The Flamingo Connection

Various Artists
FORMAT: Audio CD - 2 Disc
Release date: 1 Sep 2009


"A very rewarding release"  4/5 RECORD COLLECTOR

"Decent overview of the transitional late 50's / early 60's London club jazz sound"  MOJO

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When Jeffrey Kruger opened London’s classiest jazz venue Jazz At The Flamingo in 1952, it was an instant runaway success, and for the next decade featured the world’s finest modern jazz musicians and vocalists. It also showcased virtually all of Britain’s own astonishingly talented modern jazz pioneers, and when Kruger (who received an MBE in 2001 for “Services to Jazz”) founded the Ember label in 1960, many of the musicians who drew capacity crowds at the Flamingo went on to cut classic LPs for the Ember imprint.

THE FLAMINGO CONNECTION spotlights a generous selection of the finest tracks from those albums, several on CD for the first time. Wherever possible the recorded source is from the original master tape, and the collection includes comprehensive and authoritative sleevenotes. Artists include Tubby Hayes, Ronnie Scott, Annie Ross, Tony Kinsey, Bill LeSage, Carmen McRae, Don Rendell, Tony Crombie, and many more.



  1. Weber The Great (The Tony Kinsey Quintet)
  2. The Country Squire (The Jazz Makers With Ronnie Ross And Allan Ganley)
  3. Cheek To Cheek (The Jazz Couriers)
  4. Beaulieu Blues (Vic Lewis And His All Stars)
  5. Heard And Seen (The Tommy Whittle Quintet)
  6. Autumn In Cuba (The Bill Le Sage And Ronnie Ross Quartet)
  7. The Cheaters (The Bill Le Sage And Ronnie Ross Quartet)
  8. The Toff (The London Jazz Quartet (featuring Tubby Hayes))
  9. A Foggy Day (In London Town) (Carmen McRae)
  10. 'Round About Midnight (Carmen McRae)
  11. Ilkley Moor Bah’ Tat (The British Jazz Trio)
  12. Yesterdays (The Don Rendell Quartet)
  13. Early One Morning (The Tony Crombie Orchestra)
  14. Basie Talks (The Ronnie Scott Orchestra)
  15. Yodellin' (Tony Crombie And His Friends)
  16. Guys And Dolls (The Jazz Couriers)
  17. On A Misty Night (The Jazz Couriers)
  18. World Of Blue (The Tony Kinsey Quintet)


  1. Motor Museum (The Parliament Brass And Orchestra directed by Buddy Kaye)
  2. Girl In Blue (The Tony Kinsey Quintet)
  3. Eddification (The Eddie Thompson Trio)
  4. Theme For (The Eddie Thompson Trio)
  5. Domus (Vic Lewis And His All Stars)
  6. Howl (The Tommy Whittle Quintet)
  7. What’s New? (Annie Ross)
  8. Limehouse Blues (Annie Ross)
  9. Charlie Is My Darling (The British Jazz Trio)
  10. Gut Bucket (Tony Crombie And His Friends)
  11. Brazilia (Tony Crombie And His Friends)
  12. Some Of My Best Friends Are Blues (The Jazz Couriers)
  13. Smoke Gets In Your Eyes (Ronnie Ross Quintet)
  14. Let’s Call The Whole Thing Off (The Derek Smith Trio with Harry Klein)
  15. Moveable (The Eddie Thompson Trio)
  16. Just Play (The Eddie Thompson Trio)
  17. The Serpent (The Jazz Couriers)
  18. All Star Special (The Flamingo All-Stars)