Motor City: The Motown Vocal Group Sound

Various Artists
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FORMAT: Audio CD - 3 Disc
Release date: 11 Sep 2015

"It's always fascinating to hear the music Berry Gordy released before the advent of The Supremes and Motown's rise to world domination. This 89 track set is one of the most voluminous selections to date...such microscopic documents are essential in this transient age" Shindig

Featured in Soul Bag & American Music Magazine

"I have said it before but pound for pound Fantastic Voyage is one of the best retro labels on the scene at the moment. On this comp they have excelled in drawing together the threads, that once woven by Gordy and his team into the rich tapestry that was the Detroit sound, would still be getting played and appreciated over 60 years later." Joe Moran (Joe Blogs/Sussed - A Users Guide to Modernism)


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Featuring early recordings for Berry Gordy’s Tamla, Motown, Miracle, Gordy and Mel-O-Dy labels, plus others released on Anna, Tri-Phi and Harvey, all labels with Gordy associations, Motor City celebrates the beginning of a dynasty that would go on to generate more hits than any other independently owned record company in the world. In particular it explores the flourishing male vocal group sound that played such a significant role in the evolution of doo wop into soul.

In the 1950’s Detroit was a jazz city, a thriving metropolis, with plentiful work in the car plants, and a lively nightclub scene, but by the end of the decade the sound of the city was changing. The new vocal sounds of Doo Wop and R&B were taking over, and it only needed one thing to spark the explosion of sound that followed. Berry Gordy, partly by chance, when groups came to him, but mostly by inspiration and innovation, and by using the best people available for each role, built an empire that has lasted over fifty years, and is still regarded as some of the best music ever to have been recorded!

Compiled by Laurence Cane-Honeysett and annotated by David Rimmer (of Soulful Kinda Music), the 89-track 3CD set Motor City: The Motown Vocal Group Sound features recordings by some of Motown’s most famous early vocals groups, The Miracles, The Temptations, The Contours and The Spinners, as well as records cut with vocal group accompaniment by solo artists including Marv Johnson, Eddie Holland, Barrett Strong and David Ruffin. Perhaps of most interest to collectors will be the many sides by lesser-known acts such as The Voice Masters, Chico Leverett, The Satintones, The Cap-Tans, The Equadors, Singin’ Sammy Ward, The Valadiers, The Five Quails and The Charters.

Motor City complements Fantastic Voyage’s For This I Thank You: Motown R&B, Popcorn And Rock ‘n’ Roll (FVTD182), offering a substantial 75 tracks not featured on that earlier set.



  1. Whisper (Marv Johnson and The Rayber Voices)
  2. Merry-Go-Round (Eddie Holland and The Rayber Voices)
  3. It Moves Me (Eddie Holland)
  4. Do The Very Best You Can (Barrett Strong)
  5. Hope And Pray (The Voice Masters)
  6. Solid Sender (Chico Leverett and The Rayber Voices of Detroit)
  7. I’ll Never Love Again (Chico Leverett and The Rayber Voices of Detroit)
  8. Needed (For Lovers Only) (The Voice Masters)
  9. Going To The Hop (The Satintones)
  10. Motor City (The Satintones)
  11. Bad Girl (The Miracles)
  12. Sugar Daddy (The Satintones)
  13. (You Can) Depend On Me (The Miracles)
  14. Just For Your Love (The Falcons)
  15. This Heart Of Mine (The Falcons)
  16. Way Over There (The Miracles)
  17. My Beloved (The Satintones)
  18. Do You Want To See My Baby (Herman Griffin and The Mello-Dees)
  19. Everything About You (Ty Hunter and The Voice Masters)
  20. So Good (Ruben Fort)
  21. Shimmy Gully (Popcorn and The Mohawks)
  22. Who’s Lovin’ You (The Miracles)
  23. Tight Skirts And Crazy Sweaters (The Cap-Tans)
  24. I’m Afraid (The Cap-Tans)
  25. Shop Around (The Miracles)
  26. Everytime (Ty Hunter and The Voice Masters)
  27. I’m Free (Ty Hunter and The Voice Masters)
  28. Let’s Talk It Over (Lamont Anthony)
  29. I’m In Love (David Ruffin)
  30. Ain’t It, Baby (The Miracles)


  1. That’s What Girls Are Made For (The Spinners)
  2. Heebie Jeebies (The Spinners)
  3. Angel (The Satintones)
  4. Tomorrow And Always (The Satintones)
  5. Broken Hearted (The Miracles)
  6. Mighty Good Lovin’ (The Miracles)
  7. I Know How It Feels (The Satintones)
  8. My Kind Of Love (The Satintones)
  9. After All (The Miracles)
  10. Funny (The Contours)
  11. The Stretch (The Contours)
  12. You’re My Desire (The Equadors)
  13. Someone To Call My Own (The Equadors)
  14. I Can’t Believe (The Miracles)
  15. Everybody’s Gotta Pay Some Dues (The Miracles)
  16. Love (I’m So Glad) I Found You (The Spinners)
  17. Sudbuster (The Spinners)
  18. The Only One I Love (The Miracles)
  19. Faded Letter (The Satintones)
  20. Zing Went The Strings Of My Heart (The Satintones)
  21. Greetings (This Is Uncle Sam) (The Valadiers)
  22. Take A Chance (The Valadiers)
  23. Your Wonderful Love (The Temptations)
  24. Check Yourself (The Temptations)
  25. What Did She Use? (The Spinners)
  26. What’s So Good About Good-by (The Miracles)
  27. I’ve Been Good To You (The Miracles)
  28. Your Baby’s Back (The Downbeats)
  29. Request Of A Fool (The Downbeats)


  1. Everybody Knew It But Me (Singin’ Sammy Ward)
  2. Whistling About You (Harvey and The Spinners)
  3. She Loves Me So (Harvey and The Spinners)
  4. Dream Come True (The Temptations)
  5. Isn’t She Pretty (The Temptations)
  6. I’ll Try Something New (The Miracles)
  7. You Never Miss A Good Thing (The Miracles)
  8. Come Into My Palace (Lee and The Leopards)
  9. Trying To Make It (Lee and The Leopards)
  10. While I’m Away (The Valadiers)
  11. Because I Love Her (The Valadiers)
  12. I’ll Cry A Million Tears (Mickey McCullers)
  13. Been A Long Time (The Five Quails)
  14. I’ve Been Hurt (The Spinners)
  15. I Got Your Water Boiling, Baby (I’m Gonna Cook Your Goose) (The Spinners)
  16. Do You Love Me (The Contours)
  17. Break Down And Sing (Henry Lumpkin and The Love-Tones)
  18. This Is Our Night (The Creations)
  19. You’re My Inspiration (The Creations)
  20. Trouble Lover (The Charters)
  21. Show Me Some Sign (The Charters)
  22. Paradise (The Temptations)
  23. I’ll Love You ’Til I Die (The Pirates)
  24. It Must Be Love (The Contours)
  25. Hello There Angel (Marvin Gaye)
  26. You’ve Really Got A Hold On Me (The Miracles)
  27. Shake Sherry (The Contours)
  28. She Don’t Love Me (Bobby Smith and The Spinners)
  29. Too Young, Too Much, Too Soon (Bobby Smith and The Spinners)
  30. Contract On Love (Little Stevie Wonder)