Teenage Blues

Various Artists
FORMAT: Audio CD - 3 Disc
Release date: 12 Aug 2013


“Starday was...as important to the development of grass-roots rock’n’roll as Sun...some longtime collectors of Starday’s ‘custom’ records have spent decades trying to obtain all the original singles” 4/5 Record Collector

"Happily companies such as Fantastic Voyage come up with exciting items such as this little gem. Projects such as this deserve our support" Now Dig This

“The quality is incredible and, as many of these original discs have become amongst the most valuable 45s of all time, it’s a bargain at any price” Vintage Rock

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Primitive Rockabilly and Hillbilly Bop from the Starday Custom Series

 The success of our first Starday/Dixie Rockabilly compilation It’s Saturday Night: Starday – Dixie Rockabilly 1955-1961 (FVTD145), coupled with the teaser in the booklet notes about the Starday custom series being another story, has resulted in an unprecedented demand for us to complete – or at least continue – the fascinating story of this legendary Texas label.

The concept of vanity or custom record pressing was certainly not originated by Starday Records in 1954, but it was a no-brainer to a new record company; rural artists without a recording contract could pay upfront to have the record company press a limited run of discs (usually 300), which the artist could then use to promote live appearances with local radio stations and, sometimes, sell to fans at their gigs. It was a no-risk venture for the record company as they would not lose any money if the records didn’t sell, but they were in prime position to take advantage if the song, the recording or the artist began to achieve wider popularity, while the advantage for the artist in having your record custom pressed was that you were not placed at the mercy of a record company A&R man trying to guide you into producing something that would be more commercially viable – you could keep your own style, produce the music you wanted to make and, thus, keep your musical integrity.

In the period 1953-1970, there were well over 700 singles pressed by Starday in this fashion, and rock & roll authority Dave Penny has cherry-picked 101 of the best in the rockabilly or hillbilly bop genres. Because of their absolute rarity and extreme collectability, they are some of the most sought-after and, thus, expensive singles of all time and we feel comfortable in suggesting that, track for track, Teenage Blues contains probably the most valuable set of recordings you will ever own.



  1. You Better Go Now (Beamon Forse)
  2. A Man Ain’t Nothin’ But A Woman’s Slave (Joe Bryant and The Mississippi Woodchoppers)
  3. Back When She Was Young (Buddy Livingston and His All Girl Band)
  4. Rest Of My Life (Beamon Forse)
  5. Wildcat Boogie (The Musical-Aires)
  6. Sweet Talking Baby (Carl Tanner and His Southern Pine Boys)
  7. Puttin’ On The Dog (Joe Gibson)
  8. Wanderlust (Tommy Castle)
  9. Crooked Dice (Leo Ogletree)
  10. I’ve Done More Accidentally (Tommy Castle)
  11. Cooing To The Wrong Pigeon (Jack Morris)
  12. Bop Bobby Socks Bop (Alton Guyon and His Boogie Blues Boys)
  13. Baby’s Gone (Luke Gordon)
  14. Coffee Baby (Alton Guyon and His Boogie Blues Boys)
  15. Big New Dance (Luke Gordon and His Lonesome Drifters)
  16. Be My Baby, Baby Doll (Cousin Arnold and His Country Cousins)
  17. I’m Gonna Rock Some Too (Hodges Brothers)
  18. You’re So Dumb (Mack Banks and His Drifting Troubadours)
  19. Sweet Talking Daddy (Cousin Arnold and His Country Cousins)
  20. Be-Boppin’ Daddy (Mack Banks and His Drifting Troubadours)
  21. Brand New Rock And Roll (Curly Sanders)
  22. My Baby’s Gone (Roland Faulk)
  23. Can I Come Home (Jimmy Simpson and His Oilfield Playboys)
  24. Tip, Tap And Tell Me (Gene Terry and His Kool Kats)
  25. She’s My Baby (Leon Holmes and His Georgia Ramblers)
  26. The Woman I Love (Gene Terry and His Kool Kats)
  27. No More (Buddy Shaw)
  28. Weekend Boogie (Tom Crook and The Rock’n Roll Four)
  29. Nuthin’ But A Nuthin’ (Jimmy Stewart and The Night Hawks)
  30. Henpecked Daddy (Ralph Johnson and The Hillbilly Show Boys)
  31. Tally Ho (Ernie Nowlin and The Blue Shadow Boys)
  32. After I Go Away (Carl Trantham and The I All Stars)


