May 2013

There’s something for everyone this month, as we present three superb new titles, along with another limited edition double LP.

Kris Needs gives us a history lesson on the pioneering and futuristic sounds of experimental electronic music with his compilation ‘High Voltage: Giant Steps & Flashpoints In 20th-Century Experimental & Electronic Sound’

We also present the first in a new series highlighting the twists and turns that led to the birth of Soul, pinpointing the key American cities along the way and their influence on this much loved genre. First stop Detroit!

Ever wondered what happened to the stars that made their name on the legendary Sun Records label? Look no further… Over 3 CDs and 97 tracks, rock & roll authority Dave Penny reveals what these veterans of Sun did next, in the process coming up with a thoroughly satisfying selection of good rockin’ music.

And for all the vinyl lovers, we’ve cut and trimmed Soul City Detroit to fit on an exclusive double LP to keep your turntables turning to the very best selection of Soul that money can buy.