Man From Interpol

Tony Crombie
FORMAT: Audio CD - Disc
Release date: 1 Jan 1970



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Starring Richard Wyler as Interpol agent Anthony Smith, Man From Interpol ran for 39 episodes, broadcast by Associated-Rediffusion from 1959, and by NBC in the States from January 1960. An album were released on Top Rank (35/043) in 1959, credited to Tony Crombie arranging and conducting the Studio Orchestra. In 1960, Kruger’s new label Ember released its own Man From Interpol album (EMB 3300). Featuring 17 tracks, the album  credits Crombie as composer and arranger, and the artists as Parliament Brass And Orchestra directed by Buddy Kaye, an American better known as a songwriter. The Ember album shares some titles with the Top Rank release, but the title theme for one is a distinctly different recording and other titles are unique to the album. Judging by the labelling of tape boxes, the album may also have appeared in the Ember Mood Music Library series (ERL 3300), but this has not been verified. For this digital-only reissue, all tracks have been mastered from tape sources, including five previously unreleased bonus tracks.



  1. Man From Interpol (Main Theme)
  2. Interpol Chase
  3. Slow Beat
  4. My Fair Laine
  5. Fordaire
  6. Motor Museum
  7. The Toff
  8. Beaulieu Blues
  9. Night Prowl
  10. Domus
  11. Interpol Cha Cha Cha
  12. Escape To Hawaii
  13. Perpetual Lover
  14. Shapes
  15. Beguine Portent
  16. Bolero Reverie
  17. Man From Interpol (End Theme)
  18. Man From Interpol (Alternative Version 1)
  19. Man From Interpol (Alternative Version 2)
  20. Interpol Chase (Alternative Version)
  21. Beguine Rhythm
  22. Chase Rhythm