Ember Rock: 4 Original Albums In Original Sleeves

9.30 Fly, Blonde On Blonde, Blue Beard, Knocker Jungle
FORMAT: Audio CD - 4 Disc
Release date: 25 Apr 2011

CAT No: FVQD089UPC TEXT: 5055311000893

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Ember Originals is Fantastic Voyage’s new series of boxed sets. As the title implies, each set comprises a number of albums originally issued on the British indie label Ember, which operated throughout the ’60s and ’70s. Each disc will be presented in a reproduction of its original sleeve.This first set is devoted to rock albums, all released between 1970 and 1972, containing repertoire which ranges from mainstream rock to progressive and folk rock. Each album has been remastered from tapes, and comes housed in a mini reproduction of the original gatefold sleeve. A poster incorporates associated images with original release details and notes.

Mint copies of the 9.30 Fly, Knocker Jungle and Blonde On Blonde albums have been known to change hands for £300, £50 and £100 respectively. Each of these three albums has been enhanced with at least one bonus track (including a previously unreleased 9.30 Fly recording). The fourth album, Blue Beard, was readied for release on Ember, but then cancelled: this is the first time it has been released on CD.



  1. Life And Times (9.30 Fly)
  2. Summer Days (9.30 Fly)
  3. September (9.30 Fly)
  4. Unhinged (9.30 Fly)
  5. Mr 509 (9.30 Fly)
  6. Brooklyn Thoughts (9.30 Fly)
  7. Time Of War (9.30 Fly)
  8. Song For LA [previously unreleased] (9.30 Fly)


  1. I Don't Know Why (Knocker Jungle )
  2. Oh To Be Free (Knocker Jungle )
  3. Caught A Cold Last Night (Knocker Jungle )
  4. I've Got Time (Knocker Jungle )
  5. Not Even A Letter (Knocker Jungle )
  6. Ecclesiastes (Knocker Jungle )
  7. Reality (Knocker Jungle)
  8. You've Lost Your Love For Me (Knocker Jungle)
  9. Amanda (Knocker Jungle)
  10. Sunburnt Virgin Trousers (Knocker Jungle)
  11. Impossible You (Knocker Jungle)
  12. Where I Belong (Knocker Jungle)
  13. It Ain't Necessarily So (Knocker Jungle)
  14. Oh My (Knocker Jungle)
  15. Shadow On Your Shoulder (Knocker Jungle)
  16. You By My Side (Knocker Jungle)
  17. I'm Losing My Mind (Knocker Jungle)
  18. Rosemarie (Knocker Jungle)


  1. Gene Machine (Blonde On Blonde)
  2. I Don't Care (Blonde On Blonde)
  3. Love Song (Blonde On Blonde)
  4. Bar Room Blues (Blonde On Blonde)
  5. Sad Song For An Easy Lady (Blonde On Blonde)
  6. Ain't It Sad Too (Blonde On Blonde)
  7. The Bargain (Blonde On Blonde)
  8. The Rut (Blonde On Blonde)
  9. Happy Families (Blonde On Blonde)
  10. No 2 Psychological Decontamination Unit (Blonde On Blonde)
  11. Chorale (Forever) (Blonde On Blonde)
  12. Sad Song For An Easy Lady [single edit] (Blonde On Blonde)


  1. Sly Willy (Blue Beard )
  2. Baby I Need You (Blue Beard )
  3. Too Many People (Blue Beard )
  4. God Save The World (Blue Beard )
  5. Goofin' Is Good Fun (Blue Beard )
  6. Country Man (Blue Beard )
  7. Butter Queen (Blue Beard )
  8. Desire (Blue Beard )
  9. Losing You (Blue Beard )