Sweet Surrender: Ember Pop 1970-1978

Various Artists
FORMAT: Audio CD - 1 Disc
Release date: 2 Oct 2009


"As a follow up to Rainy Day Mind, brings some bright sparks raked from the ashes"  RECORD COLLECTOR

"US singer Poly Niles throaty versions of Stephen Stilts' Buffalo Springfield favourite 'For What It's Worth' and Neil Youngs 'I Am Child' are two wonderful choices"  SHINDIG

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Sweet Surrender is the sequel to Rainy Day Mind (FVCD020) and concludes our survey of British indie label Ember’s pop output in the seventies. It comprises 22 tracks by 16 artists ranging from obscure one-offs like Touchwood, Paula Knight and Sean to the internationally famous P J Proby and Susan Maughan, as well as Avengers actress Linda Thorson and light entertainment veterans The New Faces. Styles encompass the full spectrum of seventies pop from bubblegum to disco-lite.

The Motown sound gets a seventies makeover on It’s The Same Old Song, while Back On Watership Down by Robin is pop at its most whimsical and charming. An enthusiastic response to the tracks by Polly Niles and Davey Payne on Rainy Day Mind has prompted us to include further offerings by these artists. Denny Doherty (formerly of The Mamas And The Papas) and British all-girl glam rockers Mother Trucker also return with two tracks apiece. Sweet Surrender offers fine performances of songs from the pens of established writers like Gamble & Huff (Explosion In My Soul), Isaac Hayes & David Porter (Wrap it Up), Holland/Dozier/Holland (It’s The Same Old Song), Stephen Stills (For What It’s Worth), David Gates (Sweet Surrender) and Neil Young (I Am A Child).

There are also interpretations of popular standards like Twilight Time, Mary In The Morning, Everyday and Take Me For A Little While. Sweet Surrender and Rainy Day Mind will be joined by several volumes of Ember Pop devoted to the sixties. In addition, the Ember vaults are being mined for compilations devoted to beat, rock, soul and British modern jazz.



  1. For What It’s Worth (Polly Niles)
  2. Why Can't I Be Your Man (Davey Payne)
  3. Wishful Thinking (Linda Thorson)
  4. Susie B (Rusty Harness)
  5. Country Man (Blue Beard)
  6. I Am A Child (Polly Niles)
  7. You Got A Good Thing (Touchwood)
  8. Take Me For A Little While (Rusty Harness)
  9. Twilight Time (The New Faces)
  10. Mary In The Morning (P J Proby)
  11. Simone (Denny Doherty)
  12. Explosion In My Soul (Mother Trucker)
  13. It's The Same Old Song (Paula Knight)
  14. I Wonder What You're Doing Tonight (Nikki Richards)
  15. To My Suprise (Robin)
  16. Old Dreams And Memories (Mahogany)
  17. Sweet Surrender (Sean)
  18. Wrap It Up (Mother Trucker)
  19. Give Me Back That Old Familiar Feeling (Denny Doherty)
  20. Everyday (Nikki Richards)
  21. Back On Watership Down (Robin)