Texas Blues Giant

Lightnin' Hopkins
FORMAT: Audio CD - 3 Disc
Release date: 16 Aug 2010

“Excellente” **** Soul Bag


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There was nobody quite like Lightnin’ Hopkins. John Lee Hooker may have made more records but even he couldn’t match the consistently high level of Hopkins’ creativity. He and his vast repertoire represented the epitome of Texas country blues. No question. He came from a musical family and his unique guitar style was fashioned from the traditions he learned in the presence of Blind Lemon Jefferson and Texas Alexander, a distant cousin. His guitar both underscored and complemented the songs he drew from his own life and the lives of those around him. His recording career began in 1946 and hardly paused for the next three decades.

In that time, he created an amazing miscellany of original blues, starting with ‘Katie Mae Blues’, through ‘Shotgun Blues’, ‘Automobile Blues’, ‘Long Way From Texas’, ‘Dirty House Blues’, ‘Sad News From Korea’ and ‘Ain’t It A Shame’ to his last major commercial sessions for the New York-based Herald label in April 1954, which make up the entire third disc here. Songs like ‘Don’t Think ’Cause You’re Pretty’, ‘Nothin’ But The Blues’, ‘Lonesome In Your Home’, ‘Sittin’ Down Thinkin’’ and ‘Lightnin’ Don’t Feel Well’ showed that the wellspring of his inspiration hadn’t dried up. Nor was he always serious, as ‘Lightnin’s Boogie’, ‘Grandma’s Boogie’ and ‘Hopkins Sky Hop’ proved.

Lightnin’ Hopkins went on from these recordings to become an international blues star before his death in January 1982. He may have travelled in foreign climes but his heart was always in Houston’s Dowling Street, amongst the friends and neighbours whose lives he memorialised in his songs.



  1. Katie Mae Blues (Lightnin' Hopkins)
  2. Feel So Bad (Lightnin' Hopkins)
  3. That Mean Old Twister (Lightnin' Hopkins)
  4. Rocky Mountain Blues (Lightnin' Hopkins)
  5. (Let Me) Play With Your Poodle (Lightnin' Hopkins)
  6. Short Haired Woman (Lightnin' Hopkins)
  7. Fast Mail Rambler (Lightnin' Hopkins)
  8. Picture On The Wall (Lightnin' Hopkins)
  9. Baby Child (Lightnin' Hopkins)
  10. Someday Baby (Lightnin' Hopkins)
  11. Abilene (Lightnin' Hopkins)
  12. Shotgun Blues (Lightnin' Hopkins)
  13. Shining Moon (Lightnin' Hopkins)
  14. No Mail Blues (Lightnin' Hopkins)
  15. Unsuccessful Blues (Lightnin' Hopkins)
  16. Jail House Blues (Lightnin' Hopkins)
  17. Automobile Blues (Lightnin' Hopkins)
  18. Untrue Blues (Lightnin' Hopkins)
  19. Bad Luck And Trouble (Lightnin' Hopkins)
  20. Last Affair (Lightnin' Hopkins)
  21. One Kind Favor (Lightnin' Hopkins)
  22. Another Fool In Town (Lightnin' Hopkins)
  23. Black Cat (Lightnin' Hopkins)
  24. Sante Fe (aka Santa Fe Blues) (Lightnin' Hopkins)
  25. Someday Baby (Lightnin' Hopkins)
  26. Black Cat Bone (Lightnin' Hopkins)
  27. Dark And Cloudy (Lightnin' Hopkins)
  28. Disagreeable (Lightnin' Hopkins)


  1. Gotta Move (Lightnin' Hopkins)
  2. Give Me Central 209 (Lightnin' Hopkins)
  3. Long Way From Texas (Lightnin' Hopkins)
  4. Praying Ground Blues (Lightnin' Hopkins)
  5. You Caused My Heart To Weep (Lightnin' Hopkins)
  6. Papa Bones Boogie (aka Buck Dance Boogie) (Lightnin' Hopkins)
  7. No Good Woman (Lightnin' Hopkins)
  8. Dirty House Blues (Lightnin' Hopkins)
  9. Bald Headed Woman (Lightnin' Hopkins)
  10. Everything Happens To Me (Lightnin' Hopkins)
  11. Freight Train Blues (Lightnin' Hopkins)
  12. Don't Think I'm Crazy (Lightnin' Hopkins)
  13. Down To The River (Lightnin' Hopkins)
  14. I'm Begging You (Lightnin' Hopkins)
  15. You Do Too (I'll Never Forget The Day) (Lightnin' Hopkins)
  16. Everybody's Down On Me (Lightnin' Hopkins)
  17. Sad News From Korea (Lightnin' Hopkins)
  18. Let Me Fly Your Kite (Lightnin' Hopkins)
  19. Gone With The Wind (Lightnin' Hopkins)
  20. She's Almost Dead (Lightnin' Hopkins)
  21. My Mama Told Me (Lightnin' Hopkins)
  22. Ain't It A Shame (Lightnin' Hopkins)
  23. Bad Things On My Mind (Lightnin' Hopkins)
  24. Cemetery Blues (Lightnin' Hopkins)
  25. The War Is Over (Lightnin' Hopkins)


  1. Leavin' Blues (Lightnin' Hopkins)
  2. Moanin' Blues (Lightnin' Hopkins)
  3. Lightnin's Boogie (Lightnin' Hopkins)
  4. Don't Think 'Cause You're Pretty (Lightnin' Hopkins)
  5. Blues Is A Mighty Bad Feeling (aka Don't Think 'Cause You're Pretty) [alternate take] (Lightnin' Hopkins)
  6. Lightnin's Special (Lightnin' Hopkins)
  7. Life I Used To Live (Lightnin' Hopkins)
  8. Sick Feelin' Blues (Lightnin' Hopkins)
  9. Let's Move (Lightnin' Hopkins)
  10. Early Mornin' Boogie (Lightnin' Hopkins)
  11. Nothin' But The Blues (Lightnin' Hopkins)
  12. Evil Hearted Woman (Lightnin' Hopkins)
  13. They Wonder Who I Am (Lightnin' Hopkins)
  14. My Baby's Gone (Lightnin' Hopkins)
  15. Don't Need No Job (Lightnin' Hopkins)
  16. Blues For My Cookie (Lightnin' Hopkins)
  17. Had A Gal Called Sal (Lightnin' Hopkins)
  18. Lonesome In Your Home (Lightnin' Hopkins)
  19. Hopkins' Sky Hop (Lightnin' Hopkins)
  20. I Love You Baby (Lightnin' Hopkins)
  21. Grandma's Boogie (Lightnin' Hopkins)
  22. That's Alright Baby (Lightnin' Hopkins)
  23. Finally Met My Baby (Lightnin' Hopkins)
  24. Shine On Moon (Lightnin' Hopkins)
  25. Sittin' Down Thinkin' (Lightnin' Hopkins)
  26. Remember Me (Lightnin' Hopkins)
  27. Please Don't Go Baby (Lightnin' Hopkins)
  28. My Little Kewpie Doll (Lightnin' Hopkins)
  29. Lightnin' Don't Feel Well (Lightnin' Hopkins)