Soul City New Orleans: Big Easy Gems From The Dawn Of Soul Music – 2LP

Various Artists
Release date: 15 Sep 2014

"impeccably chosen profile of the Crescent City" 4/5 Record Collector

"Here's a release to gladden the hearts of all lovers of the music of the Big Easy...the music is superb" Blues & Rhythm

**** - Soul Bag


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The 2LP vinyl collector’s edition of Soul City New Orleans sees soul music authority and radio presenter Clive Richardson select 28 of the most sought-after cuts from his 60-track 2CD compilation. These recordings served to establish the musical direction of the city in the early 1960s, at the dawn of the soul era. Perhaps the most glowing testimony to the city came from songwriters Frank Guida and Joe Royster in their 1960 smash hit “New Orleans” for Gary ‘U.S.’ Bonds: “Where the magnolia blossoms fill the air, you ain’t been to heaven if you ain’t been there.”  New Orleans is also known as the Crescent City for its geographic shape, or the Big Easy for the city’s atmosphere and pace of life, largely driven by the high humidity and the general bonhomie endemic of South Louisiana.

The music of New Orleans has tended to match the lifestyle, easy tempo with gently insistent rolling beat and a rhythm driven either by a thumping on-beat (Mardi Gras marching bands and second-line parades) or a laid-back off-beat. While the formative talent from the city’s rhythm & blues years was all signed to remote labels, by the end of the Fifties things were beginning to look up in the local industry, and there was a relative wealth of labels active in the city. Soul City New Orleans features significant releases on local labels Minit, Ric and AFO, as well as NOLA-related recordings for other imprints both large and small. Here we have music from the formative period of the soul era in the Big Easy.



Side 1

  1. I Done Got Over It (Irma Thomas)
  2. Wanted, $10,000 Reward (Ernie K-Doe)
  3. She Put The Hurt On Me (Prince La La)
  4. Mama And Papa (Earl King)
  5. Sick And Tired (Elton Anderson)
  6. Let’s Try And Talk It Over (Tommy Ridgley)
  7. The Little Moron (Huey Smith and The Clowns)

Side 2

  1. Do-Re-Mi (Lee Dorsey)
  2. Get Out Of My Life (Aaron Neville)
  3. Life Is Just A Struggle (Johnny Adams)
  4. Clap Your Hands (Wallace Johnson)
  5. Baby I’m Wise (Eddie Bo)
  6. The Big Mule (Joe Jones)
  7. What You Don’t Know Don’t Hurt You (Bobby Marchan)

Side 3

  1. You’ll Lose A Good Thing (Barbara Lynn)
  2. Cry On (Irma Thomas)
  3. You’re More To Me Than Gold (Earl King)
  4. There’s Something On Your Mind (Part 1) (Bobby Marchan)
  5. Don’t Cry (Aaron Neville)
  6. Peace Of Mind (Wallace Johnson)
  7. Hard Luck Blues (Roy Brown)

Side 4

  1. Popeye Joe (Ernie K-Doe)
  2. Check Mr Popeye (Part 1) (Eddie Bo)
  3. She’s Got What It Takes (Tommy Ridgley)
  4. People Gonna Talk (Lee Dorsey)
  5. You Talk About Love (Barbara George)
  6. Tra-La-La (Johnny Adams)
  7. Every Night About Eight (Joe Jones)