Blue Beard (180g Vinyl Only)

Blue Beard
FORMAT: Audio CD - 1 Disc
Release date: 15 Nov 2010


"First reissue for ultra-rare 1971 rock album only ever released in Italy, which Includes sought-after funky rock single ‘Sly Willy’".


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Blue Beard by FantasticVoyage Side One 1 Sly Willy 2 Baby I Need You 3 Too Many People 4 God Save The World Side Two 1 Goofin' Is Good Fun 2 Country Man 3 Butter Queen 4 Desire 5 Losing You"

Blue Beard managed just one album and it seems likely that it was a studio project, roping in disparate, available musicians to record songs written in the main by Thurman Binkley and Robert Welch, both of whom also produced the set. Recording in Milan, Blue Beard comprised an Indonesian, Luis Noll (electric bass), a Dutchman, Hank Meerbeek (drums), an Irishman, John Irvine (lead electric guitar), an Indian, Errol Dyer (organ), and an Australian, Little Sammy Gaha (acoustic guitar). Judging by the photos on the rear cover, Binkley and Welch chipped in on keyboards and guitar respectively. Blue Beard is best known for the single Sly Willy, which was released in 1971 across Europe, and is now sought after as a prime slice of funky rock. Its flipside, Country Man, is a pleasing, mellow affair. Copies of the single, in its various picture sleeves, change hands for between £20 and £40. The album itself only surfaced in Italy and is now a scarce item, commanding three figures.

Highlights include the rococo pop of Baby I Need You, the heavily-strummed, gruffly-sung God Save The World (reminiscent of Cat Stevens) and the up-tempo proggy rock of Losing You, penned by John Irvine. Nothing further is known of Blue Beard and its musicians, but Thurman Binkley appears to have contributed to the 1975 film La grande blonde avec une petite chatte noire (that’s assuming there’s only one Thurman Binkley out there), while Bob Welch was a member of the by now US-based Fleetwood Mac from the summer of 1971 through to 1975, a stalwart through one of their rockiest phases. Welch next formed trio Paris, before embarking on a successful solo career.



  1. Sly Willy
  2. Baby I Need You
  3. Too Many People
  4. God Save The World
  5. Goofin' Is Good Fun
  6. Country Man
  7. Butter Queen
  8. Desire
  9. Losing You