John Barry Revisited

John Barry
FORMAT: Audio CD - 4 Disc
Release date: 9 Nov 2009


Groovy beats and batons - supreme 60s cool from a soundtrack maestro - WORD

"This new boxset seeks to flesh out our understanding of John Barry's 1960's" - STAR PICK SHINDIG

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Born 1933, John Barry is one of the best known composers of film music in the world. He commenced his pop music career leading The John Barry Seven, most notably backing Adam Faith. Barry made his name with his scores for the James Bond movies, for which he was awarded the GoldenEye award in 2002, courtesy of the Ian Fleming Foundation.

He went on to score many notable soundtracks, including the following award-winners: “Born Free” (1966, two Oscars), “The Lion In Winter” (1968, Oscar), “Midnight Cowboy” (1969, Grammy), “The Cotton Club” (1984, Grammy), “Out Of Africa” (1985, Oscar, Grammy and Golden Globe) and “Dances With Wolves” (1990, Oscar and Grammy). In 1999 he was awarded an OBE for services to music.

THE COMPILATION: CD 1 Elizabeth Taylor In London Filmed in London, the US TV documentary ‘Elizabeth Taylor In London’ premiered in October 1963. Elizabeth Taylor’s voice is featured on six tracks, reading from “Westminster Bridge” by William Wordsworth, “Portuguese Sonnets” by Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Queen Victoria’s diary and extracts from speeches by William Pitt, Queen Elizabeth I and Sir Winston Churchill. John Barry’s score earned him an Emmy nomination for Outstanding Achievement in Composing Original Music for Television. CD 2 Zulu Soundtrack from the Bafta nominated film, originally released on the Ember label in 1964, the LP comprises soundtrack music (with two of the tracks incorporating narration by Richard Burton), followed by “A Selection of Zulu Stamps”, which are essentially beat instrumentals flavoured with southern African influences. CD 3 Four In The Morning The third film for actress Judi Dench, earning her a BAFTA award for Most Promising Newcomer of 1966. Originally released on the Ember label in 1966, the LP comprises John Barry’s original haunting score, plus four excerpts of dialogue featuring actors Dench, Ann Lynn, Norman Rodway, Brian Phelan and Joe Melia.

The film won the award for best feature film at the 1965 Locarno International Film Festival CD 4 The Ember Singles Plus Gathered together here are John Barry recordings released between 1963 and 1965. These include a brace of Bond themes, a trio of lovely waltzing instrumentals (one originally licensed to United Artists) which would now be termed lounge music, Barry’s own performances of two of the themes from Elizabeth Taylor In London and single mixes of two of the “stamps” from Zulu. Barry has been credited as producer on Christine, an entertaining commentary on the Profumo affair, sung by actress Joyce Blair under the alias of Miss X and penned by celebrated writer Leslie Bricusse. Rounding out the selection are From Russia With Love with organ in the mix and stereo mixes of Kinky and Fancy Dance.



  1. Elizabeth [album version, aka Elizabeth In London] (John Barry)
  2. London At Dawn (including Westminster Bridge by William Wordsworth) (John Barry)
  3. The London Theme [album version] (John Barry)
  4. Lovers And Browning (including Portuguese Sonnets by Elizabeth Barrett Browning) (John Barry)
  5. Pitt's Speech (John Barry)
  6. London Theme - Jazz Waltz [aka London Waltz] (John Barry)
  7. Elizabeth Waltz (John Barry)
  8. Queen Elizabeth At Tilbury (John Barry)
  9. English Garden (John Barry)
  10. Queen Victoria (John Barry)
  11. The Fire Of London (John Barry)
  12. Churchill Speech (John Barry)
  13. Elizabeth [album version, aka Elizabeth In London] (John Barry)
  14. The London Theme [album version] (John Barry)
  15. Lovers (John Barry)
  16. London Theme - Jazz Waltz [aka London Waltz] (John Barry)
  17. Elizabeth Waltz (John Barry)
  18. English Garden (John Barry)
  19. The Fire Of London (John Barry)
  20. Kinky (John Barry Seven & Orchestra)


  1. Main Title Theme (Zulu) - Isandhlwana, 1879 (John Barry)
  2. News Of The Massacre - Rorke's Drift Threatened (John Barry)
  3. Wagons Over (John Barry)
  4. First Zulu Appearance And Assault (John Barry)
  5. Durnford's Horse Arrive And Depart - The Third Assault (John Barry)
  6. Zulus' Final Appearance And Salute (John Barry)
  7. The VC Roll And Men Of Harlech (John Barry)
  8. Stamp And Shake (John Barry Seven)
  9. High Grass (John Barry Seven)
  10. Zulu Stamp (John Barry Seven)
  11. Big Shield (John Barry Seven)
  12. Zulu Maid (John Barry Seven)
  13. Monkey Feathers (John Barry Seven)


  1. Four In The Morning [version 1] (John Barry)
  2. River Walk (John Barry)
  3. Coffee Talk (Ann and Brian) (John Barry)
  4. Lover's Clasp (John Barry)
  5. Norman's Return (John Barry)
  6. Cupboard Love (Norman, Joe and Judi) (Norman Rodway)
  7. River Ride (John Barry)
  8. Four In The Morning [version 2] (John Barry)
  9. Lover's Tension (John Barry)
  10. Declaration And Rejection (Ann and Brian) (John Barry)
  11. First Reconciliation (John Barry)
  12. Norman Leaves (John Barry)
  13. The Dawn Discussion (Judi and Norman) (John Barry)
  14. Moment Of Decision (John Barry)
  15. Judi Comes Back (John Barry)
  16. Four In The Morning [version 1] (John Barry)
  17. River Walk (John Barry)
  18. Lover's Clasp (John Barry)
  19. Norman's Return (John Barry)
  20. River Ride (John Barry)
  21. Four In The Morning [version 2] (John Barry)
  22. Lover's Tension (John Barry)
  23. First Reconciliation (John Barry)
  24. Norman Leaves (John Barry)
  25. Moment Of Decision (John Barry)
  26. Judi Comes Back (John Barry)


  1. Christine (Miss X)
  2. S-E-X (Miss X)
  3. Kinky (John Barry Seven & Orchestra)
  4. Fancy Dance (John Barry Seven & Orchestra)
  5. 007 (John Barry Seven & Orchestra)
  6. From Russia With Love (John Barry Seven & Orchestra)
  7. Elizabeth [single version, aka Elizabeth Theme] (John Barry Seven & Orchestra)
  8. The London Theme [single version] (John Barry Seven)
  9. Zulu Stamp (John Barry Seven)
  10. Monkey Feathers (John Barry Seven)
  11. The Loneliness Of Autumn (John Barry Orchestra)
  12. Troubadour (John Barry & His Orchestra)
  13. Aliki (John Barry Orchestra)
  14. Kinky (John Barry Seven & Orchestra)
  15. Fancy Dance (John Barry Seven & Orchestra)
  16. From Russia With Love (John Barry Seven & Orchestra)