Echoes Of Germany: German popular music of the 1950s and early 1960s

Various Artists
FORMAT: Audio CD - 2 Disc
Release date: 17 Feb 2014

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Continuing our series exploring the popular music of Europe, Echoes Of Germany is the ideal introduction to German popular music of the 1950s and early 1960s, with occasional forays into the 1930s and 1940s to offer a full array of swing, easy listening, musical theatre, schlager and rock & roll. Echoes Of Germany presents great performances by such legends as Marlene Dietrich, Lotte Lenya, Peter Alexander, Bert Kaempfert, Peter Kraus and Ted Herold, but casts its net wide to include a handful of non-native performers who sang in German.

Following compilations devoted to France and Italy, music historian and BBC Radio Merseyside presenter Spencer Leigh turn his attention to the popular music of Germany. In the 1930s there were the lively and often daring songs of the Weimar Republic, centred round the cabaret clubs in Berlin. These formed the background for the Liza Minnelli film, Cabaret (1972), but the clubs were banned in the build up to the war. The most significant artist to emerge from this world was Marlene Dietrich.

After the war, the German population became immersed in schlager, which was often escapist music: so much so that many of the songs were about going on holiday. In some ways, these exotic songs hark back to the American songs of the 30s and 40s. The title of Bert Kaempfert’s international hit from 1961, “Wonderland By Night”, tells you what to expect. There are many sentimental schlager songs about sailors longing to be home with their family and loved ones. There was an especially happy subgenre of beer drinking songs – more lager than schlager really! The Germans were out to enjoy themselves!

There are several British and American pop stars who recorded specifically for the German market including Connie Francis, Gene Pitney, Brian Hyland and Laurie London. Connie Francis had an enviable run of German hit singles akin, say, to Petula Clark recording in French. Echoes Of Germany enables us to hear what German popular music was like when the Beatles arrived in Hamburg in 1960. The Beatles were to transform German popular music just as significantly as they did in England.



  1. Sag’ mir wo die Blumen sind (Where Have All The Flowers Gone) (Where Have All The Flowers Gone) (Marlene Dietrich)
  2. Mack The Knife (Lotte Lenya and Louis Armstrong)
  3. Die Liebe ist ein seltsames Spiel (Everybody’s Somebody’s Fool) (Connie Francis)
  4. Bella, bella Donna (Peter Alexander)
  5. Bleibe bei mir (Town Without Pity) (Gene Pitney)
  6. Bel ami (So Do I) (John Abriani)
  7. Blaue Nacht am Hafen (Jealous Heart) (Lale Andersen)
  8. Mitternachts-Blues (Bert Kaempfert)
  9. Morgen (Ivo Robic and The Song-Masters)
  10. Eventuell (Caterina Valente and Peter Alexander)
  11. Alle Naechte (Tommy Kent)
  12. Liechtensteiner Polka (Will Glahe)
  13. Moonlight (Ted Herold)
  14. Schlaefst du schon? (Gerhard Wendland)
  15. Ich bin von Kopf bis Fuss auf Liebe eingestellt (Falling In Love Again) (Marlene Dietrich)
  16. Mein Ideal (Friedel Hensch)
  17. Heisser Sand (Mina)
  18. Schwarzer Kater Stanislaus (Alley Cat) (Siw Malmkvist)
  19. Capitano (Lolita)
  20. Sugar Baby (Peter Kraus)
  21. Die Gitarre und das Meer (Freddy Quinn)
  22. Bum-Ladda-Bum-Bum (Laurie London)
  23. Wooden Heart (Muss I denn zum Staedtele hinaus) (Gus Backus)
  24. The Happy Wanderer (Der froehliche Wanderer) (The Obernkirchen Children’s Choir)
  25. Onkel Satchmo’s Lullaby (Uncle Satchmo’s Lullaby) (Louis Armstrong and Gabriele)


  1. Der Mann im Mond (Gus Backus)
  2. Lili Marleen (Marlene Dietrich)
  3. Zu zwei’n (Will Glahe)
  4. Ginny, o Ginny (Ginny Come Lately) (Brian Hyland)
  5. The Whirlwind (Der Wirbelwind) (The Obernkirchen Children’s Choir)
  6. Wunderland bei Nacht (Bert Kaempfert)
  7. Paradiso (Connie Francis)
  8. Unter der roten Laterne von St Pauli (Lale Andersen)
  9. Seemann, deine Heimat ist das Meer (Lolita)
  10. Sailors’ Boogie (Erni Bieler)
  11. Susie Darlin’ (Tommy Kent)
  12. Am Sonntag will mein Suesser mit mir segeln geh’n (Old Merry Tale Jazzband)
  13. Einmal komm’ ich wieder (Connie Francis)
  14. Schon wieder mal (Peter Alexander and Bibi Johns)
  15. Little Linda (Little Sister) (Ted Herold)
  16. Marie-Marie (Marlene Dietrich)
  17. Wild und heiss (Sway) (Laurie London)
  18. Alle Maedchen wollen kuessen (Be Mine) (Peter Kraus)
  19. Ich lieb’ dich so (Ecstasy) (Tony Sheridan)
  20. Salome (Romeo) (The Lucas-Quartet)
  21. Heimweh (Memories Are Made Of This) (Freddy Quinn)
  22. Hula Rock (Roll, Rock’ n Roll That Hula Hoop) (Ted Herold)
  23. Ganz Paris traumt von der Liebe (I Love Paris) (Caterina Valente)
  24. Von Paris bis Hawaii (Peter Kraus)
  25. Afrikaan Beat (Bert Kaempfert)