Bubbling Under The American Charts 1959-1963

Various Artists
FORMAT: Audio CD - 3 Disc
Release date: 16 Feb 2015

"The album's never less than fascinating with almost each track offering up a point of interest, a talking point or a tasty bit of trivia" Soul & Jazz & Funk

"This compilation is full of songs to puzzle over. In fact, a dedicated music researcher will have a field day, tracking down further information on each track. Full of interest and variety..." The Audiophile Man

"It’s like discovering a box of old tapes and realizing that you stumbled across a treasure trove of lost hits" Icon Fetch


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Fringe Hits & Outlying Sounds From The Bubbling Under Chart

Compiled by Austin Powell (The Forgotten 45s, The American Music Library series), Bubbling Under The American Charts 1959-1963 is a 90-track 3CD collection of singles that accrued enough sales and/or airplay to register in the American Billboard magazine’s Bubbling Under chart, but then failed to climb into the Pop Hot 100. These recordings are of considerable interest to collectors and chart-watchers alike.

In the forties Billboard magazine ran several charts, including Songs With Most Radio Plugs, National and Regional Top 10s of the bestselling recordings of the day as well as the National and Regional Sheet Music Best Sellers. These eventually became the Top 20s or Top 40s that we now readily recognise. Of course, no matter whether it was a Top 10, Top 20 or even, after 1955 when Billboard started printing a Top 100, there would have been a record that was number 11, 21 or 101. The record was there, but no-one knew about it. In June 1959 Billboard started printing a Bubbling Under The Hot 100 list, first containing 15 songs and later 35. These records were the ones that were selling sufficiently well, and being played on radio enough regionally, to have the potential to make the main Hot 100 chart. In this 3CD package we’re bringing together some of the most interesting records from all musical genres to have graced the Bubbling Under chart but failed to progress into the Hot 100, between 1959 and 1963.

As you would expect, there are plenty of recordings by relatively obscure artists, but also a surprising number by familiar names, perhaps close to the start of their hit-making careers, or experiencing a temporary dip in their fortunes, or suffering from sales split across both sides of a disc, or even at the tail-end of their hit-making career. Big names featured include Ray Charles, Neil Sedaka, Sam Cooke, Bobby Vee, Conway Twitty, Ike & Tina Turner, Stevie Wonder and Johnny Cash, but we rather suspect that it is those artists that failed to make any other impact on the charts that will quicken the pulses of inveterate collectors. The illustrated 20pp booklet carries Austin’s track-by-track annotation, including US catalogue number, date charted, peak position and equivalent UK catalogue number where relevant.




  1. Car Trouble (The Eligibles)
  2. I’m Confessin’ (That I Love You) (Terri Dean)
  3. Souvenirs (Barbara Evans)
  4. Crying My Heart Out For You (Neil Sedaka)
  5. I Know It’s Hard But It’s Fair (The 5 Royales)
  6. Time Has A Way (Sam Fletcher)
  7. Pure Love (Sonny James)
  8. Bye Bye Baby Goodbye (Teresa Brewer)
  9. Slow Motion (Wade Flemons)
  10. Big Surprise (The Four Preps)
  11. Starlight (Lee Greenlee)
  12. Boys Do Cry (Joe Bennett and The Sparkletones)
  13. All Nite Long, Part 1 (Robert Parker)
  14. It Might Have Been (Joe London)
  15. How Will It End? (Barry Darvell)
  16. No One (Can Ever Take Your Place) (Sam Cooke)
  17. Scandinavian Shuffle (The Swe-Danes)
  18. What Do You Want To Make Those Eyes At Me For? (Ray Peterson)
  19. Rockin’ Red Wing (Ernie Freeman)
  20. The Miracle Of Life (Robie Lester)
  21. Biology (Sue Raney)
  22. Born To Be With You (The Echoes)
  23. One Last Kiss (Bobby Vee)
  24. Ooh! What A Day! (Sarah Vaughan)
  25. Miller’s Cave (Hank Snow)
  26. I’ll Fly Away (Lonnie Sattin)
  27. If The World Don’t End Tomorrow (I’m Comin’ After You) (Doug Warren and The Rays)
  28. Over You (Aaron Neville)
  29. The Ghost Of Billy Malloo (Dorsey Burnette)


  1. What A Dream (Conway Twitty)
  2. Don’t You Just Know It (The Fendermen)
  3. Shim Sham Shuffle (Ricky Lyons)
  4. Gee Whiz (Bobby Day)
  5. The Slide, Part 1 (Googie Rene)
  6. I Gotta Go (Cause I Love You) (Brian Hyland)
  7. There’s More Pretty Girls Than One (Webb Pierce)
  8. Pledge Of Love (Curtis Lee)
  9. I’m Jealous (Ike and Tina Turner)
  10. Not Me (Gary US Bonds)
  11. When You Dance (The Turbans)
  12. White Cliffs Of Dover (The Robins)
  13. Three Little Fishes (Buzz Clifford)
  14. Bring Back Your Heart (The Del Vikings)
  15. Book Of Love (Bobby Bare)
  16. The Rebel - Johnny Yuma (Johnny Cash)
  17. Solitaire (The Embers)
  18. Wooden Heart (Gus Backus)
  19. I’m So Happy (Tra La La) (The Ducanes)
  20. I’ve Got A Lot Of Things To Do (Johnny Burnette)
  21. Golden Teardrops (The Flamingos)
  22. You’re The Reason (Hank Locklin)
  23. I Can’t Forget (Marvin Rainwater)
  24. Trade Winds, Trade Winds (Aki Aleong)
  25. Little Miss USA (Barry Mann)
  26. He’s Old Enough To Know Better (The Crickets)
  27. Imagination (The Quotations)
  28. The Battle (Duane Eddy)
  29. Midnight In Moscow (Jan Burgens and His New Orleans Syncopators)
  30. Here It Comes Again (The Chantels)


  1. Nut Rocker (Jack B Nimble and The Quicks)
  2. I Won’t Be There (Del Shannon)
  3. I’d Never Find Another You (Paul Anka)
  4. I Want To Love You (So Much It Hurts Me) (Renee Roberts)
  5. The Prince (Jackie De Shannon)
  6. Everybody Loves A Lover (The Angels)
  7. Dream Myself A Sweetheart (Clarence Henry)
  8. The Story Of My Life (Big Al Downing)
  9. Sound Of The Hammer (Vicki Tasso)
  10. Loveless Life (Ral Donner)
  11. This Is It (Jay and The Americans)
  12. If You Think (Barbara George)
  13. Let The Good Times Roll (The Velvets feat. Virgil Johnson)
  14. A Handful Of Memories (Baby Washington)
  15. Chills (Tony Orlando)
  16. He’s A Rebel (Vikki Carr)
  17. Hello Out There (Carl Belew)
  18. Piddle De Pat (Tommy Roe)
  19. Mind Over Matter (I’m Gonna Make You Mine) (Nolan Strong)
  20. Here I Am (Chip Taylor)
  21. Paradise (The Temptations)
  22. Little White Lies (The Kenjolairs)
  23. Kentucky Means Paradise (The Green River Boys feat. Glen Campbell)
  24. Go Home Girl (Arthur Alexander)
  25. Telephone (Won’t You Ring) (Shelley Fabares)
  26. Big Noise From Winnetka, Part 1 (Cozy Cole)
  27. The Bird (The Dutones)
  28. Peanuts (The 4 Seasons)
  29. No Letter Today (Ray Charles)
  30. I Call It Pretty Music But The Old People Call It The Blues, Part 1 (Little Stevie Wonder)