Raunchy Sugar: The Pure Essence Of Memphis Rock & Roll

Various Artists
FORMAT: Audio CD - 3 Disc
Release date: 19 Sep 2011


"A varied and entertaining package that offers a fine overview of the music created in Bop City back in the day."   NOW DIG THIS

"I know that I raved about the previous three 'Sugar' releases but this one is the 'bees knees' of great rockin' music."  ROCKABILLY HALL OF FAME


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The argument will forever rage, but Memphis, Tennessee, is as much the fountainhead of rock ’n’ roll as is Cleveland, Ohio. Whilst the north had Alan Freed as its turntable champion, the south was blessed with the madcap deejay, Dewey Phillips. Chances are, ole Dewey would have played most of the 75 titles that go to make up Raunchy Sugar on his Red Hot and Blue show that aired over WHBQ in Memphis.During the 1950s the city was alive with labels, record hops, musicians and the general chaos that goes hand in hand with the big beat.

The geographical lie of the land helped a great deal, because the city was central to so many rural areas that harboured musical talent and style. Carl Perkins and Carl Mann gravitated to the area from Jackson, Tennessee, Billy Riley and Conway Twitty did the same from Arkansas, and Elvis Presley hit the trail from Mississippi in order to soak up some of that unique Shelby County action. Outside of Sam Phillips’ legendary Sun Records, the labels included such names as Hi, Cover, Fernwood, Meteor, Vaden Moon and Satellite. The latter outlet, which would go on to become Stax, is represented here by Don Willis’ much-admired ‘Warrior Sam’, along with the hard-to-find ‘Little Fool’ by Donna Rae and the Sunbeams.

Alongside the vanguard crew of Jerry Lee Lewis, Johnny Cash and Warren Smith, the 3xCD set compiled by Stuart Colman includes many artists who are new to the digital world. Names like “Brother” Dave Gardner, Buddy Shepherd and Little Enis don’t crop up every day of the week. But they more than deserve a place here, as, like their more famous peers, they were responsible for some mighty fine Memphis rock ’n’ roll.



  1. That’s The Way I Feel (Jimmy Pritchett)
  2. Ubangi Stomp (Jerry Lee Lewis)
  3. Gee Whiz Liz (Charles Senns)
  4. Typing Jive (Alvin & Bill)
  5. Trip To Bandstand (B B Cunningham)
  6. Oh Lonesome Me (Johnny Cash)
  7. Loving-Lil (Tommy Tucker)
  8. You Can Do No Wrong (Carl Perkins)
  9. Moon Rocket (Lynn Vernon)
  10. Tryin’ To Get To You (Elvis Presley)
  11. I’ve Got A Woman (Eddie Bond)
  12. Pipeliner (Teddy Redell)
  13. Rocking Rufus (Ramon Maupin)
  14. She’s The One That’s Got It (Allen Page)
  15. Linda Lou (Mark Taylor)
  16. That’s What I Call A Ball (Larry Donn)
  17. No Name Girl (Billy Riley)
  18. Real Gone Baby (The Velvatones)
  19. Sugarfoot (Marlon Grisham)
  20. Girl Next Door (Thomas Wayne)
  21. I'm So Lonely (Jay B Loyd)
  22. Have Guitar Will Travel (Scotty Moore Trio)
  23. Cry, Baby, Cry (Narvel Felts)
  24. Mountain Of Love (Harold Dorman)
  25. Quick Sand Love (Macy “Skip” Skipper)


  1. Ain’t Got No Home (Carl Mann)
  2. Swamp Gal (Tommy Bell)
  3. Play Fair With Me (Gloria Brady)
  4. Warrior Sam (Don Willis)
  5. Sittin’ In The Drive-In (The Morgan Twins)
  6. Sweethearts Or Strangers (Carl Perkins)
  7. Willie Brown (Mack Self)
  8. Raunchy (Bill Justis)
  9. There’ll Be No Teardrops Tonight (Carl McVoy)
  10. Ain’t Gonna Do It (Sonny Burgess)
  11. Too Much Woman For Me (Billy Riley)
  12. Curfew (Steve Carl with The Jags)
  13. Rockhouse (Conway Twitty)
  14. Ooh Wee (Brad Suggs)
  15. Hand Me Down My Walkin’ Cane (Jerry Lee Lewis)
  16. Fool I Am (Pat Ferguson)
  17. Big Shot (Johnny Cannon)
  18. Bust Head Gin (Don Wade)
  19. Knock Down, Drag Out (Buford Peek)
  20. Stop The World (Warren Smith)
  21. Mama’s Little Baby (Junior Thompson with The Meteors)
  22. No Treason In My Heart (Cliff & The Sun-Rays)
  23. This Time (Thomas Wayne)
  24. You Drive Me Crazy (Ray Scott)
  25. Treat Me Right (Kennie Parchman)


  1. Doing All Right (Eddie Cash)
  2. I’m Comin’ Home (Carl Mann)
  3. Stairway To Nowhere (Ernie Barton)
  4. Life Goes On (Johnny Cash)
  5. Sweet And Easy To Love (Vernon Taylor)
  6. I’m Feelin’ Sorry (Jerry Lee Lewis)
  7. Walkin’ Alone (The Four Dukes)
  8. Sail Away (Ray Smith)
  9. Mad Witch (Brother Dave Gardner)
  10. The Prisoner’s Song (Sonny Burgess)
  11. Gonna Be Waitin’ (Charlie Rich)
  12. The Wheel (Bill Black’s Combo)
  13. Tradin’ Kisses (Matt Lucas)
  14. Little Fool (Donna Rae)
  15. Come On Baby (Mickey Gilley)
  16. You Gotta Be Loose (Wailin’ Bill Dell)
  17. I Want To Hold You (Teddy Redell)
  18. What A Day (Kimball Coburn)
  19. Ring Of Stars (The Catalinas)
  20. Tragedy (Thomas Wayne)
  21. I’m Hypnotized (Buddy Shepherd)
  22. Goin’ Back To Memphis (Gene Simmons)
  23. What’s The Use (Ramon Maupin)
  24. Talk To Me Baby (The Table Toppers)
  25. Baby Let’s Play House (Elvis Presley)