September News

In August we released a limited edition vinyl format of our best-selling rockabilly compilation Good Rockin’ Tonight, which first saw the light of day as a 3CD set back in 2009. This month we finally get around to the sequel, another 3CD set, titled Rockin’ Bones: Red Hot Rockabilly. Again compiled by Lucky Parker, the selection has already elicited praise from Vintage Rock. “Few rockabilly compilations mix classics, obscurities and everything in between as well as this 75-track goldmine.” After reeling off some of the classic tracks included, they conclude “there’s still a healthy chunk of disc space populated by arcane nuggets that should make this a steal for hardcore fans and toe dippers alike.” We rest our case. Oh, and there’s also a 32-track 2LP equivalent for vinyl lovers.

Clive Richardson’s Soul City series reaches the Windy City. Described by Vive Le Rock! magazine as “essential listening”, Soul City Chicago: Chicago Labels And The Dawn Of Soul Music draws on repertoire from the Chess and Vee Jay families of labels, as well as OKeh and One-Derful, to chronicle the emergence of “uptown soul” in the city. In amongst the soul singers featured on CD1 are a number of bluesmen adapting to the times, while there is a preponderance of vocal groups on CD2. Again, there is a limited edition 28-track 2LP vinyl format, which handily alternates up-tempo “shake” and down-tempo “shuffle” sides.

Finally, NYC-based producer, radio presenter and all-round music historian Stuart Colman has been poring over his gazetteer and road maps to identify a multitude of stop-offs around the USA and south of the border into Mexico. What, you may wonder, has this got to do with any of us? Well, Stuart hasn’t been planning his latest holiday, but instead devising a virtual road trip for your delectation. Every destination on The Promised Land: A Rock & Roll Road Map has been celebrated in song by a fascinating diversity of rock & roll, R&B and country artists. Vintage Rock has been waxing lyrical about this compilation too, opining that as well as its obvious appeal to armchair travelers, “it’s perfect for car journeys…and it’ll be invaluable to your mental health when stuck in rush-hour traffic.” So it sounds like you need to buy this 50-track 2CD set for your own good!