It’s Jamaica Jump Blues Time! Jamaican Sound System Classics 1941-1962

Various Artists
FORMAT: Audio CD - 3 Disc
Release date: 16 Mar 2015

"Its safe to say that there are no weak tracks among the seven dozen cuts on the essential collection of music" Bill Kopp/Musoscribe

"Mellow pianos and skronking saxes abound on this triple-album, which maintains the high standard of its predecessors" Record Collector

"84 tracks of US R&B which were popular amongst Jamaican hepcats dancing to sound systems...if you like R&B, you'll love this. Great rhythm, great dance music, great fun, and a genuine bargain" Now Dig This

"A feast for the ears" ***** Dynamite Magazine               


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Jamaican Sound System Classics 1941-1962

Well, no one can accuse us of rushing things: it’s been a year since Jump Blues Jamaica Way became the third volume in our Jamaican Sound System Classics series, but here at long last is the fourth instalment. It’s Jamaica Jump Blues Time! is another 3CD selection of US jump/shuffle blues recordings, which will be of equal interest to both Jamaican music fans and connoisseurs of classic US rhythm & blues. Since Fantastic Voyage released Jumping The Shuffle Blues back in 2011, each successive volume in the series has been eagerly awaited by lovers of the music, some of whom have even suggested tracks for the consideration of compiler and annotator Phil Etgart.

Over the last twelve months Phil has been busy researching what records were favoured by the Jamaican sound systems. This is no easy matter, considering that many had their labels scratched out and were retitled by DJs keen to preserve their “exclusives”, meaning that they were known on the island by their sound system titles. This is the music that provided the inspiration for Ska and all that followed. So enjoy sound system favourites by Louis Jordan, Joe Liggins, King Pleasure, Fats Domino, Louis Prima, Rosco Gordon, T-Bone Walker, Professor Longhair and a host of other names, both famous and obscure. Maybe we’ll do it all over again sometime, but you can’t hurry a good thing!

Disc 1 – THE ROOTS OF SHUFFLE BLUES (1941-1951)


Disc 3 – THE BIG THREE TAKE OVER (1955-1962)




  1. Pinetop’s Boogie Woogie (Louis Jordan)
  2. Hey! Ba-Ba-Re-Bop (Lionel Hampton)
  3. RM Blues (Roy Milton)
  4. Open The Door Richard! (Jack McVea)
  5. Ain’t Nobody Here But Us Chickens (Louis Jordan)
  6. Sneaky Pete (Bull Moose Jackson)
  7. Big Legs (Gene Phillips)
  8. Blow Mr Jackson (Joe Liggins)
  9. Frettin’ For Some Pettin’ (Jesse Price)
  10. Drippers Blues (Joe Liggins)
  11. Keep A Dollar In Your Pocket (King Perry)
  12. Superstitious Woman (Gene Phillips)
  13. Going To Get Straight (Felix Gross)
  14. Groovy Groove (Joe Liggins)
  15. I’m Just Another Fool (Bill Hayes)
  16. Long Gravy (Pete Peterson)
  17. Nightmare (Joe Swift)
  18. That Old Feelin’ Is Gone (T-Bone Walker)
  19. Pasadena Rhumboogie (Joe Lutcher)
  20. Country Girl (Memphis Slim)
  21. Telephone Blues (Eddie Gorman)
  22. She’s My Baby (Fats Domino)
  23. Daddy On My Mind (Joe Liggins)
  24. I Love You My Darlin’ (Joe Fritz)
  25. Jumpin’ Tonight (Joe Turner)
  26. Little Boy (Little Sylvia)
  27. My Baby Was Right (Smiley Lewis)
  28. Lovin’ Machine (Wynonie Harris)


  1. I’ve Got News For You (Calvin Boze)
  2. Don’t Cry Baby (Jay McNeeley)
  3. Rockin’ Man (Jimmy McCracklin)
  4. Trouble Makin’ Woman (Roy Hawkins)
  5. Hey Little Girl (Billy Wright)
  6. Follow The Rule (Johnny Ace)
  7. The Golden Rule (Dave Bartholomew)
  8. You Got Money (Clarence Gatemouth Brown)
  9. Baby Don’t Do It (The 5 Royales)
  10. Cool Goofin’ (Rudy Ferguson)
  11. The Teaser (The Griffin Brothers)
  12. Peckin (The Chocolateers)
  13. Tell Me What’s The Reason (T-Bone Walker)
  14. You’re Not The One (Smiley Lewis)
  15. Jumpin’ With Symphony Sid (King Pleasure)
  16. Tenor In The Sky (King Curtis)
  17. Girl Of My Dreams (Lynn Hope)
  18. Hearts Of Stone (The Charms)
  19. Ookey Ook (The Penguins)
  20. Feel So Good (Five Thrills)
  21. My Mother’s Eyes (Tab Smith)
  22. Please Forgive Me (Johnny Ace)
  23. Johnny Has Gone (Varetta Dillard)
  24. It’s Love Baby (24 Hours A Day) (Louis Brooks)
  25. Nothing Sweet As You (Bobby Mitchell)
  26. Oh Gee - Oo - Wee (Charlie and Ray)
  27. Fishtail Blues (Wynonie Harris)
  28. Howling At Midnight (Willis Jackson)


  1. I Know (Fats Domino)
  2. Let’s Linger Awhile (The Capris)
  3. Craving (The Cameos)
  4. Since You (Donna Hightower)
  5. Just A Gigolo / I Ain’t Got Nobody (Louis Prima)
  6. Bom Bom Lulu (Gene and Eunice)
  7. (Ho Ho Ho) You Don’t Want Me No More (Big Mike Gordon)
  8. Shirley Jean (Big Walter)
  9. Keep On Doggin’ (Rosco Gordon)
  10. Pass The Buck (Paul Hucklebuck Williams)
  11. Don’t Drive Me Baby (Lowell Fulson)
  12. Baby, Let Me Hold Your Hand (Professor Longhair)
  13. Johnny’s House Party (Parts 1 & 2) (Jimmy Beasley)
  14. Baby, Please Come Home (Lloyd Price)
  15. Tickle Toe (Paul Gayten)
  16. I Think You Jiving Me (Huey and Jerry)
  17. Let Me Dream (Jesse Belvin)
  18. My Love For You (John Fred)
  19. Prisoner’s Song (Warren Storm)
  20. Ain’t Gonna Cry No More (Bobby Day)
  21. I Ain’t Goin’ For That (Eugene Church)
  22. Straight Flush (The Frantics)
  23. The Clouds (The Spacemen)
  24. White Silver Sands (Bill Black’s Combo)
  25. ’Taint It The Truth (Ernie K. Doe)
  26. Angel Baby (Charles Brown)
  27. Baby You Don’t Know (Roy Milton)
  28. Broke (Wilbert Harrison)