Girls Gone Rockin’: 75 Fabulous Femme Rockers

Various Artists
FORMAT: Audio CD - 3 Disc
Release date: 10 May 2010

“A grandly definitive statement which strikes on many levels”  4/5  RECORD COLLECTOR


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If one were to go by the charts alone, it would be easy to conclude that red-blooded Rock’n’Roll, and its kissin’ cousins R’n’B and Rockabilly, was solely a male preserve. And to a degree that was the case but as this superb collection reveals, when it comes to cuttin’ a rug or settin’ the woods on fire, the girls can easily give the boys a run for their money. Indeed, more than fifty years on, many first generation rockin’ gals continue to inspire contemporary artists such as Imelda May and VV Brown, whilst others – like Etta James and Wanda Jackson – endure under their own steam, winning accolades well into their seventies when most ladies have long since hung up their sequinned mules. Some used Rock’n’Roll as a springboard for recording careers which were to blossom across the decades and branch in new directions, whilst others’ quickly faded into obscurity like last night’s prom corsage. Many were trail blazers, standing up for themselves against an ever-present backdrop of chauvinism and bigotry. A few broke the mould by penning their own material or by refusing to play second fiddle to their male counterparts. More often than not, digging in their cha cha heels didn’t win them any fans with industry bigwigs but no matter, as these discs prove their true worth was in being able to lay down the Big Beat with aplomb.

Drawing together some of the finest female singers from across the Roll’n’Roll spectrum, this 75-track set sees chart-topping R&B mamas rubbing shoulders with boogie woogie country gals, and demure Pop princesses mingling with Rockabilly fillies whose lesser-heard down-home ditties have nonetheless earned them a place in collectors’ hearts. From sassy city slickers such as Annisteen Allen and LaVern Baker, to Southern songbirds like Sun Records’ Miller Sisters and the then-fledgling artist/writer Jackie De Shannon, this is as diverse and compelling a set of distaff rockers as one could hope to find



  1. This Little Girl's Gone Rockin' (Ruth Brown)
  2. Welcome To The Club (Jean Chapel)
  3. Wild Wild Young Men (Rose Maddox)
  4. Fujiyama Mama (Wanda Jackson)
  5. Rock The Bop (Brenda Lee)
  6. Square Dance Rock [aka Square Dance Book] (Varetta Dillard)
  7. Billy Boy, Billy Boy (Janis Martin)
  8. Eeny-Meeny-Miney-Moe (Bob & Lucille)
  9. Rockin' Robert (The Ladell Sisters)
  10. Razzle Dazzle (Ella Mae Morse)
  11. G'wan About Your Business (Annisteen Allen)
  12. Jump Jack, Jump! (Wynona Carr)
  13. Tough Lover (Etta James)
  14. He’s Mine (The Platters)
  15. Ring Dang Dilly (Big Maybelle)
  16. Glue Me Back, Jack (Nancy Dawn)
  17. Love Is A Stranger (The Sunrays)
  18. Sentimental Fool (Barbara Pittman)
  19. Red Velvet (The Kirby Sisters)
  20. I'm A Bad, Bad Girl (Esther Phillips (as Little Esther))
  21. That's What You Gotta Do (Buddy Johnson & His Orchestra (vocal Ella Johnson))
  22. Perfidia (Lorraine Ellis & The Crows)
  23. I Thought I Told You Not To Tell Them (Marie Knight)
  24. Jim Dandy (LaVern Baker)
  25. Don't Wait Up (Laura Lee Perkins)


  1. Is There A Man In The House (Lillian Briggs)
  2. Go Get The Shotgun Grand'pa (Ann Castle)
  3. Friction Heat (Bonnie Lou)
  4. Alabama Rock 'n' Roll (Mabel King)
  5. Wheels Of Love (Annisteen Allen)
  6. Watcha Do To Me (Patsy Clark)
  7. Jeopardy (Jean Shepard)
  8. Rock Boppin' Baby (The Collins Kids)
  9. Hey Little Dreamboat (Rose Maddox)
  10. Someday You Will Pay (The Miller Sisters)
  11. Everlasting Love (Barbara Pittman)
  12. (He Said Yeah) Baby, You're The One (Nita, Rita & Ruby)
  13. Good Love (Janis Martin)
  14. Ring-A-My-Phone (Brenda Lee)
  15. Rock Your Baby (Wanda Jackson)
  16. Mama, He Treats Your Daughter Mean (Ruth Brown)
  17. Gee What A Boy (The Joytones)
  18. Good Gravy Baby (Varetta Dillard)
  19. Please Mr Jailer (Wynona Carr)
  20. Shake A Leg (Margaret Lewis)
  21. Black Cadillac (Joyce Green)
  22. You're Drivin' Me Mad (Jo-Ann Campbell)
  23. Hippy Dippy Daddy (The Cookies)
  24. Now Stop (Martha Carson)
  25. All Right, Okay, You Win (Ella Johnson)


  1. Lipstick On Your Collar (Connie Francis)
  2. Wassa Matter With You Baby (Jo-Ann Campbell)
  3. Let’s Jump The Broomstick (Brenda Lee)
  4. (You Can Have My Husband But) Don't Mess With My Man (Irma Thomas)
  5. Mine, All Mine (Annisteen Allen)
  6. 'Til The Well Runs Dry (Wynona Carr)
  7. I'm Getting Better All The Time (Barbara Pittman)
  8. Salamander (Mamie Van Doren)
  9. Rock-A-Bop (Lorelei Lynn)
  10. Strolypso Dance (Jackie De Shannon (as Jackie Dee))
  11. Cracker Jack (Janis Martin)
  12. Ballin' Keen (Sandy Lee)
  13. My Little Baby (Rose Maddox)
  14. Another Man Done Gone (Lorrie Collins)
  15. Savin' My Love (Wanda Jackson)
  16. Why Baby Why (LaVern Baker)
  17. Cry Baby (The Bonnie Sisters)
  18. Oakie Boogie (Ella Mae Morse)
  19. Shortnin' Bread (Kay Cee Jones)
  20. Baby Baby Every Night (Etta James)
  21. As Long As I'm Moving (Ruth Brown)
  22. Scorched (Varetta Dillard)
  23. Don't Shout At Me Daddy (Buddy Johnson & His Orchestra (vocal Ella Johnson))
  24. Crazy Little Baby (Shirley Gunter)
  25. I Can't Rock'n'Roll To Save My Soul (Pearl Bailey)