Jazz Genius: The Flamingo Era

Tubby Hayes
FORMAT: Audio CD - 3 Disc
Release date: 12 Apr 2010

"Three disc repackaging of four albums featuring British jazz's biggest talent. A primer of British jazz in its most fertile, most exciting period" 4/5  UNCUT


"Excellent 3 CD retrospective, a terrific set that reaffirms what a supremely gifted virtuoso musican Hayes was" 4/5 RECORD COLLECTOR

"One of Britain's finest tenor saxophonists" MOJO

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Following his apprenticeship with the UK big bands of Ambrose, Jack Parnell, and Vic Lewis, tenor saxophonist Tubby Hayes (who’d turned pro aged 15) began leading his own groups from 1956 onwards, putting together varying combos including quartets, quintets and even sextets. Hayes’ astonishing and seemingly endless virtuosity quickly established him as Britain’s leading jazz player, and he recorded for a multitude of labels in the UK and USA (where he was similarly feted).

His work with the Jazz Couriers is still considered the epitome of British modern jazz. The esteem in which he was held can perhaps be gauged by the fact that when the Duke Ellington Orchestra played the Royal Festival Hall in 1964, Tubby Hayes was chosen to deputise for the absent Paul Gonsalves. Tubby Hayes’ personal problems are well-documented elsewhere, but his career as a British jazz player was unique. He died aged 38 in 1973 during heart surgery and is still greatly missed. Jazz Genius compiles four albums recorded between 1957 and 1961.

Celebrated studio and live sets by the Jazz Couriers feature the twin-tenor saxophone attack of Tubby Hayes and Ronnie Scott. The London Jazz Quartet album allows Hayes to display his mastery of vibes, flute and alto saxophone, while he is teamed with jazz greats Bill Le Sage and Jimmy Deuchar in the Tony Kinsey Quintet. The compilation also dips into the Jazz At The Flamingo album for the two tracks on which Hayes sits in with the Tony Crombie Quintet, and rounds up a couple of studio sides, again with Crombie.



  1. Through The Night Roared The Overland Express (The Jazz Couriers)
  2. Royal Ascot (The Jazz Couriers)
  3. On A Misty Night (The Jazz Couriers)
  4. Cheek To Cheek (The Jazz Couriers)
  5. Oh, My! (The Jazz Couriers)
  6. Plebus (The Jazz Couriers)
  7. Reunion (The Jazz Couriers)
  8. A Foggy Day (The Jazz Couriers)
  9. Weber The Great (Tony Kinsey Quintet)
  10. World Of Blue (Tony Kinsey Quintet)
  11. Girl In Blue (Tony Kinsey Quintet)
  12. Bassman (Tony Kinsey Quintet)
  13. Beathaven (Tony Kinsey Quintet)
  14. What A Gas (Tony Kinsey Quintet)
  15. Runnymeade Groove (Tony Kinsey Quintet)
  16. Portrait (Tony Kinsey Quintet)


  1. A Night In Tunisia (Tony Crombie Quintet)
  2. Laker's Day (Tony Crombie Quintet)
  3. What Is This Thing Called Love? (The Jazz Couriers)
  4. Some Of My Best Friends Are Blues (The Jazz Couriers)
  5. The Serpent (The Jazz Couriers)
  6. Guys And Dolls (The Jazz Couriers)
  7. Time Was (The Jazz Couriers)
  8. Speak Low (The Jazz Couriers)
  9. Cheek To Cheek (The Jazz Couriers)


  1. Beryl's Bounce (Tony Crombie & His Men)
  2. Odd Man Out (Tony Crombie & His Men)
  3. Copper On The Beat (London Jazz Quartet)
  4. Slick Riff (London Jazz Quartet)
  5. Sadie's Song (London Jazz Quartet)
  6. The Toff (London Jazz Quartet)
  7. Wait And See (London Jazz Quartet)
  8. Lakeland (London Jazz Quartet)
  9. Big Ben Bounce (London Jazz Quartet)
  10. London Lament (London Jazz Quartet)
  11. Cheekie Chappie (London Jazz Quartet)
  12. The Baron's Blues (London Jazz Quartet)
  13. Fishin' The Blues (London Jazz Quartet)
  14. Mirage (London Jazz Quartet)
  15. Autumn In Cuba (London Jazz Quartet)
  16. Let Nature Take Its Course (London Jazz Quartet)