She’s So Fine

Various Artists
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FORMAT: Audio CD - 3 Disc
Release date: 10 Apr 2013


"95 chronologically sequenced tracks... that paved the way" 8/10 Uncut

"A well curated  look at this important period in pop history" 4/5 The Guardian

"The broadest analysis yet of this much-loved genre from rock's early days" Shindig

"This collection is one of the best, intelligently following the development of girl groups from doo-wop-rooted records through to the mega-selling pop-orientated hits of 62/63" 4/5 Record Collector

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The Rise Of The Girl Groups

Long before Girls Aloud, the Sugarbabes and even the Spice Girls, there were the Chantels, the Shirelles, the Crystals… and many, many more. In fact, the origins of the all-female vocal ensemble can be traced back to the 1930s, when the likes of the Andrew Sisters and the Boswell Sisters first came to pre-eminence, although it was the fifties and the onset of rock & roll that brought about what is now widely regarded as the classic girl group sound.

She’s So Fine brings together 95 girl group gems from the golden age of the sound: an incredible 90 hits plus a further 5 significant misses courtesy of the Crystals, Ronnie & the Relatives and the Donays. The 3CD set and accompanying 20pp illustrated booklet traces the development of the girl group sound, from the earthy R&B of the mid-fifties through to the polished productions of early sixties Motown, soul and pop.

Such celebrated groups as the Supremes, the Shirelles, the Crystals and the Marvelettes, are joined by an array of lesser known, if no less talented, acts, whose time in the spotlight proved far less enduring. From sweet ballads to out and out foot-stompers, She’s So Fine proves that the girls were more than able to mix it with the boys long before the world had heard of Destiny’s Child and Little Mix! And with the proliferation of club nights devoted to the girl group sound, this is a genre with huge appeal across the generations.



  1. Oop Shoop (Shirley Gunter and The Queens)
  2. Sincerely (The McGuire Sisters)
  3. The Wallflower (Etta James and The Peaches)
  4. Lonely Nights (The Hearts)
  5. Good Rockin' Daddy (Etta James)
  6. Cry Baby (The Bonnie Sisters)
  7. Eddie My Love (The Teen Queens)
  8. In Paradise (The Cookies)
  9. I Love My Baby (The Crystals)
  10. Mr Lee (The Bobbettes)
  11. He's Gone (The Chantels)
  12. Alone (Why Must I Be Alone) (The Shepherd Sisters)
  13. Maybe (The Chantels)
  14. Bad Motorcycle (The Storey Sisters)
  15. Lollipop (The Chordettes)
  16. Every Night (I Pray) (The Chantels)
  17. I Met Him On A Sunday (Ronde Ronde) (The Shirelles)
  18. I Love You So (The Chantels)
  19. Born Too Late (The Poni-Tails)
  20. Down The Aisle Of Love (The Quin-Tones)
  21. The Reason (The 5 Chanels)
  22. Seven Minutes In Heaven (The Poni-Tails)
  23. The Bells (On Our Wedding Day) (Baby Washington)
  24. Dedicated To The One I Love (The Shirelles)
  25. Ronnie Is My Lover (The Delicates)
  26. The Big Hurt (Miss Toni Fisher)
  27. P.S. I Love You (The Starlets)
  28. I Shot Mr Lee (The Bobbettes)
  29. Tonight's The Night (The Shirelles)
  30. Dance With Me Georgie (The Bobbettes)
  31. Will You Love Me Tomorrow (The Shirelles)


  1. Mama Said (The Shirelles)
  2. Lullaby Of The Bells (The Deltairs)
  3. Be My Boy (The Paris Sisters)
  4. Better Tell Him No (The Starlets)
  5. Sparkle And Shine (The Four Coquettes)
  6. Son-In-Law (The Blossoms)
  7. Ronnie (Marcy Joe)
  8. A Thing Of The Past (The Shirelles)
  9. I Want A Boy (Ronnie & The Relatives)
  10. What A Sweet Thing That Was (The Shirelles)
  11. Look In My Eyes (The Chantels)
  12. Please Mr Postman (The Marvelettes)
  13. I Love How You Love Me (The Paris Sisters)
  14. I Don't Like It Like That (The Bobbettes)
  15. What Kind Of Girl (Do You Think I Am) (The Charmaines)
  16. Dear Mr DJ Play It Again (Tina Robin)
  17. Big John (The Shirelles)
  18. 'Til (The Angels)
  19. Oh, Yeah, Maybe Baby (The Crystals)
  20. Dreamin' About You (Annette and The Vonair Sisters)
  21. There's No Other (Like My Baby) (The Crystals)
  22. Baby It's You (The Shirelles)
  23. I'm Blue (The Gong-Gong Song) (The Ikettes)
  24. He Knows I Love Him Too Much (The Paris Sisters)
  25. Twistin' Postman (The Marvelettes)
  26. Cry Baby Cry (The Angels)
  27. Joey Baby (Anita and Th' So-And-So's)
  28. Mashed Potato Time (Dee Dee Sharp)
  29. Johnny Angel (Shelley Fabares)
  30. Duchess Of Earl (The Pearlettes)
  31. What A Nice Way To Turn Seventeen (The Crystals)
  32. Here It Comes Again (The Chantels)


  1. Soldier Boy (The Shirelles)
  2. Uptown (The Crystals)
  3. I Sold My Heart To The Junkman (The Blue-Belles)
  4. Playboy (The Marvelettes)
  5. Let Me Be The One (The Paris Sisters)
  6. The Wah-Watusi (The Orlons)
  7. Dancin' The Strand (Maureen Gray)
  8. Welcome Home Baby (The Shirelles)
  9. Gravy (For My Mashed Potatoes) (Dee Dee Sharp)
  10. Party Lights (Claudine Clark)
  11. The Loco-Motion (Little Eva)
  12. Devil In His Heart (The Donays)
  13. Beechwood 4-5789 (The Marvelettes)
  14. Your Heart Belongs To Me (The Supremes)
  15. Stop The Music (The Shirelles)
  16. He's A Rebel (The Crystals)
  17. Waddle, Waddle (The Bracelets)
  18. Someday, Someway (The Marvelettes)
  19. It's Love That Really Counts (In The Long Run) (The Shirelles)
  20. Pop Pop Pop-Pie (The Sherrys)
  21. Don't Hang Up (The Orlons)
  22. Keep Your Hands Off My Baby (Little Eva)
  23. Chains (The Cookies)
  24. My Man - He's A Lovin' Man (Bettye LaVette)
  25. Tell Him (The Exciters)
  26. Strange I Know (The Marvelettes)
  27. Everybody Loves A Lover (The Shirelles)
  28. Let Me Go The Right Way (The Supremes)
  29. He's Sure The Boy I Love (The Crystals)
  30. Slop Time (The Sherrys)
  31. Forever (The Marvelettes)
  32. He's So Fine (The Chiffons)