Sassy Sugar: The Pure Essence Of Nashville Rock & Roll

Various Artists
FORMAT: Audio CD - 3 Disc
Release date: 14 Mar 2011


"Plenty of Gems...An Excellent Compilation."   7/10 VIVA LE ROCK

"The packaging is excellent as are the informative liner notes by Stuart Colman. The whole can justifiably sit up there on the shelves in the quality rock ‘n’ roll section. To paraphrase Charles Dickens, can we please have more."  AMERICAN MUSIC MAGAZINE

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Long before the phrase ‘The Nashville Sound’ was coined, Music City USA was home to a great many rock & roll recordings. Week after week, record companies would dispatch their latest signings to strut their stuff at the RCA Studio on Hawkins Street and Owen Bradley’s Quonset Hut on 16th Avenue South. These were the facilities where future legends such as Elvis Presley, Buddy Holly and Gene Vincent would evince some of their finest recorded works.

On hand to make sure the process went according to plan was a coterie of musicians whose country, R&B and gospel roots provided the ultimate alchemy. Hank Garland and Grady Martin fashioned some of the finest guitar riffs known to man, whilst piano maestros Floyd Cramer and Hargus ‘Pig’ Robbins showed just what could be done with a well-tuned Steinway. At the same time Boots Randolph and ‘Dutch’ McMillan dispatched the kind of raucous tenor sax soloing that would normally be associated with New York or LA players, and Bob Moore and ‘Lightnin’ Chance were on hand to make up the game plan with their riding bass figures.

Stuart Colman, himself a one-time resident of Nashville, has cherry-picked a prime selection of sides recorded in Music City between 1956 and 1960, many of which are extremely rare and have certainly never been on CD before. The end result is a true eye-opener.



  1. Pucker Paint (Danny Wolfe)
  2. Strike While The Iron Is Hot (Red Foley)
  3. Rain Rain (Frankie Miller)
  4. Boppin' Guitar (Ray Melton)
  5. Ain’t No Way In This World (The Browns)
  6. I'm Finally Free (Wayne Walker)
  7. What A Night (Lee Emerson)
  8. Too Much (Bernard Hardison)
  9. I Like Your Kind Of Love (Melvin Endsley)
  10. Keep A Knockin' (The Everly Brothers)
  11. Lost Weekend (Billy Brown)
  12. Bonaparte's Retreat (Billy Grammer)
  13. Radio, Jukebox And TV (Jimmy Donley)
  14. What Am I Living For (Conway Twitty)
  15. Ting-A-Ling (Buddy Holly)
  16. There Was A Fungus Among Us (Terry Noland)
  17. Comin' Or Goin' (Huelyn Duvall)
  18. Ittie Bittie Everything (Benny Joy)
  19. Makes Me Feel Good (Ray Smith)
  20. Johnny Valentine (Andy Anderson & The Rolling Stones)
  21. Oo Bop Sha Boom (Wilburn Brothers (Doyle & Teddy))
  22. (If I'm Dreamin') Just Let Me Dream (Brenda Lee)
  23. Rocket Ride (Narvel Felts)
  24. Sugar Doll (Johnny Jay)
  25. Red Light (Boots Randolph)


  1. Billy Boy (Jimmy Isle)
  2. Annabelle Lee (Joe Griffith & His Teen Age Rebels)
  3. Loading Coal (Johnny Cash)
  4. L-O-V-E-V-I-L-L-E (Carl Perkins)
  5. So You Think You've Got Troubles (Marvin Rainwater)
  6. Not Like Now (Freddy Robinson)
  7. Door To Door (Chuck Wiley)
  8. Who Wouldn't Love You (Webb Pierce)
  9. Juke Box Man (Mel Tillis)
  10. Dream Queen (Rusty & Doug)
  11. Fun Lovin' (Eddie Fontaine)
  12. Black Night Blues (Ronnie Self)
  13. Jason Fleming (Roger Miller)
  14. You've Got What It Takes (Johnnie Strickland)
  15. Afraid (Sammy Salvo)
  16. Tennessee Stud (Eddy Arnold)
  17. You Made A Hit (Joe Fuller)
  18. Sweet, Sweet Girl (Don Gibson)
  19. Chief Heartbreak (Johnny Preston)
  20. Easy Money (James O'Gwynn)
  21. Maybe Little Baby (George Jones)
  22. I'm Gonna Keep It (Johnny Jay)
  23. It Feels So Right (Elvis Presley)
  24. Mary Jane (Al Henderson)
  25. I Love You Because (Bob Luman)


  1. (Won't You Ride In) My Little Red Wagon (Lloyd Copas)
  2. Weary Blues, Goodbye (Bob Perry)
  3. Gonna Back Up Baby (Gene Vincent & His Blue Caps)
  4. Love My Lady (Bobby Helms)
  5. Million Dollar Baby (Bobby Darin)
  6. Barbara (Joe Melson)
  7. Princess, Princess (Johnny Tillotson)
  8. The Shape I'm In (Kenny Lee Martin)
  9. Money Money (Big John Taylor)
  10. Walking Dream (Patsy Cline)
  11. Sugar Lips (Justin Tubb)
  12. Good Deal, Lucille (Al Terry)
  13. I Love You Baby (Donnie Bowser)
  14. Heartaches Over You (Dick Glasser)
  15. I Hear You Talkin’ (Faron Young)
  16. All Grown Up (Johnny Horton)
  17. Is It Wrong (For Loving You) (Warner Mack)
  18. I've Got The Blues (Vernon Taylor)
  19. Tarzan (Glenn Reeves)
  20. Cool Gator Shoes (Carl Belew)
  21. Till My Baby Comes Home (Chuck Bowers)
  22. Don't Destroy Me (Billy Craddock (as Crash Craddock))
  23. My Pledge To You (Carl Dobkins Jr)
  24. Walkin' And Talkin' (Mack Owen)
  25. Mount Fujiyama (Billy Graves)