Jumping The Shuffle Blues: Jamaican Sound System Classics 1946-1960

Various Artists
FORMAT: Audio CD - 3 Disc
Release date: 30 May 2011

"A glorious heap of American R&B studded with Jazz and Doo-Wop...Rockin'!" - 4/5  UNCUT
"A vivid insight into what was played on the first Jamaican sound systems" - 4/5   MOJO
"Thoroughly researched and nicely presented triple disc set...and informative 24-page booklet completes the package." - MUSIC WEEK


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Before the development of its own recording industry, Jamaican music fans predominantly found musical fulfillment in the raw ‘Shuffle Blues’ music that emanated from mainland USA. This no-nonsense style of R&B dominated the island’s sound system dances from the dawn of the Fifties, with operators aggressively competing with each other for ‘exclusive’ discs.

This collection draws together the most popular of these influential sound system favourites, many of which were later covered by some of Jamaica’s biggest names, from early pioneers such as Laurel Aitken, Derrick Morgan and the Skatalites to internationally successful acts that include Ken Boothe, John Holt and U Roy.

This is the music that provided the inspiration for Ska and all that followed – and with many of these 85 essential and hugely influential recordings making their first official release on CD, this 3 disc set is sure to appeal to both Jamaican music fans and followers of hard-hitting Fifties R&B alike.



  1. Salt Pork, West Virginia (Louis Jordan & His Tympany Five)
  2. Reet Petite And Gone (Louis Jordan & His Tympany Five)
  3. Two Timin’ Baby (Jack McVea & His Orchestra)
  4. What’s Your Style, Baby (Felix Gross)
  5. Killer Diller (Gene Coy & His Killer Dillers)
  6. Rock Bottom (Gene Phillips & His Rhythm Aces)
  7. Drippers’ Boogie (Parts 1 & 2) (Joe Liggins & His Honeydrippers)
  8. Jug Head Ramble (Gene Ammons & His Orchestra)
  9. Goin’ To California Blues (King Perry & His Sextet)
  10. Page Boy Shuffle (Todd Rhodes & His Toddlers)
  11. Safronia B (Calvin Boze & His All Stars)
  12. Every Shut Eye Ain’t Sleep (aka Learn) (Eddie Chamblee & His Orchestra )
  13. Riffin’ With Griffin (The Griffin Brothers)
  14. San Diego Bounce (The Harold Land All Stars)
  15. 3 x 7 = 21 (Jewel King)
  16. Little Joe’s Boogie (Joe Liggins & His Honeydrippers)
  17. Mixon With Dixon (Teddy Brannon & His Orchestra)
  18. The Hustle Is On (T-Bone Walker)
  19. Stack-A-Lee (Parts 1 & 2) (Stack-A-Lee (Parts 1 & 2) )
  20. My Baby’s Gone (The Ray-O-Vacs)
  21. I'm Free (Charlie Gonzalez)
  22. Stubborn As A Mule (The Griffin Brothers feat. Margie Day)
  23. Independent Woman (Jackie Brenston & His Delta Cats)
  24. Tend To Your Business (James Wayne)
  25. Looking For A Woman (Jimmy McCracklin & His Blues Blasters)
  26. Bonaparte’s Retreat (Margie Day & The Griffin Brothers Orchestra)
  27. Later For The ’Gator (Willis Jackson & His Orchestra)
  28. Drunk Again (Champion Jack Dupree with Instrumental Accompaniment)


  1. Bloodshot Eyes (Wynonie Harris)
  2. Train Time Blues (Roy Brown & His Mighty-Mighty Men)
  3. Why Don’t You Eat Where You Slept Last Night (Zuzu Bollin)
  4. I Can’t Lose With The Stuff I Use (Lester Williams)
  5. Big Jay Shuffle (Big Jay McNeely & His Orchestra)
  6. Guitar Shuffle (Lowell Fulson)
  7. No More Doggin’ (Rosco Gordon)
  8. KC Lovin’ (aka Kansas City) (Little Willie Littlefield)
  9. Lawdy Miss Clawdy (Lloyd Price & His Orchestra)
  10. I'm Gone (Shirley & Lee)
  11. Get High Everybody (Li’l Son Jackson)
  12. Blue And Lonesome (Jimmie Lee with Jay Franks & His Rockets Of Rhythm)
  13. Hope, Skip, And Jump (Lynn Hope & His Orchestra)
  14. Mumbles Blues (Paul Bascomb & His Band)
  15. Too Many Women (Rosco Gordon & The Beale Streeters)
  16. Brand New Baby (Lester Williams & His Band)
  17. Country Gal (Dave Bartholomew)
  18. Drive It Home (Hal Paige & His Band)
  19. One Scotch, One Bourbon, One Beer (Amos Milburn)
  20. Little Fernandez (Smiley Lewis)
  21. No More Crying On My Pillow (Melvin Daniels with the King Curtis Orchestra)
  22. But Officer (Sonny Knight with Orchestra)
  23. Drunk (Jimmy Liggins & His 3-D Music)
  24. Hey Bartender (Floyd Dixon & His Band)
  25. You Upset Me Baby (BB ‘Blues Boy’ King & His Orchestra)
  26. Why Don’t You Do Right (Mike Gordon & The El Tempos)
  27. One Whole Year Baby (Earl Curry)
  28. La! La! La! Lady (Eddie Chamblee)


  1. Blues Blasters’ Boogie (Jimmy McCracklin & His Blues Blasters)
  2. Quaker City (Bill Doggett)
  3. Real Gone Lover (Smiley Lewis)
  4. Ling, Ting, Tong (The Charms)
  5. Ko Ko Mo (Gene & Eunice with Jonesy's Combo)
  6. South Parkway Mambo (The Bop-A-Loos)
  7. Pledging My Love (Johnny Ace & The Johnny Otis Orchestra)
  8. Convicted (Oscar McLollie & His Honeyjumpers (2.59))
  9. Heavy Sugar (Lloyd Lambert & His Band)
  10. T-Bone Shuffle (T-Bone Walker)
  11. Feel So Good (Shirley & Lee)
  12. My Boy Lollypop (Barbie Gaye)
  13. Ain’t Got No Home (Clarence “Frog Man” Henry)
  14. Someday (You’ll Want Me) (Smiley Lewis)
  15. Confidential (Sonny Knight with Jack Collier Orchestra)
  16. You Promised (Roy Wright)
  17. I Don't Want To Cry (Big Maybelle with Kelly Owens Orchestra)
  18. Have I Sinned (Donnie Elbert)
  19. High School Dance (Larry Williams & His Band)
  20. I'm In The Mood For Love (Fats Domino)
  21. Dumplin’s (Doc Bagby)
  22. The Pick Up (Etta James)
  23. The Shufflin’ Fox (Dave Bartholomew)
  24. Over And Over (Bobby Day)
  25. You're So Delightful (Doc Bagby)
  26. Trottin’ In (Lloyd Trotman & His Orchestra)
  27. There Is Something On Your Mind (Big Jay McNeely & Band with vocal by Little Sonny)
  28. I Won’t Cry (Johnny Adams)
  29. Will You Ever Be Mine (Donnie Elbert)