She’s My Girl! He’s My Boy!

Various Artists
FORMAT: Audio CD - 2 Disc
Release date: 13 Oct 2014

'Terrific...captures the mood of an era...fabulous' BBC Radio Merseyside, On The Beat - Jukebox Jury Special

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The Boys Sing About The Girls, The Girls Sing About The Boys

Songwriters have been using boys’ and girls’ names in songs since the dawn of pop music. Harry Dacre wrote Daisy Bell (Bicycle Built For Two) in 1892, Ella Shields sang Burlington Bertie From Bow in 1915 and Sweet Georgia Brown and Dinah both came along in 1925. Cab Calloway introduced us to Minnie The Moocher in 1931 and in the forties Lili Marlene was a song popular with soldiers on both sides of World War 2. Rock ’n’ roll made the practice even more popular…There was a song for every Johnny and Bobby just as there was for every Sue, Donna or Peggy Sue.

Compiled by pop guru Austin Powell, the man behind Fantastic Voyage’s bestselling Forgotten 45s sets and the definitive American Music Library series, the 2CD set She’s My Girl! He’s My Boy! rounds up songs by many of rock ’n’ roll’s big names, all proclaiming their love for a particular girl, and conversely many a song by some of the era’s top girl singers longing for, or losing a Jimmy, Johnny or Ronnie – sixty in all.

Eddie Cochran, The Crickets, Fats Domino and Paul Anka are on CD1 The Boys Sing About The Girls, while Connie Francis, Petula Clark, Alma Cogan and The Shirelles are all on CD2 The Girls Sing About The Boys. Some songs you’ll already know, others will hopefully be pleasant discoveries. All told they’re a fascinating insight into the pop music of the rock ’n’ roll era and how its stars and forgotten heroes addressed their beloved objects of affection. A 20pp booklet, lavishly illustrated with original US and UK label shots, rounds off a terrific package.



  1. Angela Jones (Johnny Ferguson)
  2. Anna (Go To Him) (Arthur Alexander)
  3. Barbara-Ann (The Regents)
  4. Beverly Jean (Curtis Lee)
  5. Brenda (Glen Campbell)
  6. I’ll Remember Carol (Tommy Boyce)
  7. Corinna, Corinna (Ray Peterson)
  8. Cindy’s Birthday (Johnny Crawford)
  9. Diana (Paul Anka)
  10. Donna (Ritchie Valens)
  11. Deborah (The Crickets)
  12. DeDe Dinah (Frankie Avalon)
  13. Ginny Come Lately (Brian Hyland)
  14. Jamie (Eddie Holland)
  15. Jeannie, Jeannie, Jeannie (Eddie Cochran)
  16. My Girl Josephine (Fats Domino)
  17. Judy, Don’t Be Moody (Bobby Darin)
  18. Kathy-O (The Diamonds)
  19. Leah (Roy Orbison)
  20. I Saw Linda Yesterday (Dickey Lee)
  21. Lucille (The Everly Brothers)
  22. Dizzy, Miss Lizzy (Larry Williams)
  23. Hello Mary Lou (Ricky Nelson)
  24. Marianne (The Hilltoppers)
  25. Maria (Johnny Mathis)
  26. Patsy (Jack Scott)
  27. Rosaleena (Conway Twitty)
  28. Susie Darlin’ (Robin Luke)
  29. Runaround Sue (Doug Sheldon)
  30. Valerie (James Darren)


  1. Billy (Kathy Linden)
  2. Bobby Baby (Ginny Zee)
  3. Goodbye Charlie (Patti Page)
  4. Steady Eddy (Dodie Stevens)
  5. Are You Ready, Freddy? (The Kaye Sisters)
  6. Dance With Me Georgie (The Bobbettes)
  7. The Wallflower (Roll With Me Henry) (Etta James and The Peaches)
  8. Come On Back, Jack (Nina Simone)
  9. James Hold The Ladder Steady (Sue Thompson)
  10. Jerry (I’m Your Sherry) (Tracey Dey)
  11. Gimme Jimmy (The Dimples)
  12. Jimmy Unknown (Lita Roza)
  13. Joey Baby (Anita and Th’ So-And-So’s)
  14. Big Jim (Lucia Martin)
  15. Big John (The Shirelles)
  16. Johnny Angel (Shelley Fabares)
  17. Jo-Jo The Dog Faced Boy (Marion Ryan)
  18. Little Louie (The Blossoms)
  19. Motorcycle Michael (Jo-Ann Campbell)
  20. Norman (Carol Deene)
  21. Tall Paul (The Three Barry Sisters)
  22. Romeo (Petula Clark)
  23. Ronnie (Marcy Joe)
  24. Ricky (Pat Reader)
  25. Teddy (Donna Douglas)
  26. Terry (Leigh Bell and The Chimes)
  27. Tiny Tim (LaVern Baker)
  28. Tell Tommy I Miss Him (Marilyn Michaels)
  29. Willie Can (Alma Cogan)
  30. Will You, Willyum (Janis Martin)