bobby Johnson & The Atoms) and The Theme From “”The Monkees”” (by The Peenuts) illustrate this divergence of markets.

After Tonight serves up a track apiece by The Alleykatz, The Bats, Luvin’ Kind, Just Five and The People (who evolved into rock group Eire Apparent and recorded an album with Jimi Hendrix), concluding our reissue of tracks from the 1966 album Ireland’s Greatest Sounds: Five Top Groups From Belfast’s Maritime Club. Elsewhere, styles range from the garage surf of The Clockwork Oranges to the club-friendly home-grown R&B sound of Bobby Johnson & The Atoms (whose contributions include a cover of the Otis Redding/Carla Thomas hit Tramp). Both singles by The Fadin’ Colours are included. The first is a cover of (Just Like) Romeo And Juliet, a US hit for The Reflections, while the second, the superior Be With Me, may never have got beyond acetate stage.

Vocalist Ray Singer, later briefly a member of UK pop-psych band Nirvana, is represented by both sides of a single and a brace of album cuts. Paul’s Troubles only released one single on Ember, but we have also included two further tracks from a French EP. The series will be complemented by further compilations, to provide a comprehensive survey of Ember’s contribution to pop, rock, soul and British modern jazz in the sixties and seventies.



  1. Ready, Steady (The Clockwork Oranges)
  2. After Tonight (The Clockwork Oranges)
  3. Look In Your Eyes (Ray Singer)
  4. Ah Oop (Ray Singer)
  5. Chicago Calling (The Alleykatz)
  6. People Like You (The Bats)
  7. I Will Have You (Just Five)
  8. I'm With You (The People)
  9. Answers Please (Luvin' Kind)
  10. (Just Like) Romeo And Juliet (The Fadin' Colours)
  11. Billy Christian (The Fadin' Colours)
  12. What's Done Has Been Done (Ray Singer)
  13. Won't It Be Fine (Ray Singer)
  14. You'll Find Out (Paul's Troubles)
  15. You've Got Something (Paul's Troubles)
  16. A Whiter Shade Of Pale (Bobby Johnson & The Atoms)
  17. Another Man (Bobby Johnson & The Atoms)
  18. Be With Me (The Fadin' Colours)
  19. You're No Use (The Fadin' Colours)
  20. The Devil Jumps Up (Paul's Troubles)
  21. That's My Kind Of Love (Paul's Troubles)
  22. A Dreamer Of The Past (Ray Singer)
  23. Do It Again A Little Bit Slower (Bobby Johnson & The Atoms)
  24. Tramp (Bobby Johnson & The Atoms)
  25. Do It Again A Little Bit Slower [backing track] (Bobby Johnson & The Atoms)
  26. Do It Again A Little Bit Slower [backing track] (Bobby Johnson & The Atoms)
  27. Tramp [backing track] (Bobby Johnson & The Atoms)