Jamaica Selects Jump Blues Strictly For You: Jamaican Sound System Classics 1944-1960 2LP

Various Artists
FORMAT: Audio CD - 2 Disc
Release date: 17 Feb 2014

'Ultimately, a beautifully compiled collection' 7/10 - Clash

'It'll make a foot tappin' summer soundtrack' Vintage Rock
'Like it's predecessor... still rockingly enjoyable' 4/5 Record Collector
4/5 Soul Bag

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Following the considerable success of the 3CD Jamaica Selects Jump Blues Strictly For You and ahead of a new set mining the same rich seam (scheduled for March 2014), Fantastic Voyage is pleased to announce the release of a vinyl edition. Limited to 500 copies, the 2LP vinyl edition of Jamaica Selects Jump Blues Strictly For You selects 28 highlights from the original 85-track selection. This is the music that provided the inspiration for ska and all that followed, and is sure to appeal to both Jamaican music fans and followers of hard-hitting Fifties R&B alike.

After the highly-successful Jumping The Shuffle Blues, Fantastic Voyage takes another dip into the bubbling cauldron of R&B which sowed the seeds for ska on Jamaica’s sound systems in the 1940s and 50s, lashing together further sizzling biscuits from that formative, feet-finding era. It’s well established that the US R&B which started bombarding the island through radio after World War II was picked up by sound systems such as Clement ‘Coxsone’ Dodd and Prince Buster, germinating into ska after mating with the Caribbean’s own calypso and other local musical strains. The records being produced in America’s Southern states and cities like New Orleans were loosely termed ‘shuffle blues’; contagious, jumping and bulging with animated incitements to party, dance or get down and dirty, many boasting some of the most caterwaulingly volcanic saxophone solos known to man.

Jamaica Selects Jump Blues Strictly For You is compiled and annotated by leading reggae collector & authority Phil Etgart, and draws together some of the most popular of these influential sound system favourites. These discs should come with a warning: lethal rocking and leaping skank blueprints running amok, beautifully presented with knowledgeable, fact-packed annotation.





  1. GI Jive (Louis Jordan)
  2. Baby Don’t You Want To Go (Sherman Williams)
  3. TWA (Joe Liggins)
  4. Corn Bread (Hal Singer)
  5. Country Boy (Dave Bartholomew)
  6. Got Good News For Ya, Baby (Johnny Perry)
  7. Sax Shack Boogie (Amos Milburn)


  1. Don Newcomb Really Throws That Ball (Teddy Brannon)
  2. Waiting And Drinking (Calvin Boze)
  3. Slippin’ And Slidin’ (Gene Phillips)
  4. Blue Moon (Lynn Hope)
  5. Please Baby Please (James Waynes)
  6. What’s Your Phone Number (Jimmy McCracklin)
  7. New Orleans Wimmen (Rosco Gordon)


  1. Goin’ Home (Fats Domino)
  2. 5-10-15 Hours (Ruth Brown)
  3. Ain’t No Meat On De Bone (Jack Dupree)
  4. Bongo Chant (Kenny Graham)
  5. Way Down Boogie (Harold Burrage)
  6. Play Boy Hop (The Rocking Brothers)
  7. You Got To Give (Mike Gordon)


  1. Don’t Be Angry (Nappy Brown)
  2. Give It Up (Or Tell Where It’s At) (Vince Monroe)
  3. Been So Long (The Pastels)
  4. Misery (Professor Longhair)
  5. Riding West (Billy Hope)
  6. Live It Up (Ernie Freeman)
  7. Surely I Love You (Rosco Gordon)