Jump Mr Blues: The Definitive Collection

Wynonie Harris
FORMAT: Audio CD - 2 Disc
Release date: 15 Aug 2011


"A Blues yeller who put the risk in risque...Lusty good times."   4/5  MOJO

"There’s a massive fifty tracks here to behold, so what are you waiting for."  BLUES AND SOUL

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There was no one like Wynonie Harris during his lifetime and there’s been no one like him since his demise. Wynonie was more of everything, more of a blues singer, more of a personality, more of a self-publicist, more of a womaniser. He devoured life in man-sized chunks and spat out the bits he didn’t need. He began as a dancer then worked as an MC at clubs in his home town of Omaha, Nebraska. With Jimmy Rushing and ‘Big’ Joe Turner as his models, he became an exuberant blues singer.

He joined Lucky Millinder’s band in 1944 and had his first R&B No.1 with ‘Who Threw The Whiskey In The Well’. ‘Good Rockin’ Tonight’ and ‘All She Wants To Do Is Rock’ also made No.1, and a string of hits, including ‘Drinkin’ Wine Spo-Dee-O-Dee’, ‘Sittin’ On It All The Time’, ‘Grandma Plays The Numbers’, ‘I Like My Baby’s Pudding’, ‘Bloodshot Eyes’ and ‘Lovin’ Machine’, reflected his popularity during the late 1940s and early 1950s.Moving to the West Coast, Harris recorded for a number of independent labels, including Apollo, Aladdin and Hamp-Tone, as well as the Nashville-based Bullet, before joining King in December 1947 and cutting ‘Good Rockin’ Tonight’ at his first sessions. His raucous, sexually explicit repertoire struck a chord with audiences, who watched his outrageous stage act at the concert tours that became a constant in his life. Off-stage he was just as uncompromising, surrounding himself with compliant females, despite being married with a daughter.

Drink flowed and morals collapsed with relentless regularity. Artists and audiences alike identified him as a force of nature prepared to ignore society’s rules.Harris’s career ended with the arrival of the 1960s. Music had moved on and he was suffering the consequences of the life he’d led. Nevertheless, a remake of ‘Bloodshot Eyes’ for Roulette in 1960 revealed an undiminished talent. The strength of that talent to sing and entertain is captured to full effect in these 50 tracks.



  1. Who Threw The Whiskey In The Well (Wynonie Harris)
  2. Around The Clock (Part 1) (Wynonie Harris)
  3. Wynonie's Blues (Wynonie Harris)
  4. Young Man's Blues (Wynonie Harris)
  5. That's The Stuff You Gotta Watch (Wynonie Harris)
  6. Playful Baby (Wynonie Harris)
  7. Hey, Ba-Ba-Re-Bop (Part 1) (Wynonie Harris)
  8. Hey, Ba-Ba-Re-Bop (Part 1) (Wynonie Harris)
  9. My Baby’s Barrel House (Wynonie Harris)
  10. Mr Blues Jumped The Rabbit (Wynonie Harris)
  11. You Got To Get Yourself A Job, Girl (Wynonie Harris)
  12. Big City Blues (Wynonie Harris)
  13. Battle Of The Blues (Part 1)[with Joe Turner] (Wynonie Harris)
  14. Good Morning Mr Blues (Wynonie Harris)
  15. From Bad To Good Blues (Wynonie Harris)
  16. Good Rockin' Tonight (Wynonie Harris)
  17. Lollipop Mama (Wynonie Harris)
  18. Grandma Plays The Numbers (Wynonie Harris)
  19. She Just Won't Sell No More (Wynonie Harris)
  20. I Want My Fanny Brown (Wynonie Harris)
  21. I Feel That Old Age Comin' On (Wynonie Harris)
  22. Drinkin' Wine Spo-Dee-O-Dee (Wynonie Harris)
  23. All She Wants To Do Is Rock (Wynonie Harris)
  24. Sittin' On It All The Time (Wynonie Harris)


  1. Triflin' Woman (Wynonie Harris)
  2. Rock Mr Blues (Wynonie Harris)
  3. Good Morning Judge (Wynonie Harris)
  4. Mr Blues Is Coming To Town (Wynonie Harris)
  5. Oh! Babe (Wynonie Harris)
  6. Confessin' The Blues (Wynonie Harris)
  7. Bloodshot Eyes [1951] (Wynonie Harris)
  8. Here Comes The Night (Wynonie Harris)
  9. Lovin' Machine (Wynonie Harris)
  10. My Playful Baby's Gone (Wynonie Harris)
  11. Keep On Churnin' (Till The Butter Comes) (Wynonie Harris)
  12. Drinking Blues (Wynonie Harris)
  13. Adam Come And Get Your Rib (Wynonie Harris)
  14. Bring It Back (Wynonie Harris)
  15. Bad News Baby (There'll Be No Rockin' Tonite) (Wynonie Harris)
  16. Mama Your Daughter Done Lied On Me (Wynonie Harris)
  17. Christina (Wynonie Harris)
  18. Drinkin' Sherry Wine (Wynonie Harris)
  19. Fishtail Blues (Wynonie Harris)
  20. Good Mambo Tonight (Wynonie Harris)
  21. Wine Wine Sweet Wine (Wynonie Harris)
  22. That's Me Right Now (Wynonie Harris)
  23. A Tale Of Woe (Wynonie Harris)
  24. Sweet Lucy Brown (Wynonie Harris)
  25. Bloodshot Eyes [1960] (Wynonie Harris)