Feel Like Rockin’: Tennessee Rock ‘n’ Roll

Various Artists
FORMAT: Audio CD - 2 Disc
Release date: 14 Feb 2011


4/5 MOJO

"A cracking collection of superb rockin' sounds."   NOW DIG THIS


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Having loaded up the station wagon and filled the gas tank, Fantastic Voyage is all set to bring you an exciting new series of regional Rock’n’Roll, a musical travelogue charting some of the finest rockin’ recordings from across the US from the period 1953-1960.

Let’s give old Tennessee credit for music As they play it up in Nashville everyday… First stop on the map sees Feel Like Rockin’ turn the spotlight on the “Volunteer State” of Tennessee, and specifically the music-making centres of Memphis and Nashville. Drawing together the hit-makers, the also-rans and the lesser-heards, this compelling 2CD set offers a broad sampling of those artists whose recorded output was – in parts at least – quintessentially “Tennessee”. From hardy perennials such as N.A. Stevenson’s ‘Boogie Woogie Country Girl’ to Ray Scott’s ‘Bopping Wig Wam Willie’ from 1957, dancers and deejays alike will appreciate this solid sixty as we hit the interstate.

From Tiptonville’s Carl Perkins and Memphis-born Johnny Burnette to those like Roy Orbison, Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis, Benny Joy and Charlie Feathers who flocked from all over the Southern states to cut the Big Beat at little indie labels such as Sun, Meteor and Dixie in Memphis, Feel Like Rockin’ also wends its way north-east to the nation’s Country music capital Nashville where Rockabilly fillies such as Brenda Lee and Janis Martin championed distaff Rock’n’Roll alongside Nudie-suited stars such as Webb Pierce and Bobby Helms. Carefully compiled with assistance from the legendary Wild Wax Show’s deejay “Jailhouse” John Alexander, Feel Like Rockin’ offers a fine selection of tracks whose popularity has endured thanks to the thriving European Rock’n’Roll club scene and is guaranteed to have toes tapping and quiffs a-flapping.




  1. Tennessee Rock n’ Roll (Bobby Helms)
  2. That’s All Right (Elvis Presley Scotty & Bill)
  3. Boppin' High School Baby (Don Willis)
  4. Fire Engine Red (Jim Williams)
  5. Bopping Wig Wam Willie (Ray Scott & The Four Recorders)
  6. Rockin' Daddy (Eddie Bond & The Stompers)
  7. Sweet Willie (Barbara Allen)
  8. Smokey Mountain Boogie (Tennessee Ernie Ford)
  9. Tootsie (Carl McVoy)
  10. Let's Bop (Jack Earls)
  11. Yakety Yak (Mac & Jake)
  12. No More Crying The Blues (Alton & Jimmy)
  13. Rabbit Action (Jimmy Haggett)
  14. Eager Beaver Baby (Johnny Burnette)
  15. You Made A Hit (Ray Smith)
  16. Treat Me Right (Cliff Thomas, Ed & Barbara)
  17. Eenie Meanie Minie Mo (Hoyt Johnson & The Four Recorders)
  18. Diggin' The Boogie (Roy Hall)
  19. Juvenile Delinquent (Ronnie Allen)
  20. Roc-A-Chicka (Warner Mack)
  21. Hard Times Ahead (Janis Martin)
  22. Tongue-Tied Jill (Charlie Feathers)
  23. Pearly Lee (Billy Riley & The Little Green Men)
  24. Mad At You (Mack Self)
  25. Spin The Bottle (Benny Joy)
  26. My Babe (Narvel Felts)
  27. Ain't That A Dilly (Marlon Grisham)
  28. Juke Joint Johnny (Red Sovine)
  29. Tennessee (Carl Perkins)
  30. Midnight Dreams (Tommy Bell)


  1. Come Along Little Girl (Aubrey Cagle)
  2. Ball Room Baby (Dick Lory)
  3. Rock All Night (Glenn Honeycutt)
  4. Baby I Don't Care (Carl Mann)
  5. Teenage Boogie [alt. take] (Webb Pierce)
  6. Raw Deal (Junior Thompson with The Meteors)
  7. Rock 'n' Roll Cinnamon Tree (Maggie Sue Wimberly)
  8. Johnny Valentine (Andy Anderson)
  9. Baby, I'm Ready (The Tunesmiths)
  10. Tennessee Toddy (Marty Robbins)
  11. Juicy Fruit (Gene Simmons)
  12. Please, Please (Kimball Coburn)
  13. Sweet, Sweet Girl (Warren Smith)
  14. Bigelow 6-200 [alt. take] (Brenda Lee)
  15. Domino (Roy Orbison)
  16. Sweet Love On My Mind (Jimmy & Johnny)
  17. Love Is My Business (Cliff Gleaves)
  18. Fine Little Baby (Dick Penner)
  19. Lovestruck (Jerry McGill & The Topcoats)
  20. Carry On (Jimmy C Newman (as Jimmy Newman))
  21. Hot Rock (Johnny Carroll & His Hot Rocks)
  22. You Gotta Play Fair (Curley Griffin)
  23. Where'd You Stay Last Nite (Ray Harris)
  24. Red Headed Woman (Sonny Burgess)
  25. Crazy Baby (Gene Maltais)
  26. Is It Me (Tracy Pendarvis & The Swampers)
  27. Rebound (Charlie Rich)
  28. I Feel Like Rockin' (Kenny Parchman)
  29. Boogie Woogie Country Girl (N A Stephenson & The Four Kings)
  30. Little Queenie (Jerry Lee Lewis & His Pumping Piano)