It Takes Two: Dynamic Duos Of The Rock & Roll Era

Various Artists
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FORMAT: Audio CD - 3 Disc
Release date: 18 Aug 2014

"Sublime harmonies, MOR r'n'r, instrumental pairings, soulful R & B, easy listening. Even a spot of novelty, it's all here!" Vintage Rock

"Creates its own goody context that oldies freaks will surely enjoy" Ugly Things

"The best compilations are creative sources, like a reference book, introducing you to new artists or new song variations, taking you off onto tangents of discovery. This is certainly one of them." Hi-Fi World

"...a varied collection...much to savour and discover here so have at it!" Roots & Rhythm


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It Takes Two is a 75-track celebration of memorable musical duos from the mid Fifties to early Sixties. The performances run the full gamut of popular music of the rock & roll era, from R&B, early soul, rock & roll and country to pure pop and easy listening. Naturally vocal duets predominate, but vocal/instrumental and instrumental-only pairings are not overlooked.

Songwriting partnerships are many and varied. There was Gilbert and Sullivan, the great writers of musicals like Rodgers and Hammerstein, and Lerner and Loewe, and then, in the rock & roll and teen pop eras there were the Brill Building teams like Pomus and Shuman, and Goffin and King. When The Beatles changed the face of popular music there was Lennon and McCartney, and British pop music was further enhanced by Jagger and Keith Richards, John and Taupin, and Chinn and Chapman.  Just as songwriting twosomes have abounded, so too have performing partnerships. Some have become household names, The Everly Brothers, Jan and Dean, or Ike and Tina Turner (all featured here) readily come to mind. Others less so and that’s where this collection comes in. Here are 75 duos, British, European and American who all had their “moment” no matter how fleeting that “moment” might have been.

Compiled and annotated by Austin Powell, creator of Fantastic Voyage’s popular Forgotten 45s collections, and accompanied by a 20pp illustrated booklet, It takes Two salutes dynamic duos both famous (Mickey and Sylvia, Dinah Washington and Brook Benton, Bing Crosby and Grace Kelly, Bob and Earl) and obscure (how many people remember Cindy and Lindy, Elaine and Derek, Bill and Brett Landis?) to paint a rounded picture of the duos scene of the rock & roll era.



  1. Swingin’ Together (Bobby Rydell and Chubby Checker)
  2. Two Fools Are We (Don and Juan)
  3. Tell Him No (The Jackson Brothers)
  4. Memories Are Made Of This (The Everly Brothers)
  5. Listen To The Ocean (Nina and Frederik)
  6. Sucu Sucu (Ping Ping and Al Verlane)
  7. Joe’s Been A-Gittin’ There (Joy and Dave)
  8. Look For A Star (The Brook Brothers)
  9. Star-Crossed Lovers (Eddy and Teddy)
  10. I’m Coming Home To Stay (Don Gardner and Dee Dee Ford)
  11. Heart And Soul (Jan and Dean)
  12. Sweet Sugar Lips (The Kalin Twins)
  13. Bells, Bells, Bells (Billy and Lillie)
  14. Sissy Britches (Chuck and Betty)
  15. Tell Me (Dick and Dee Dee)
  16. This Is My Story (Gene and Eunice)
  17. Chanson D’Amour (Art and Dotty Todd)
  18. Over The Mountain, Across The Sea (Johnnie and Joe)
  19. Cruising (The Duals)
  20. Tear Drop (Santo and Johnny)
  21. Lil’ Ole Me (Cornbread and Jerry)
  22. Goodbye Again (Ferrante and Teicher)
  23. Bewildered (Mickey and Sylvia)
  24. Dreamers’ Bay (Patience and Prudence)
  25. That’s What I Wanna Do (Shirley and Lee)


  1. Fancy Nancy (Skip and Flip)
  2. I Like You (Like This) (Rusty and Doug)
  3. Baby Stay Close To Me (Travis and Bob)
  4. Rock Everybody (The Teen Queens)
  5. It’s Gonna Work Out Fine (Ike and Tina Turner)
  6. Baby (You’ve Got What It Takes) (Dinah Washington and Brook Benton)
  7. Hey, Schoolgirl (Tom and Jerry)
  8. Baby Talk (Bill and Brett Landis)
  9. The Trouble With Harry (Alfi and Harry)
  10. Football Crazy (Robin Hall and Jimmie MacGregor)
  11. Ma, She’s Making Eyes At Me (The Bentley Brothers)
  12. The King Is Coming Back (Billy and Eddie)
  13. Big Bill (The Snappers)
  14. I’m Forever Blowing Bubbles (The Blue Diamonds)
  15. Oh Mein Papa (Jan and Kjeld)
  16. Very Unlikely (Paul Petersen and Shelley Fabares)
  17. The Freeze (Tony and Joe)
  18. Cherry Pie (Marvin and Johnny)
  19. Buttercup (Mickey and Kitty)
  20. That Old Black Magic (Louis Prima and Keely Smith)
  21. Sweet And Lovely (April Stevens and Nino Tempo)
  22. Lollipop (Ronald and Ruby)
  23. I Wish It Had Been A Dream (The Louvin Brothers)
  24. Under Your Spell Again (Jeanne and Janie)
  25. Trouble’s Back In Town (The Wilburn Brothers)


  1. Tit-Bits (Lonnie Donegan and Max Miller)
  2. Don’t Read The Letter (Miki and Griff)
  3. How Wonderful To Know (Teddy Johnson and Pearl Carr)
  4. Whole Lotta Woman (The Most Brothers)
  5. Train Of Love (The Lindys)
  6. Journey Of Love (The Davison Brothers)
  7. Wooden Heart (Elaine and Derek)
  8. So The Story Goes (Lee and Jay Elvin)
  9. Manny, Oh (Higgs and Wilson)
  10. We’ll Meet (Roy and Millie)
  11. Housewife’s Choice (Derrick and Patsy)
  12. That’s My Desire (Bob and Earl)
  13. Hey Boy - Hey Girl (Oscar McLollie and Jeanette Baker)
  14. If I Can’t Have You (Etta James and Harvey Fuqua)
  15. You’re The Boss (LaVern Baker and Jimmy Ricks)
  16. I Found Love (Jackie Wilson and Linda Hopkins)
  17. I Believe (Timi Yuro and Johnnie Ray)
  18. The Majesty Of Love (Marvin Rainwater and Connie Francis)
  19. Little Chicken Wah Wah (Huey and Jerry)
  20. Pretty Baby (Gino and Gina)
  21. It’s Love (The Addrisi Brothers)
  22. And I Believed (Joe and Eddie)
  23. Hey Ruby (The Valentines)
  24. The Language Of Love (Cindy and Lindy)
  25. True Love (Bing Crosby and Grace Kelly)