It’s Saturday Night! Starday-Dixie Rockabilly 1955-1961

Various Artists
FORMAT: Audio CD - 3 Disc
Release date: 23 Apr 2012


4/5 MOJO


"This one is essential listening" VINTAGE ROCK


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Following the phenomenal success of the Fantastic Voyage George Jones set, Ragged But Right: The Starday Years Plus… (FVTD107), we now offer It’s Saturday Night!, an exciting collection of rockabilly recordings from the same label. Starday Records was launched in Beaumont, Texas, in the early 1950s, with perfect timing to catch the first wave of the rockabilly tsunami that would sweep the Southern states of America between 1954 and 1958…and the Texas teenagers with their distinctive cat music were just as ready to rock as those being captured by Sam Phillips at Sun Records in Tennessee.

A cult label for rockabilly collectors worldwide – if not the holy grail of all rockabilly record labels – Starday embraced the new teenage music enthusiastically, introducing the likes of Sonny Fisher and Sleepy LaBeef, as well as revitalising the careers of veterans such as Link Davis, Bill Mack and Leon Payne. In addition, household-names-in-waiting such as George Jones, Big Bopper and Link Wray would also cut their teeth with the little Texas label.

Following the 1970s rockabilly revival, even more of these artists were to become internationally famous with their renown being directly attributable to their time with Starday/Dixie; Fisher, LaBeef, Rudy Grayzell, Glenn Barber and Joe Poovey, all enjoyed extended musical careers courtesy of their insatiable European fans, while those that were unable to tour became absent heroes whose 1950s recordings could still fill dance floors decades after they were laid down.

It’s Saturday Night!: Starday – Dixie Rockabilly 1955-1961 presents over one hundred examples of these enduring sounds; arguably the most exciting rockabilly tracks you will ever hear and, certainly, the most impressive set of tracks recorded by any Southern indie label except legendary Sun Records (and there are many record collectors who would argue that that statement is still four words too long!)



  1. Rockin’ Daddy (Sonny Fisher)
  2. Hold Me Baby (Sonny Fisher)
  3. Can’t Live With ’Em (Fred Crawford)
  4. Kitty Kat (Bill Mack)
  5. Sneaky Pete (Sonny Fisher)
  6. Sixteen Chicks (Link Davis)
  7. Fat Woman (Bill Mack)
  8. Hey Mamma (Sonny Fisher)
  9. Rock It (Thumper Jones)
  10. Rockin' And A Rollin' (Sonny Fisher)
  11. Duck Tail (Rudy Gravzell)
  12. I Can't Lose (Sonny Fisher)
  13. How Come It (Thumper Jones)
  14. Grasshopper Rock (Link Davis)
  15. You're Gone (Rdy Gravzell)
  16. Little Rock Rock (Rock Rogers)
  17. Pink & Black (Sonny Rogers)
  18. Rock Candy Rock (Fred Crawford)
  19. Feeling No Pain (Glenn Barber)
  20. That Ain't It (Rock Rogers)
  21. Cat Just Got In Town (Bill Mack)
  22. Mad Dog In Town (Rocky Bill Ford)
  23. Shadow My Baby (Glenn Barber)
  24. Trucker From Tennessee (Link Davis)
  25. Hole in The Wall (Amos Como)
  26. Have you Seen Mabel (Rocky Bill Ford)
  27. Don't Be Gone Long (Bob Doss)
  28. Don't Big Shot Me (Link Davis)
  29. Jig-Ga-Lee-Ga (Rudy Grayzell)
  30. Woman Love (Jimmy Johnson)
  31. I'm Doing All Right (Jerry Hanson)
  32. Tennessee Rock (Hoyt Scoggins)
  33. Find A New Woman (Arnold Parker)
  34. Got Another Baby (Lucky Wray)
  35. All Dressed Up (Jimmy Johnson)
  36. I Don't Know When (Hal Harris)
  37. Cliff Blakely (Want To Be With You)
  38. Pretending Is A Game (The Davis Twins & Sleep Jeffers)


  1. Jitterbop Baby (Hal Harris)
  2. I'm Through (Sleepy Labeff)
  3. It's Saturday Night (Bill Mack)
  4. Tu-La-Lou (Slim Watts)
  5. Little Bit More (Sleepy LaBeff)
  6. I Don’t Know When (Hal Harris)
  7. Want To Be With You (Cliff Blakley)
  8. Pretending Is A Game (The Davis Twins & Sleepy Jeffers)
  9. I Ain’t Gonna Take It (Sleepy LaBeff)
  10. Let’s Get Wild (Rudy Grayzell)
  11. Blues Around My Door (Cecil Bowman)
  12. Get Off My Toe (Cliff Blakley)
  13. You gotta Pay (Benny Barnes)
  14. Why Did You lie to Me (Lattie Moore)
  15. Deedle Deedle Dum (Carl Trantham)
  16. High Steppin' (Cliff Blakley)
  17. True Blue (Frankie Miller)
  18. Don't Push - Don't Shove (Bill Browning)
  19. Doggone Dame (Tutti Forse)
  20. Chicken Bop (Tutti Forse)
  21. Teenage Cutie (Lucky Wray)
  22. Don’t Sweep That Dirt On Me (Buddy Shaw)
  23. Rock And Roll (Lou Walker)
  24. Rocking Martin (All Because Of You)
  25. King Of The Ducktail Cats (Larry Nolen)
  26. Half My Fault (Lloyd McCollough)
  27. Baby Please Come Home (Al Runyon)
  28. Little Bitty Man (Lou Walker)
  29. Sugar Buggar (Fuzzy Whitener)
  30. Loving Is My Business (Aiden Holloway)
  31. Honky Tonk Stomp (Hal Payne)
  32. All The Time (Sleepy LaBeff)
  33. Crazy Blues (Jape Richardson )
  34. I Don't Want A Sweetheart (The Raindrops)


  1. Steady With Betty (Benny Joy)
  2. Pretty Little Thing (Doug Bragg)
  3. The Weepers (Darrell Felts)
  4. Three Little Wishes (Jimmie Lee)
  5. Spin The Bottle (Benny Joy)
  6. Gee Whiz (Pat & Dee)
  7. Playmates (Darrell Felts)
  8. Blue Guitar Jump (Ken Hammock)
  9. Don't Tease Me (Pat & Dee)
  10. Feel So good (Bill & Carroll)
  11. Keep It Swinging (Eddie Skelton)
  12. Just look, Don't Touch (Dee Johnson)
  13. Little Dog Blues (Mel Price)
  14. Ten Long Fingers (Groove Joe Poovey)
  15. It Must Be Me (Art Ontario)
  16. Swinging The Rock (Alden Holloway)
  17. Crazy Legs (Jay Gallegher)
  18. Sweet Love (Orangie Ray Hubbard)
  19. Careful Baby (Joe Poovey)
  20. Goin' Steppin' (J C Sawyer)
  21. Dizzy (Pete Peters)
  22. Blast Off (Aiden Holloway)
  23. Move Around (Joe Poovey)
  24. Honey Moon Blues (Tommy Nelson)
  25. The Blues Walked Away (Ray Hudson)
  26. Ali-Baba (The Williams Brothers)
  27. Queen From Bowling Green (Art Buchanan)
  28. Hobo Bop (Tommy Nelson)
  29. Boogie Woogie All Night (Bill Willis)
  30. Wrangler (Eddie Reynolds)
  31. Rockin' N' My Sweet Baby's Arms (Pete Peters)
  32. This Just Can't Be Puppy Love (Howard Mayberry)
  33. I Could Shoot Myself (Connie Dycus)
  34. Swanky (The Gentry Brothers)