Let Me Tell You About The Blues: The Evolution Of West Coast Blues

Various Artists
FORMAT: Audio CD - 3 Disc
Release date: 12 Jul 2010

"This is the latest in the series covering regional blues styles.A good allocation of laidback Los Angeles sunshine always seems to be reflected in many West Coast lues recordings from the 50’s"  RECORD COLLECTOR

"This is quite simply a “must have” for all true lovers of the blues."   REAL BLUES MAGAZINE


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California experienced a phenomenal growth in independent recording in the postwar years, after decades of dominance by the major labels. Millions had flocked there during the war years and they needed entertainment.

It all began with ‘The GI Sing-sation’, Cecil Gant and his ‘I Wonder’, a blues ballad that caught the public’s imagination. It was also a time for downsizing; the full Johnny Otis Orchestra backed Jimmy Rushing singing ‘Jimmy’s Round The Clock Blues’ but such aggregations quickly broke up and the trend was for small quintets led by the likes of Joe Liggins (‘The Honeydripper’), Saunders King (‘SK Blues’), Buddy Banks (‘Fluffy’s Debut’), Jack McVea (‘Open The Door Richard’) and Roy Milton (‘R.M. Blues’). Charles Brown (‘Drifting Blues’), Jimmy Witherspoon (‘Ain’t Nobody’s Business’) and T-Bone Walker (‘Call It Stormy Monday’) set the fashion for cool, laidback blues, while Gene Phillips (‘Stinkin’ Drunk’), Amos Milburn (‘Chicken Shack Boogie’), Joe Lutcher (‘Rockin’ Boogie’) and Jimmy Liggins (‘Cadillac Boogie’) added a little heat to the pot. After Big Jay McNeely’s ‘The Deacon’s Hop’ and Wild Bill Moore’s ‘Rock And Roll’, honking sax instrumentals became a major sales incentive. The market was crowded with pianist/singers like Little Willie Littlefield (‘It’s Midnight’), Ivory Joe Hunter (‘I Almost Lost My Mind’), Jimmy McCracklin (‘Beer Drinkin’ Woman’), Roy Hawkins (‘Why Do Everything Happen To Me’) and a young Ray Charles (‘Late In The Evening Blues’).

As the 1950s began, rhythm and blues took centre stage, preparing the ground for the advent of rock’n’roll. Percy Mayfield (‘The River’s Invitation’) remained cool but newcomers like Lloyd Price (‘Lawdy Miss Clawdy’), Young John Watson (‘Motorhead Baby’), Willie Mae Thornton (‘Hound Dog’), Etta James (‘The Wallflower’) and Linda Hopkins (‘Yes I Know’) sang to a stronger beat. Meanwhile, the blues had not been forgotten, Pee Wee Crayton (‘When It Rains It Pours’), Jimmy Wilson (‘Tin Pan Alley’), James Reed (‘Things Ain’t What They Used To Be’) and Johnny Fuller (‘Roughest Place In Town’) could still stir the emotions. Saxophonists still made the charts but as an indication of what was to come, guitarists like Pete ‘Guitar’ Lewis (‘Louisiana Hop’) and Jimmy Nolen (‘Strollin’ With Nolen’) also found themselves popular. By 1956, the year of Jimmy McCracklin’s ‘Savoy’s Jump’, rock’n’roll had knocked down the door. Public taste was changing and within a couple of years the music celebrated here was old-fashioned and passed by.



