Cadillac Cuties & Hot Rod Heroes

Various Artists
FORMAT: Audio CD - 2 Disc
Release date: 15 Oct 2012

'This epic two-disc compilation tears up the road to automotive bliss' 7/10 CLASH

“Another of those great Lucky Parker / Jailhouse John Alexander compilations” NOW DIG THIS

'Here's a release for petrolheads everywhere' BLUES & RHYTHM


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50 Hi-Octane Cuts From The Golden Age Of The Automobile – Fantastic Voyage dips into rock ’n’ roll’s hotwired legacy of automobile anthems and highway love serenades in the latest tarmac-scorching compilation put together with Wild Wax Show DJ ‘Jailhouse’ John Alexander and Lucky Parker.

Since the birth of rock ’n’ roll, the car has occupied a special place in teenage rampage and backseat romance, rock ’n’ roll music essential as both soundtrack pumping out of the radio or celebration of heaven on wheels. Over two discs, revving up engines and screeching brakes introduce 50 road-worthy classics, including lesser-heard gems rarely encountered on CD (if at all) by names such as the Storey Sisters, Don Pearly, Burt Keyes, Eddie Ringo, Dave ‘Diddle’ Day, Rocky Davis plus a fleet of over-the-limit roadrunners such as Slick Slavin’s ‘Speed Crazy’, Chuck Higgins’ ‘Motor Head Baby’ and Mike Fern’s ‘Brake Jake’ (not forgetting Johnny Tyler’s immortal ‘Devil’s Hot Rod’). This tyre-shredding set also shows how automobile association also brought out the beast in well-known protagonists such as Chuck Berry, Bo Diddley, Carl Perkins, Roy Brown, Eddie Cochran, Howlin’ Wolf, Merrill Moore, the Del-Vikings, Vince Taylor (in his ‘Brand New Cadillac’), plus a brace of revved-up instrumentals like the Duals’ ‘Stick Shift’. Unexpectedly, this immaculately sprayed collection also boasts Gene Vincent warning about the perils of “people driving like crazy” on ‘Why Don’t People Learn How To Drive’, after starting the set in his ‘Pink Thunderbird’.

Cadillac Cuties And Hot Rod Heroes is that rare kind of compilation whose theme is simple but elevated by being beautifully pulled off: along with exhaustive liner notes, photos and memorabilia, it will motivate rock ’n’ roll and R&B fans, while also acting as a perfect cruising soundtrack (or antidote to somnambulant drive-time radio shows) Top gear, in fact.



  1. Pink Thunderbird (Gene Vincent and His Blue Caps)
  2. Wanted (A Solid Gold Cadillac) (The Aquatones)
  3. Black And White Thunderbird (The Delicates)
  4. You Can’t Catch Me (Chuck Berry)
  5. Bring My Cadillac Back (Baker Knight)
  6. Buick 59 (The Medallions)
  7. Flat Tire (The Del-Vikings)
  8. Big Green Car (Jimmy Carroll)
  9. Full Racing Cam (Eddie Ringo)
  10. Hot Rod Baby (Rocky Davis)
  11. Speed Crazy (Slick Slavin)
  12. Pop, Let Me Have The Car (Carl Perkins)
  13. Bright Red Convertible (Chuck Miller)
  14. Cadillac Baby (Roy Brown)
  15. Every Woman I Know (Crazy ’Bout Automobiles) (Billy “The Kid” Emerson)
  16. Motor Head Baby (Chuck Higgins)
  17. Shot Rod (Conny and The Bellhops)
  18. Motorcycle Mike (Dave “Diddle” Day)
  19. Hot Rod Lincoln (Charlie Ryan)
  20. Hard Top Race (Merrill Moore)
  21. Pink Cadillac (Sammy Masters)
  22. Hot Rod Volkswagen (Bill Parsons)
  23. Let’s Go For A Ride (The Collegians)
  24. Drive In Show (Eddie Cochran)
  25. Stick Shift (The Duals)


  1. Why Don’t You People Learn How To Drive (Gene Vincent and His Blue Caps)
  2. Hot-Rodder’s Dream (Ray Burden)
  3. Brake Jake (Mike Fern)
  4. Gas Money (Jan and Arnie)
  5. Red Cadillac And A Black Moustache (Bob Luman)
  6. Little Forty Ford (Leon Smith)
  7. Road Runner (Bo Diddley)
  8. Drag Strip Baby (Johnny Roane)
  9. Spinner Hub Caps (Pat Davis)
  10. Girl And A Hot Rod (Richie Deran)
  11. Slappin’ Rods And Leaky Oil (The Savoys)
  12. Cadillac Baby (Bill Sherrell)
  13. Stop Jivin’ Start Drivin’ (Burt Keyes)
  14. This Old Bomb Of Mine (Jim Flaherty’s Caravan)
  15. Speedway Rock (Jerry Woodard)
  16. Mr Highway Man (Howlin’ Wolf)
  17. Cadillac Boogie (Willie Brown)
  18. Rocket “88” (Jackie Brenston)
  19. Jaguar And Thunderbird (Chuck Berry)
  20. 59 Volvo (Vernon Green and The Medallions)
  21. Bad Motorcycle (The Storey Sisters)
  22. Brand New Cadillac (Vince Taylor and His Playboys)
  23. Drag Race (Don Pearly)
  24. Sixteen Miles (“Peso” Dollar)
  25. Devil’s Hot Rod (Johnny Tyler)