Black Soul Explosion

Various Artists
FORMAT: Audio CD - Disc
Release date: 30 May 2012


Full details

Fantastic Voyage is pleased to announce the reissue of Black Soul Explosion, as part of an occasional series of digital-only releases of original albums from Ember, the British independent label which was active in the sixties and seventies. Originally a 12-track compilation released in 1971 on Ember SE 8009, Black Soul Explosion has been expanded to 16 tracks for its digital debut, by the inclusion of extra tracks by the featured artists. As well as being a thoroughly enjoyable selection of fairly obscure early seventies soul, Black Soul Explosion also serves as a sampler for Fantastic Voyage’s reissues of original Ember albums by Carol Woods (FVCD006 Out Of The Woods) and Milt Matthews Inc (FVCD045 For The People). Collectors should also check out the 23-track Fantastic Voyage compilation Good To The Last Drop, which makes many – but not all – of the tracks on Black Soul Explosion available on CD.



  1. Tony & Tyrone: Everyday Fun
  2. Mr Flood's Party: Compared to What
  3. The Jones Girls: Learn How to Love
  4. Fork In The Road: Skeletons in the Closet
  5. Dee Edwards: Why Can't There Be Love
  6. Ed Robinson: Hey Blackman (Part 1)
  7. Carol Woods: There's Gotta Be a Way
  8. Milt Matthews Inc: Oh Lord (You Gotta Help Me)
  9. Mary Frazier Jones: Oh, I Feel Good
  10. Tony & Tyrone: Whip Your Loving On Me
  11. Dee Edwards: Hurt a Little Every Day
  12. Ed Robinson: Hey Blackman (Part 2)
  13. The Jones Girls: My Own Special Way
  14. Fork In The Road: Can't Turn Around Now
  15. Carol Woods: Baby Don't You Leave Me
  16. Mary Frazier Jones: Put a Little Love in Your Heart