Beautiful Dreams: Ember Sixties Pop Vol. 5 – Ember Girls

Various Artists
FORMAT: Audio CD - 1 Disc
Release date: 14 Feb 2011

"A Sophisticated and eclectic package." - THE BEAT

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This is the concluding chapter of the Ember Sixties Pop series and it covers the years 1966 to 1969. Beautiful Dreams is the fifth instalment of the series, following on from Have You Seen My Baby?: Ember Sixties Pop Volume 4 (FVCD068). It compiles the releases of three fine girl singers for the label in that era (and a little beyond).

The ever publicity-conscious Ember boss Jeffrey Kruger saw the opportunity to promote the world’s first fashion supermodel TWIGGY as a singer and signed her to the label in 1966: “Any publicity is good publicity and when we signed Twiggy we got more press coverage on her own than on any of our other artists”. Her two singles were written and produced by Tommy Scott, who had overseen Twinkle’s hits “Terry” and “Golden Lights”. The 45s didn’t catch on in the UK, but she did have a huge hit in Japan which resulted in Twiggy appearing at the Budokan Hall in Tokyo, not singing her songs but parading the latest fashions while a local group played Beatles covers as accompaniment!

LINDA THORSON was a television favourite as the glamorous sidekick in “The Avengers” series. Ember utilised the singing side of her talents via a deal in 1968 with singer/songwriter/producer Kenny Lynch. Kenny came up with four very commercial songs for the recording sessions in July. The first 45 was “Here I Am” backed with “Better Than Losing You”. It looks like a second single was planned as a promotional pairing of “A Bad Time To Stop Loving Me” and “I’ll Just Pick Up My Heart” exists in the vaults and we have included them here. Linda’s next Ember session occurred in May 1970 in Beverly Hills, so, for completeness sake, we have extended the timeline slightly to present the three songs in this compilation.

JULIE ROGERS, a powerful singer with stunning looks, shot to fame in 1964 when her second Philips single, “The Wedding” was a transatlantic hit both in the UK and USA. Her next contract was signed with Ember in 1969. Two sets of sessions that year produced the fourteen tracks that made up her album “Once More With Feeling”, presented here in its entirety.

All recordings are mastered from tape and the booklet is illustrated with sleeve and label shots. The original Ember records are highly collectable (mint copies of both of the Twiggy singles are valued at £30, as is the Linda Thorson promo 45 with her released singles at £20 each). The Sixties Pop series is complemented by compilations devoted to beat and rock from the Ember vaults.



  1. Beautiful Dreams (Twiggy)
  2. I Need Your Hand In Mine (Twiggy)
  3. When I Think Of You (Twiggy)
  4. Over And Over (Twiggy)
  5. Here I Am (Linda Thorson)
  6. Better Than Losing You (Linda Thorson)
  7. A Bad Time To Stop Loving Me (Linda Thorson)
  8. I'll Just Pick Up My Heart (Linda Thorson)
  9. Wishful Thinking (Linda Thorson)
  10. You Will Want Me (Linda Thorson)
  11. Open Up Your Heart (Linda Thorson)
  12. Almost Close To You (Julie Rogers)
  13. Where Do You Go (Julie Rogers)
  14. Come Tomorrow (Julie Rogers)
  15. Children Of My Mind (Julie Rogers)
  16. Johnny (Julie Rogers)
  17. You Better Sit Down Kids (Julie Rogers)
  18. Impossible Dream (Julie Rogers)
  19. Which Way To Nowhere (Julie Rogers)
  20. Baby Don't You Leave Me (Julie Rogers)
  21. Love Theme From The Film "Michael And Helga" (Julie Rogers)
  22. Once More With Feeling (Julie Rogers)
  23. But You Know I Love You (Julie Rogers)
  24. This Is Me (Julie Rogers)
  25. Now (Julie Rogers)