July 2014

As we reach the peak of Summer, Fantastic Voyage continues to unearth and definitively collect little heard obscurities, forgotten gems, and well loved masterpieces. Our July releases concentrate on the musical hubs of Memphis and Philadelphia but not in conventional or expected ways. In The Shadow Of Sun represents a companion of sorts to our After Sun compilation, treading in the titanic success of Sun Records. This time however its not the customarily acclaimed stars of Sun which get thorough attention. Instead the independent enterprise of the Memphis labels which followed Sun’s glory is the focus. Its already been heralded as a “secret library of suprises” by Vintage Rock and Now Dig This have defined it as an “essential purchase for lovers of 1950s Memphis music”. R&B and rock & roll authority Dave Penny gathers 101 tracks for Memphis obsessives and Rock’n’Roll enthusiasts alike.
Soul City Philadelphia is another new release which covers a time and music which is often dwarfed by a more venerated period and institution. Although the Gamble & Huff productions on Philadelphia International are frequently classed as the epitome and acme of the Philly sound, our latest chapter in the Soul City series makes a great case for the fledgling soul scene of late 1950s and early 1960s Philadelphia. An oft-neglected essence in the formation of the Philly sound, the work of the Cameo & Parkway labels as well as those of smaller independent ventures is compiled and annotated by soul scholar Clive Richardson. Record Collector has recently given its seal of approval characterizing what features as “some of the hardest dancefloor R & B ever recorded”. Vinyl lovers are also catered for in a 28 track collection which lifts some of the more highly coveted cuts from the 60 track 2CD set. The City of Brotherly Love and the roots of its later hit factories are finally given due recognition.
Our comprehensive curation of Blues guitar heroics also reaches its next instalment following Screaming & Crying. In 2012’s acclaimed collection Neil Slaven pooled the awe-inspiring instances of blues guitar playing that galvanised and fuelled 60s British beat, Jimi Hendrix and beyond. Now on Deep Feeling he traverses three decades worth of the most enduringly enthralling post war blues. His finds form a diverse wellspring of emotion and virtuosity, a 3CD collection with 75 masterpieces which continue to shape the cult and legacy of blues.