  1. Mean Old World (T-Bone Walker)
  2. SK Blues (Part 1) (Saunders King)
  3. I Wonder (Cecil Gant)
  4. My Baby’s Blues (The Blues Man (George Vann))
  5. The Honeydripper (Part 1) (Joe Liggins)
  6. Drifting Blues (Charles Brown)
  7. Jimmy’s Round The Clock Blues (Johnny Otis Orchestra (vocal Jimmy Rushing))
  8. Shipyard Woman (Jim Wynn’s Bobalibans)
  9. Everything Will Be All Right (Johnny Alston Orchestra)
  10. When The Sun Goes Down (Alton Redd)
  11. Fluffy’s Debut (Buddy Banks Sextet)
  12. Groovy Blues (Camille Howard with Roy Milton & His Solid Senders)
  13. RM Blues (Roy Milton)
  14. My Gal’s A Jockey (Big Joe Turner)
  15. Crying Blues (Lowell Fulson)
  16. Stinkin’ Drunk (Gene Phillips)
  17. Open The Door Richard (Jack McVea’s All Stars)
  18. Be Ba Ba Le Ba Boogie (Helen Humes)
  19. Rockin’ Boogie (Joe Lutcher)
  20. Call It Stormy Monday (T-Bone Walker)
  21. Jackson’s Boogie (Little Willie Jackson)
  22. I Didn’t Like It The First Time (Julia Lee)
  23. Ain’t Nobody’s Business (Part 1) (Jimmy Witherspoon)
  24. Chicken Shack Boogie (Amos Milburn)
  25. Move Your Hand Baby (Crown Prince Waterford)


  1. Cadillac Boogie (Jimmy Liggins)
  2. Fat Meat ‘N Greens (Edgar Hayes)
  3. Let ’Em Roll Blues (King Perry Orchestra)
  4. Bowlegged Boogie (Vivianne Green)
  5. The Deacon’s Hop (Big Jay McNeely)
  6. Rock And Roll (Wild Bill Moore)
  7. Drafting Blues (Floyd Dixon)
  8. It’s Midnight (No Place To Go) (Little Willie Littlefield)
  9. Walkin’ Blues (Johnny Moore’s Three Blazers)
  10. I Almost Lost My Mind (Ivory Joe Hunter)
  11. Double Crossing Blues (Johnny Otis Quintet & The Robins (vocal Little Esther))
  12. Why Do Everything Happen To Me (Roy Hawkins)
  13. Beer Drinkin' Woman (Jimmy McCracklin)
  14. Safronia B (Calvin Boze & His All-Stars)
  15. Everything’s Gonna Be Alright (King Perry & His Pied Pipers)
  16. Glamor Girl (T-Bone Walker)
  17. Late In The Evening Blues (Ray Charles)
  18. Million Dollar Secret (Helen Humes)
  19. Please Send Me Someone To Love (Percy Mayfield)
  20. Black Night (Charles Brown)
  21. Every Day I Have The Blues (Lowell Fulson)
  22. The Thrill Is Gone (Roy Hawkins)
  23. I Got Loaded (Peppermint Harris)
  24. ‘T-99’ Blues (Jimmy Nelson)
  25. The Walkin’ Blues (Fluffy Hunter)


  1. When It Rains It Pours (Pee Wee Crayton)
  2. Louisiana Hop (Pete "Guitar" Lewis)
  3. Better Beware (Esther Phillips (as Little Esther))
  4. The River’s Invitation (Percy Mayfield)
  5. Lawdy Miss Clawdy (Lloyd Price)
  6. Wailin' Daddy (Mabel Scott)
  7. Call Operator 210 (Johnny Otis & Mel Walker)
  8. Hound Dog (Willie Mae Thornton)
  9. KC Lovin’ (Little Willie Littlefield)
  10. Let Me Go Home Whiskey (Amos Milburn)
  11. Jay’s Blues (Part 1) (Jimmy Witherspoon)
  12. Yes I Know (Linda Hayes)
  13. Motorhead Baby (Young John Watson)
  14. Tin Pan Alley (Jimmy Wilson)
  15. The Honey Jump (Part 1) (Oscar McLollie)
  16. Cry Baby Cry (Effie Smith)
  17. Strugglin’ Blues (T-Bone Walker)
  18. Things Ain’t What They Used To Be (James Reed)
  19. I Ain’t Drunk (Jimmy Liggins)
  20. Something’s Goin’ On In My Room (Daddy Cleanhead)
  21. Roughest Place In Town (Johnny Fuller)
  22. The Wallflower (Etta James)
  23. Cadillac Funeral (Peppermint Harris)
  24. Strollin’ With Nolen (Jimmy Nolen)
  25. Savoy’s Jump (Jimmy McCracklin)