Sassy Sugar The Pure Essence Of Nashville Rock & Roll – 2LP

Various Artists
FORMAT: Audio CD - 2 Disc
Release date: 18 May 2015


CAT No: FVDV098UPC TEXT: 5055311070988

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The Pure Essence Of Nashville Rock & Roll

Fantastic Voyage continues to bring the Sugar series to vinyl, with 32 standout tracks selected by Stuart Colman from the 75-track 3CD set Sassy Sugar.

Sassy Sugar is the successor to the thoroughly-recommended Fantastic Voyage compilations, Heavy Sugar (FVDV051) and Savvy Sugar (FVDV059). Whereas those releases were devoted to New Orleans and the West Coast respectively, Sassy Sugar focuses on Music City, Nashville.

Yes, Nashville will always be thought of as Music City. Prior to this grand-sounding title coming into play, Nashville was a modest recording hub with just a handful of studios. The short list included the Brown Brothers’ Transcription Service, the Castle Studio, the Methodist Television and Radio Film Commission, and Owen Bradley’s Quonset hut on 16th Avenue South. When RCA Victor opened their own facility in the fall of 1957, Nashville joined the likes of New York, Los Angeles and Chicago as a force to be reckoned with. Best of all it became an A-1 venue for recording, as evinced by the delights gathered here.

Nashville’s fertility is distilled into a satisfying blend of familiar (Bob Luman, Gene Vincent, Don Gibson) and less familiar artists, often represented by collectable titles. Compiled by Stuart Colman, and housed in an annotated gatefold sleeve, Sassy Sugar contains a wealth of musical nuggets, truly representing The Pure Essence Of Nashville Rock & Roll.




  1. Billy Boy (Jimmy Isle)
  2. Boppin’ Guitar (Ray Melton)
  3. (Won’t You Ride In) My Little Red Wagon (Lloyd Copas)
  4. I Love You Baby (Donnie Bowser)
  5. Weary Blues, Goodbye (Bob Perry)
  6. Love My Lady (Bobby Helms)
  7. Sweet, Sweet Girl (Don Gibson)
  8. Lost Weekend (Billy Brown)


  1. All Grown Up (Johnny Horton)
  2. Pucker Paint (Danny Wolfe)
  3. Not Like Now (Freddy Robinson)
  4. Ain’t No Way In The World (The Browns)
  5. Comin’ Or Goin’ (Huelyn Duvall)
  6. Johnny Valentine (Andy Anderson and The Rolling Stones)
  7. Bonaparte’s Retreat (Billy Grammer)
  8. Chief Heartbreak (Johnny Preston)


  1. Rain Rain (Frankie Miller)
  2. Oo Bop Sha Boom (Wilburn Brothers)
  3. Easy Money (James O’Gwynn)
  4. It Feels So Right (Elvis Presley)
  5. Makes Me Feel Good (Ray Smith)
  6. Sugar Lips (Justin Tubb)
  7. Good Deal, Lucille (Al Terry)
  8. Cool Gator Shoes (Carl Belew)


  1. What A Night (Lee Emerson)
  2. Dream Queen (Rusty and Doug)
  3. Sugar Doll (Johnny Jay)
  4. Annabelle Lee (Joe Griffith and His Teen Age Rebels)
  5. Gonna Back Up Baby (Gene Vincent and His Blue Caps)
  6. Don’t Destroy Me (Crash Craddock)
  7. Barbara (Joe Melson)
  8. I Love You Because (Bob Luman)