Rockin’ Rollin’ Wedding

Various Artists
FORMAT: Audio CD - 1 Disc
Release date: 11 Apr 2011

"Tasty main course of twenty four tracks that celebrate weddings...from the time when teenage dreams (or occasionally adult lust) ruled the recording studios." - AMERICAN MUSIC MAGAZINE

"Variety Galore...a Great Compilation for Collectors." - BLUES AND SOUL MAGAZINE


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There hasn’t exactly been a flurry of wedding songs recently. Luckily we can turn our attentions to a more innocent time when teenage dreams, or occasionally adult lust, ruled the recording studio. So here’s your perfect wedding package, bells and shotguns included.

Drawing on his knowledge and enthusiasm for vintage rhythm & blues and rock & roll, Mark Lamarr gathers together songs in celebration of weddings, harmonious or otherwise.

Rockin’ Rollin’ Wedding packs in 24 tracks, including hits courtesy of Big Bopper, Buddy Holly, the Willows, LaVern Baker, the Quin-Tones, Johnny Otis (with Little Esther), and the Five Satins. Other featured artists range from the famous (Roy Brown, Wynonie Harris, and Hank Ballard’s Midnighters) to the obscure, ensuring a satisfying compilation both for collectors and anyone looking for a slightly different way to celebrate the Royal Wedding.



  1. Rock-A-Little Lucy (The Four Scores)
  2. Big Bopper’s Wedding (Big Bopper)
  3. Church Bells May Ring (The Willows)
  4. Fannie Brown Got Married (Roy Brown & His Mighty, Mighty Men)
  5. We’re Getting Married (The Whispers)
  6. Jim Dandy Got Married (LaVern Baker)
  7. Ring A Ling Dong (Rudy Moore)
  8. Teen-Age Wedding (Johnny Angel)
  9. Peggy Sue Got Married (Buddy Holly)
  10. Lone Ranger Gonna Get Married (Jimmy Johnson)
  11. We’re Gonna Get Married (Dean & Jean)
  12. Married Women – Stay Married (Wynonie Harris)
  13. Come Marry Me (Terry Noland)
  14. Caldonia’s Wedding Day (Roy Brown)
  15. Rock And Roll Wedding (The Midnighters)
  16. Wedding March (Freddie Mitchell & His Orchestra)
  17. Wedding Bells (The Heartbeats)
  18. Babalu’s Wedding Day (The Eternals)
  19. All Is Well (Big Miller with The Five Pennies)
  20. Wedding Boogie (Johnny Otis’ Congregation with Little Esther, Mel Walker & Lee Graves)
  21. Newly Wed (The Orchids)
  22. To The Aisle (The Five Satins)
  23. Wedding Bells (Tiny Tim & The Hits)
  24. Down The Aisle Of Love (The Quin-Tones)