Out Of Many, One Music! Songs That Shaped Jamaica – 2LP

Various Artists
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FORMAT: Audio CD - 2 Disc
Release date: 15 Jun 2015

"Totally fascinating" Blues & Rhythm

"original and influential versions of tunes that later became Jamaican classics...If you want to know where all those favourite Jamaican tunes started life, this is an informative and entertaining listen" Record Collector


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Jamaica’s national motto, ‘Out Of Many One People’, could well be applied to the music that shaped the island’s national sound, with modern reggae the result of many different musical forms being brought together to form a wonderfully unique ‘one’. Fantastic Voyage’s highly popular Sound System Classics series has already celebrated the American jump blues favoured at Jamaican dances in the pre-ska era, but contrary to widespread belief, US rhythm & blues and the indigenous style of mento were not the only types of music enjoyed across the island prior to the development of Shuffle Blues and Ska. In fact, the diversity of sounds that exerted a direct influence on popular Jamaican music throughout the 20th Century is astonishing, taking in gospel, blues, jazz, vocal groups, country, pop, film music and exotica, hailing from Cuba, Puerto Rico, Southern Africa and the British Isles, as well as America. Now the full extent of these influences is demonstrated by Out Of Many, One Music! which features original or key versions of songs that have played a significant role in shaping the development of Jamaican music.

But of course the small West Indian island has not just taken from others musically – as through its pioneering use of talk-over DJs and stripped down ‘version’ rhythm tracks it has been key to the development of the now globally dominant music form, hip hop. Over the years, the Jamaican music-loving public has demonstrated that it has a keen ear for sweet and sentimental music and that factor is far more important than the musical genus to which any given recording belongs. What becomes apparent from the music featured on this set is the Jamaican talent for reinvention. Rather than simply attempt to copy ‘foreign’ recordings, as ‘do over man songs’, performers and musicians have taken elements of the original and changed them into something entirely different.

And to prove this point, as you experience this extremely diverse and satisfying musical journey, consider the Jamaican versions that resulted from these recordings. There is no doubting of course that they provided the original source of inspiration, but the Ska, Rock Steady and Reggae that followed were far from simple, straight-forward covers, as we are sure you will agree. This 2LP vinyl edition features 28 cuts selected from the 81-track 3CD set.




  1. El Manisero (Rita Montaner)
  2. Karabali (Ernesto Lecuona)
  3. Oh! Red (Harlem Hamfats)
  4. In A Mellotone (Duke Ellington)
  5. Straighten Up And Fly Right (King Cole Trio)
  6. Ol’ Man River (The Ravens)
  7. Quizas, Quizas (Perhaps, Perhaps) (Bobby Capo)


  1. Barbados (Charlie Parker)
  2. I Only Have Eyes For You (Eddie Davis)
  3. Time Marches On (Louis Jordan)
  4. South Of The Border (Lynn Hope)
  5. That’s All I Want From You (Jaye P. Morgan)
  6. Won’t You Sit Down (The Staple Singers)
  7. You Gave Me Peace Of Mind (The Spaniels)


  1. My Baby Just Cares For Me (Nina Simone)
  2. Little Boy (Rosita Rosano)
  3. China Clipper (Arthur Lyman)
  4. Mama (Can I Go Out Tonight) (Jo-Ann Campbell)
  5. Nobody Loves Me Like You (The Flamingos)
  6. A Cup Of Coffee (Then I’ll Go) (Bill Brock)
  7. Wasted Days And Wasted Nights (Freddy Fender)


  1. Let ’Em Try (Rosco Gordon)
  2. Gypsy Woman (The Impressions)
  3. Comin’ Home Baby (Dave Bailey Quintet)
  4. Theme From Dr. Kildare (Stan Getz)
  5. God Is Standing By (Soul Stirrers)
  6. The Prophet (Chuck Jackson)
  7. What’s Your Name (Don and Juan)