April 2014

We have a month packed with releases which have already made their way to our bestsellers list!

When we released Doo Wop: The R&B Vocal Group Sound 1956-1960 back in 2011, it was always our intention to carry the story further into the Sixties, and, having taken a detour into “white” doo wop for Doo Wop: The Rock & Roll Vocal Group Sound 1957-1961, series compiler Laurence Can-Honeysett now does just that on Doo Wop Revival: The R&B Vocal Group Sound 1961-1962. With genre expert Marv Goldberg again on board to provide the biographical notes, our new release covers the years that saw the development of an “oldies scene” in New York, which majored on R&B vocal groups. Taking pride of place as lead review in the April issue of Now Dig This magazine, Doo Wop Revival receives fulsome praise. The reviewer felt that CD1 is the most rock & roll, CD2 leans towards the dance crazes of the time, while CD3 gets closer to soul, concluding that the 90-track set is “a great, and great value, collection.”

If you liked Boogie Children: Early Mods’ First-Choice Vinyl, then you’ll love Get On The Right Track: Mod R&B, Jazz & Ska, a new 90-track 3CD set compiled for us by Record Collector & Mojo writer Lois Wilson. The original mods favoured anything that had a good dance rhythm or groove, as the wide-ranging Boogie Chillen amply displayed. Get On The Right Track is more tightly focussed on R&B sounds that found favour on the (predominantly London) club scene of the early Sixties, seasoned with a few jazz grooves and ska sides. With a nod to the current mod scene, CD3 contains some vintage tracks that have gained in popularity more recently. To maximise the sense of nostalgia, the digipack and booklet are stuffed with picture sleeves and label shots of the UK releases on much-loved imprints like Stateside, London, Sue and Pye International. The 2LP vinyl limited edition cherry-picks 32 of the most club-friendly tracks.

Clive Richardson’s popular Soul City series reaches the West Coast this month. Soul City Los Angeles: West Coast Gems From The Dawn Of Soul Music is a 60-track 2CD survey of the R&B emerging in LA and neighbouring areas as the Fifties turned into the Sixties. Soul City Los Angeles mixes chart hits on labels including Arvee, Aladdin, Liberty, Imperial, Ebb and Sam Cooke’s SAR Records, with more obscure collector’s items. The Valentinos (featuring the Womack Brothers), Johnnie Taylor, Don & Dewey, The Viscaynes (featuring Sly Stone) and Johnny “Guitar” Watson are among the showcased artists. As is customary for this series, Clive has selected 28 favourites for the 2LP vinyl limited edition.