Another Happy Hour In The Ember Lounge

Various Artists
FORMAT: Audio CD - 1 Disc
Release date: 16 Aug 2010

"Full of surprises and one to return to"  RECORD COLLECTOR

CAT No: FVCD065UPC TEXT: 5055311000657

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Welcome back to the Ember Lounge where you’re now greeted on the door as a regular. The soundtrack remains an impeccably blended cocktail of predominantly sixties recordings. Equal measures of top notch easy listening (courtesy of John Barry and Mark Wirtz), light jazz featuring some of Britain’s top names (Tony Crombie, Bill Le Sage, Ken Moule and Tommy Whittle) and torch songs from divas Annie Ross and Lita Roza, are blended with sumptuously-arranged pop from Twiggy and Chad & Jeremy, spiced up with a couple of novelty instrumentals and a single shot of funky rock. All sourced from the vaults of British indie label Ember. The mood ranges from breezy, to exhilarating, to exotic, ending on a melancholic note, as you reluctantly take your leave and hail a cab home.




  1. Yodellin' (Tony Crombie & His Friends)
  2. Yeh, Yeh (Mark Wirtz, His Orchestra & Chorus)
  3. When I Think Of You (Twiggy)
  4. So Evil So Young (theme from the TV show "The Cheaters") (Bill Le Sage & The Danziger Studio Orchestra)
  5. Fancy Dance (John Barry Seven & Orchestra)
  6. Lakeland (London Jazz Quartet)
  7. Misty (Lita Roza)
  8. Willow Weep For Me (Chad & Jeremy)
  9. Gut Bucket (Tony Crombie & His Friends)
  10. Watermelon Man (Mark Wirtz, His Orchestra & Chorus)
  11. Sly Willy (Blue Beard)
  12. Peridot (Bob Miller & The Millermen)
  13. Zsa Zsa Gabor (Ken Moule & The London Jazz Chamber Group)
  14. Heard And Seen (Tommy Whittle Quintet)
  15. The Milk Of The Tree (Polly Niles)
  16. Autumn In Cuba (London Jazz Quartet)
  17. I'm Gonna Go Fishin' (Annie Ross)
  18. Toy Piano Bossa Nova (Gliss Anders)
  19. Monkey Feathers (John Barry Seven)
  20. Riviera Carnival (Mark Wirtz, His Orchestra & Chorus)
  21. Too Soon My Love (Chad & Jeremy)
  22. Lonely Theme (Lord Fred & The Nite Owls)
  23. Wild Is The Wind (Lita Roza)