Texas Tornados

Various Artists
FORMAT: Audio CD - 2 Disc
Release date: 14 May 2012


"This is a tip top collection of some of the finest rockin' sounds to ever emerge from the Lone Star state"  NOW DIG THIS

"A Sparkling Compilation"  HIFI WORLD

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Rock ‘n’ Roll From The Lone Star State

Having loaded up the station wagon and filled the gas tank, Fantastic Voyage continues its exciting musical travelogue exploring some of the rockin’est recordings from across the USA.Indicative of its independent spirit, rarely has a state offered more musical originality than Texas. From steel-laden Western Swing and dusty, downhome C&W, to flat out Rockabilly and proto-Tex Mex Rock, Texas Tornados is a whirlwind of hot tamale talent; high-steppers, hep cats and hipsters all, whose wild waxings helped make the Lone Star state sparkle on Rock’n’Roll’s map.

Featuring Big Beat pioneers The Crickets and Jape Richardson (aka The Big Bopper) alongside the good time honky tonk of Bill Mack and Bash Hofner, this 2-CD set samples the diverse delights of local labels Sarg, Starday and D, all of which helped define the regional sound. With contributions from Ronnie Dawson, Jett Powers and Trini Lopez, this nifty fifty also includes gems from Doug Sahm, Thumper Jones and Bennie Hess.Carefully compiled in conjunction with the Wild Wax Show’s deejay “Jailhouse” John Alexander, Texas Tornados offers an authentic selection sure to appeal to both avid collectors and those just beginning their journey of discovery.



  1. I’m Lookin' for Someone to Love (The Crickets)
  2. If I Had Me a Woman (Mac Curtis)
  3. You're My Baby (Roy Orbison & The Teen Kings)
  4. I Can't Find the Door Knob (Jimmie & Johnny)
  5. Play My Boogie (Bill Mack)
  6. Move Around (Joe Poovey & The Royal Dukes)
  7. Cockroach (Link Davis)
  8. Cattin' Around (Charlie Adams)
  9. Strange Kinda Feeling (Eddy Dugosh & The Ah-Ha Playboys)
  10. Mama Don't Allow No Boppin' (Vern Pullens)
  11. No Love in You (Harmon Boazeman)
  12. Crazy Blues (Jape Richardson & The Japetts)
  13. You're Humbuggin' Me (Lefty Frizzell)
  14. (I Lost My) Little Baby (Cecil Moore)
  15. Whenever You're Ready (Bob Luman)
  16. Lookin' (Royce Porter)
  17. Centipede (Lew Williams)
  18. Sag, Drag and Fall (Sid King & The Five Strings)
  19. Rockin' and a-Bopin' (Bash Hofner & The Pearl Wranglers)
  20. If I Find My Dream Girl (Doug Bragg & The Drifters)
  21. Moon's Rock (Moon Mullican)
  22. Rockin' Daddy (Sonny Fisher)
  23. I’m Coming Home (Johnny Horton)
  24. Rockin', Rollin' Stone (Andy Starr)
  25. Sleep, Rock-a-Roll Rock-a-Baby (Alvis Wayne)


  1. Wild Wild Women (Johnny Carroll & His Hot Rocks)
  2. Stack-a-Records (Tom Tall & His Tom Kats)
  3. Yes You Do (Trini Lopez)
  4. White Lightning (Big Bopper)
  5. Wham Bam (Dave Edge)
  6. How Come It (George Jones)
  7. I'm Through (Sleepy LaBeff)
  8. Purr, Kitty, Purr (Sid King & The Five Strings)
  9. Tennessee Toddy (Billy Gray & His Western Okies)
  10. Grandaddy's Rockin' (Mac Curtis)
  11. Catapillar (Ray Campi)
  12. Wild Hog Hop (Bennie Hess)
  13. Jitterbugging Baby (David Ray)
  14. Stranger Than Fiction (Bob Luman)
  15. If You Can't Rock Me (The Strikes)
  16. Straight Skirt (Gene Summers & His Rebels)
  17. Rockin' Bones (Ronnie Dawson)
  18. Save Me Your Love (Donald Simpson)
  19. Don't Bug Me Baby (Milton Allen)
  20. Yes I Do (Royce Porter)
  21. Go, Girl, Go (Jett Powers)
  22. Crazy Daisy (Doug Sahm)
  23. Rock Me My Baby (The Crickets)
  24. Rock-Tick-Tock (Jimmy Dee)
  25. Teen Twist (Buddy Miller)