  1. Where There’s A Will (There’s A Way) (Carl Trantham and The I All Stars)
  2. Stoney Mt. Boogie (Bob Varney and Stoney Mt. Playboys)
  3. Money Lovin’ Woman (Chandos McRill and The Perryville Melody Boys)
  4. Half A Chance (Leon Holmes)
  5. Hey, Boy! (Bill Floyd)
  6. I Want My Baby (Billy Match and The Starfires)
  7. Feel Sorry For Me (Dave Brockman and His Twilight Ramblers)
  8. Peace of Mind (Joyce Love with Curly Sanders and His Santones)
  9. Load Up My Blues (Lee Voorhies and His Ozark Country Boys)
  10. Love Proof (Gene Ray)
  11. Party (Listen 681 version) (Al Sims and The Alpine Two)
  12. Rock And Roll Fever (Gene Ray)
  13. Party (Listen 691 version) (Al Sims and The Alpine Two)
  14. Cheer Me Up (Plez Gary Mann)
  15. Flying High (Jeanie Christie with Earl Durrance and His Blue Sky Ramblers)
  16. I Want To Be True (Plez Gary Mann)
  17. Thermostat Baby (Harry Peppel and His Shenandoah Valley Rangers, vocal Dick Dorn)
  18. Pretty Baby (Lewis Pruitt and The True Lads)
  19. Keen Teen Baby (Leroy Martin and The Rebels)
  20. Sunset Blues (Tony and Jackie Lamie with The Swing Kings)
  21. Darlin’ (Jimmie Dale)
  22. Wore To A Frazzel (Tony and Jackie Lamie with The Swing Kings)
  23. Baby Doll (Jimmie Dale)
  24. China Doll (Dappa Smith)
  25. Teenage Blues (Bill Goodwin)
  26. Mama, Mama (Jesse Stevens and The Big Sandy Boys)
  27. Walking, Talking Babydoll (The Three Ramblers, vocal Jerald Boykin)
  28. No Bluebirds In The Sea (Jesse Stevens and The Big Sandy Boys)
  29. If You Call That Love (The Three Ramblers, vocal Jerald Boykin)
  30. The World Belongs To Me (Olen Little)
  31. The Cats Were Jumpin’ (John Worthan)
  32. Wiggle Walkin’ Boogie (Art Ontario)
  33. My Chicken Pen (Warren Robbe)
  34. I Tried To Be Fair (Gilbert Headly)
  35. Pine Mountain Boogie (Arvel Lewis)


  1. Ford And Shaker (James Gallagher)
  2. Don’t You Know (Gary Link and The Rock-A-Fellas)
  3. Compensation Blues (Daniel Nix with The Compensation Boys)
  4. You’re Gonna Reap What You Sow (Ray Strong)
  5. Rhythm Rock (Gary Link and The Rock-A-Fellas)
  6. Are You The One (James Gallagher)
  7. Switch Blade Sam (Jeff Daniels)
  8. Gonna Have A Party (Dickie Damron)
  9. Rockaway (Leon Kelly and The Rhythm Rockers)
  10. You Lied To Me Honey (Junior Gravley and The Rock-A-Tones)
  11. Rockin’ Baby (Dickie Damron)
  12. Take My Hand (Junior Gravley and The Rock-A-Tones)
  13. Poor Me (Chandos McRill and The Excellons)
  14. My Foolish Heart (Bill Loop and His Seneca Indian Boys)
  15. The Toddle (Chandos McRill and The Excellons)
  16. Single Man (Warren Robbe)
  17. Please Have Mercy (Jimmy Dane and His Great Danes)
  18. Lonesome Old Jail (Blankenship Brothers with The Sundown Playboys)
  19. Tattle Tale (Jimmy Dane and His Great Danes)
  20. Tired Of Crawling, Gonna Start To Run (Johnny Harris)
  21. Sweet Rockin’ Mama (The Hi-Tombs)
  22. I Got Blues On My Mind (Lonnie Irving)
  23. Weeping Willow Rock (The Hi-Tombs)
  24. Crawdad Song (Red Moore and His Rhythm Drifters)
  25. Baby, I’ll Never Let You Go (The Love Brothers)
  26. Haunting Rhythm (Romeo Sullivan and The Serenaders)
  27. Oil Field Rock And Roll (Larry Hollis)
  28. Big Rocker (Beck Brothers)
  29. You’ll Come Runnin’ Home To Me (Ralph Collier)
  30. Just Like You (Beck Brothers)
  31. Lonesome Guitar (Missouri Walker and The Ozark Ramblers)
  32. Jorris Boogie (Jorris Hennessee and The Roundup Boys)
  33. Tornado Twist (The Tornadoes)
  34. Judgement Day (Jerry and The String Trio)