Snazzy Sugar

Various Artists
FORMAT: Audio CD - 3 Disc
Release date: 18 Jun 2012

'Subtitled The Pure Essence Of Rock & Roll From West Texas And Beyond'... this triple CD box set does pretty much exactly what it says on the tin' VINTAGE ROCK

'If you're a rockabilly fan, you should like every track, it's as simple as that' RECORD COLLECTOR

'Find a whole host of best kept secret obscurities suddenly readily availably in one place' VIVE LE ROCK 8/10


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The Pure Essence Of Rock & Roll From West Texas And Beyond.

Legendary British rock ’n’ roll dynamo Stuart Colman revisits Texas in the latest instalment of his spectacular Sugar series. Along with the recent Fantastic Voyage compilations Texas Tornados and It’s Saturday Night!, Snazzy Sugar continues highlighting the Lone Star State’s pivotal role in the birth of rock ’n’ roll, its 75 incendiary tracks demonstrating how, when the music was in its multi-hued infancy across the US, West Texas was rearing up with the real call of the wild.The eruptions which burst out of Memphis, Cleveland and New York in the fifties are well-documented but, over three CDs, Colman has excelled himself with this astutely-picked and exhaustively annotated selection, showing the crucial role of western swing in rock ’n’ roll’s development, timeless rebel yell energy, uniquely idiosyncratic personality and a dash of Southern romance.

Disc 1 (Right To Rock) gets the vibrant mix of future stars and intriguing obscurities under way with immortal Fender Stratocaster-toting pioneer Buddy Holly’s ‘I’m Gonna Love You Too’ and the young Roy Orbison’s ‘Ooby Dooby’ before traversing gems by the likes of Link Davis, Trini Lopez, Waylon Jennings, Sonny Curtis, the Crickets, Lelan Rogers, the Fireballs, the Five Bops, the Click-Clacks and the Leen Teens.

The good rocking continues through CD2 (Play it Cool), thrusting forth such names as Chuck Tharp, Sid King, Ray Campi, Link Davis, Mickey Gilley, Buddy Knox, the Tu-Tones, the Champs and Dean Beard with the Crew Cuts. The Cowtown heavy-hitters continue their rampage on Disc 3 (aptly-titled Turn Me Loose), corralling names including Jimmy Dee & the Offbeats, Joe Clay, Sleepy La Beef, Al Urban, Hal Goodson & the Raiders, Teen Kings, Alvis Wayne, Tooter Boatman & the Chaparrals, the String-a-Lings, the Fireballs, Earl Henry and an early Kenny Rogers outing called ‘That Crazy Feeling’, before Buddy Holly returns with ‘Well…Alright’, winding up this glorious new artefact for the rock ’n’ roll hall of infame.



  1. I’m Gonna Love You Too (Buddy Holly)
  2. Ooby Dooby (The Teen Kings, vocal Roy Orbison)
  3. Permit Blues (Link Davis & The Cajuns)
  4. Sweet Lovin’ Baby (Dee & Patty)
  5. Slippin’ Out And Sneakin’ In (Joe Clay)
  6. Fanny Brown (Ken Copeland)
  7. The Right to Rock (Trini Lopez)
  8. Jitterbuggin’ (The Five Bops)
  9. When Sin Stops (Waylon Jennings)
  10. Gunshot (The Fireballs)
  11. Pistol Packin’ Mama (Jack Arnold & The Chalecos)
  12. Talk About My Baby (Sonny Curtis)
  13. Little Ditty Baby (Don Webb)
  14. So Shy (The Leen Teens)
  15. Pretty Little Pearly (The Click-Clacks)
  16. Love’s Made A Fool Of You (The Crickets)
  17. Alley Cat (Walter Brown & His Band)
  18. Gonna Be Better Times (Al Urban)
  19. I’ll Be There (Rick Tucker & The Turks)
  20. Wow, Man! (Bobby Jackson)
  21. Who’s Gonna Be The Next One Honey (Hal Goodson & The Raiders)
  22. I’m a Hobo (Danny Reeves)
  23. Hypnotized (Terry Noland)
  24. Baby Sittin’ (Myron Lee)
  25. Hold It (Pt.1) (Lelan Rogers & Friends)


  1. Long, Long Ponytail (Chuck Tharp & The Fireballs: )
  2. Baby, Won’t You Come Out Tonight (Buddy Holly)
  3. Hello There Rockin’ Chair (Sid King)
  4. Hey! Miss Fannie (The Wink Westerners)
  5. Play It Cool (Ray Campi with John & Henry)
  6. No Minors Allowed (Ramona Locke)
  7. Hot Rod Volkswagen (Bill Parsons)
  8. Moonshine (Cecil Moore)
  9. Saccharin Sally (The Tu-Tones)
  10. All ‘A Your Love (The Nighthawks)
  11. Who Dat? (The Commodores)
  12. A Whole Lot Of Lovin’ (Jim Robinson)
  13. You’re Late Miss Kate (Jimmy Dee & The Offbeats)
  14. Doggone It (Joe Clay)
  15. Cat Talk (Lew Williams)
  16. Rakin’ And Scrapin’ (Dean Beard with The Crew Cats)
  17. Panic Button (The Champs)
  18. Bon-Ta-Ru-La (Let The Good Times Roll) (Link Davis)
  19. Don’t You Realize (Eddy Dugosh & The Ah-Ha Playboys)
  20. Busy Body Rock (The Four Mints)
  21. Monkey Song (You Made A Monkey Out Of Me) (Jape Richardson)
  22. I Ain’t Sharin’ Sharon (Buddy Knox)
  23. My Baby’s Been Cheatin’ Again (Mickey Gilley)
  24. Can’t Play Hookey (Tommy Wood)
  25. Tell Me How (The Crickets)


  1. Henrietta (Jimmy Dee & The Offbeats)
  2. Goodbye Goodbye (Joe Clay)
  3. Alley Cat (The Champs)
  4. Rock-N-Bones (Elroy Dietzel & The Rhythm Bandits)
  5. Turn Me Loose (Sleepy La Beff & His Versatiles)
  6. Live it Up (The Traits)
  7. Won’t Tell You Her Name (Al Urban)
  8. I Think I’m Gonna Kill Myself (Buddy Knox)
  9. Later Baby (Hal Goodson & The Raiders)
  10. Patty Baby (Terry Noland)
  11. Tell Me Why (Mickey Gilley)
  12. Tell Me (Pat Carter)
  13. Cat Called Domino (The Teen Kings)
  14. Don’t Mean Maybe, Baby (Alvis Wayne)
  15. The Will Of Love (Tooter Boatman & The Chaparrals)
  16. Oh! Little Girl! (Jimmy Craig)
  17. Am I Asking Too Much (The String-A-Longs)
  18. Chief Whoopin-Koff (The Fireballs)
  19. Real Wild Child (Ivan)
  20. My Suzanne (Earl Henry)
  21. Riding On A Train (The Commodores)
  22. I’ve Lost Again (Ace Ball)
  23. Someone, Someone (The Crickets)
  24. That Crazy Feeling (Kenny Rogers)
  25. Well…All Right (Buddy Holly)