Soul City Detroit

Various Artists
FORMAT: Audio CD - 2 Disc
Release date: 13 May 2013

"Refreshing" Vintage Rock

“This anthology isn’t just a history lesson, it’s full of quality, soulful music too” 4/5 Echoes (Mike Atherton)

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Motor City Labels And The Dawn Of Soul Music

Fantastic Voyage embarks on a new series, Soul City, exploring the music being produced in key centres in the early 1960s, when R&B was evolving into the style that was soon widely referred to as soul. And what better city to start in than Detroit?

In recent times, any musical mention of Detroit and the 1960s has yielded a default response of ‘Motown’, and while Hitsville USA, as the Corporation’s headquarters on West Grand Boulevard was known, certainly served to put the city firmly on the map, there was a time early in the decade when the Motown Recording Corporation was but a bit-part player in the musical output.

In 1962, Detroit was in a state of musical transition from the relatively primitive productions of Joe Von Battle’s JVB label, and Devora and Jack Brown’s Fortune Records, to a more evolved R&B sound. Before Berry Gordy Jr had laid the foundations for his Motown empire, Robert West had originated a similar formative enterprise with multiple labels culminating, in January 1962, with Lu Pine Records. Despite the proliferation of recordings, it wasn’t until The Falcons charted in 1959 that West’s company made any impact with national sales.

Compiled and annotated by soul music authority Clive Richardson, Soul City Detroit presents a selection of the recordings which served to establish the musical direction of the Motor City into the era which became known as ‘soul’. R&B has continued to be the cover-all generic term for African-American music to this day, but with changing styles and increasing elements of sophistication within the music in the early 1960s, soul emerged into more common usage.

This compilation brings you a generous selection of early recordings by Motown stars including The Contours, Mary Wells and The Marvelettes, plus early hits by Marvin Gaye and The Miracles, and a chance to hear the evolution of The Primettes into The Supremes and the birth of Martha & The Vandellas. Also presented are the bluesy stylings of Sammy Ward and Gino Parks, Joe Stubbs and Mack Rice, along with the gospel-inspired vocals of Wilson Pickett, both leading The Falcons on ‘I Found a Love’ and on an early solo track. This is where the SOUL era began in the Motor City!



  1. I Found A Love (The Falcons)
  2. Goddess Of Angels (The Falcons)
  3. Oh Lover (Sherri Taylor and Singin’ Sammy Ward)
  4. That’s Why I Love You So Much (Sherri Taylor and Singin’ Sammy Ward)
  5. The Stretch (The Contours)
  6. Funny (The Contours)
  7. Claudia (The Contours)
  8. So Grateful (The Contours)
  9. The Old Miner (The Contours)
  10. You Better Get In Line (The Contours)
  11. Get To School On Time (The Five Quails)
  12. Been A Long Time (The Five Quails)
  13. Request Of A Fool (The Downbeats)
  14. Your Baby’s Back (The Downbeats)
  15. Baby I’m Coming Home (Mack Rice)
  16. My Baby (Mack Rice)
  17. Keep On Loving Me (Joe Stubbs)
  18. What’s My Destiny (Joe Stubbs)
  19. Tell It To My Face (Bobby Williams)
  20. I’m Depending On You (Bobby Williams)
  21. For This I Thank You (Gino Parks)
  22. That’s No Lie (Gino Parks)
  23. I’m A Coward (Gino Washington)
  24. Puppet On A String (Gino Washington)
  25. Part Time Love (Singin’ Sammy Ward)
  26. Someday Pretty Baby (Singin’ Sammy Ward)
  27. What Makes You Love Him (Singin’ Sammy Ward)
  28. My Heart Belongs To You (Wilson Pickett)
  29. It Hurt Me Too (Marvin Gaye)
  30. Stubborn Kind Of Fellow (Marvin Gaye)


  1. Playboy (The Marvelettes)
  2. All The Love I’ve Got (The Marvelettes)
  3. Beechwood 4-5789 (The Marvelettes)
  4. Someday, Someway (The Marvelettes)
  5. I’m So Sorry (Mary Wells)
  6. The One Who Really Loves You (Mary Wells)
  7. I’m Gonna Stay (Mary Wells)
  8. Two Lovers (Mary Wells)
  9. Operator (Mary Wells)
  10. He’s So Fine (The Corvells)
  11. Tears Of Sorrow (The Primettes)
  12. Pretty Baby (The Primettes)
  13. Village Of Love (Nathaniel Mayer and The Fabulous Twilights)
  14. I Want A Woman (Nathaniel Mayer and The Fabulous Twilights)
  15. Dearest One (Lamont Dozier)
  16. Fortune Teller Tell Me (Lamont Dozier)
  17. Camel Walk (Saundra Mallett and The Vandellas)
  18. It’s Gonna Be Hard Times (Saundra Mallett and The Vandellas)
  19. Here You Come (Hattie Littles)
  20. Your Love Is Wonderful (Hattie Littles)
  21. I’ll Have To Let Him Go (Martha and The Vandellas)
  22. My Baby Won’t Come Back (Martha and The Vandellas)
  23. You’ll Never Cherish A Love So True, ’Til You Lose It (The Vells)
  24. There He Is, At My Door (The Vells)
  25. Mind Over Matter, I’m Gonna Make You Mine (The Pirates)
  26. I’ll Love You ’Til I Die (The Pirates)
  27. Let Me Go The Right Way (The Supremes)
  28. Time Changes Things (The Supremes)
  29. You’ve Really Got A Hold On Me (The Miracles)
  30. Happy Landing (The Miracles)