Live Folk From The Mayfair Theatre London

Various Artists
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FORMAT: Audio CD - Disc
Release date: 14 Oct 2014



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Recorded 12 October 1963, this album offers a snap shot of the sort of music which might have been billed billed under the umbrella description of “folk” in clubs at the time, although the actual performances range from the bluegrass of The Malcom Price Trio, to the Woody Guthrie-style “talking blues” of Talking John Berry and the rather polite folk-pop of Jill Freedman. This album was released in November 1965 on the Ember label (FA 2014), but the tracks by the aforementioned artists had all previously appeared spread across two EPs released by Ember in March 1964 (Hullabaloo Volumes One & Two, EMBEP 4532 & 4533). So the main attraction of Live Folk From The Mayfair Theatre London would have been the previously unissued performances by Chad & Jeremy, who by this time were at least six months into their post-Ember contract with US Columbia. It’s fascinating to hear what the duo sounded like live at the start of their career, performing their soon-to-be hit Yesterday’s Gone alongside folk and humorous material, including a beat group send-up on (Ain’t That) Just Like Me and a rewrite of Frankie And Johnny as Stanley And Dora.




  1. Woa Mule (The Malcolm Price Trio)
  2. The Burglar Man (The Malcolm Price Trio)
  3. Try To Remember (Jill Freedman)
  4. Joshua Fit The Battle Of Jericho (Jill Freedman)
  5. Charming Betsy (Talking John Berry)
  6. Original Talking Blues (Talking John Berry)
  7. If I Had My Way (Chad & Jeremy)
  8. This Morning aka Tell Old Bill (Chad & Jeremy)
  9. (Ain't That) Just Like Me aka Humpty Dumpty (Chad & Jeremy)
  10. If I Had A Hammer (Chad & Jeremy)
  11. My Clinch Mountain Home (The Malcolm Price Trio)
  12. Kissin' Cousins (The Malcolm Price Trio)
  13. The Old Maid (Jill Freedman)
  14. Woman Go Home (Jill Freedman)
  15. So You Think You've Got Troubles (Talking John Berry)
  16. Talking Guitar Blues (Talking John Berry)
  17. Yesterday's Gone (Chad & Jeremy)
  18. Stanley And Dora (Chad & Jeremy)