August 2014

August looks set to be defined by American splendour as our acclaimed American Music Library series is reprised. Our third instalment, American Music Library: The Hits Of 1961, comprehensively documents 90 hits fit for nostalgic adoration, a treasure trove of golden age Americana. Following on from previous instalments concentrating on 1959 and 1960, our purview of the hits of 1961 extends from productions which were exclusively successful in US charts and those which made a far reaching and lasting impact in the US and beyond. There are pop triumphs from those who would continue to add to their success as well as those who had only a brief presence in the spotlight. Austin Powell curates and annotates the set, providing a historical insight into what was shaping the pop landscape at the time and offering an essential, hit-filled document for every collection.

Another welcome reappearance comes in the form of the latest vinyl addition to our Girls Gone Rockin’ compilations; Let’s Have A Party Girls Gone Rockin’ Vol. 2. Compiled and annotated by rock & roll authority Lucky Parker, this is a vibrant, celebratory set which compiles the wildest, rawest femme rockers and features only their most exuberant moments. The personalities gathered on the double LP conjure an incessant, infectious party mood but come from across a diverse spectrum. 32 hits and rarities of fiery R&B, boogie woogie country, demure pop, and rockabilly heat. High spirited revelry fit for any dancefloor.

As well as reappearances from these familiar series’, Fantastic Voyage also presents a newly conceived, imaginitive slant on pop music from the rock’n’roll era. It Takes Two: Dynamic Duos Of The Rock & Roll Era explores the essential duos of the mid fifties and the early sixties with a broad focus accomodating R&B, early soul, rock & roll, country, pure pop and easy listening. Both vocal and instrumental cuts feature, from inseperable, winning partnerships, to fleeting, all-too-brief meetings.  Over the course of a 3CD set packed with 75 duos, Austin Powell draws on his extensive pop knowledge to salute the standout duets of the period, whilst giving an insight into the rich depths of the era’s wondrous pop colloborations.