March 2013

Another busy month here for us with 2 great CD releases and another 3 Limited Edition 2LPs.

First up is Boogie Chillen, released both on triple CD and 2 LP, compiled and annotated by first generation Mod Rob Collins, Boogie Chillen is the most enlightening and informative mod collection yet to see issue, not only provides a fascinating history lesson, but also delivers a compelling 3 ½ hours of great music.  Despite its enduring popularity, the music that inspired the original mod stylists has remained largely undocumented. The 3 CD set to put the record straight, collecting 75 of the most popular and influential tracks on the burgeoning mod scene of the early sixties. The set takes a musical journey, highlighting an array of classic R&B, jazz and rock & roll classics that found favour among those considered Britain’s coolest youths.

The 2LP limited edition of Boogie Chillen selects 24 dancefloor-friendly highlights from the 3CD format.

Next up is Just Wailing, with 50 Masterpieces By 26 Blues Harmonica Heroes!  There’s nothing to compare to the sound of an amplified Hohner Marine Band harmonica in the hands (and mouth) of a master like Little Walter, Walter Horton, Snooky Pryor or Sonny Boy Williamson.  Like Fantastic Voyage’s best selling guitar-centric companion compilation Screaming And Crying, the tracks assembled by blues authority Neil Slaven for Just Wailing were selected for their musical value. Some are obscure but no less forceful for that.

If you’re coming fresh to this aspect of the blues, we can only echo the catchphrase of wartime comedian Tommy Trinder, “You lucky people”.

Make sure you get your hands on our Limited Edition 2LPs which are flying out of the door. Please see the new release sections on the homepage for more info on them.