The Forgotten 45s 1960-1962

Various Artists
FORMAT: Audio CD - 3 Disc
Release date: 18 Nov 2013


"This latest 90-song triple CD set from fantastic Voyage again thumbs its nose at success" Music Week

"Soon after reviving the 'lost' 45s of the late '50s, Fantastic Voyage return with a trio of jubilant discs that celebrate the darker corners of the early '60s.  There is plenty to appreciate here' Vintage Rock


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The Forgotten 45s 1960-1962 follows hot on the heels of The Forgotten 45s 1957-1959, Fantastic Voyage’s previous survey of The Ones That Got Away, which has already proved a bigger-seller and been the subject of an enthusiastic review in The Daily Mirror.

Not every record that’s released can be a hit. Not every record that’s released deserves to be a hit, but frequently records that do aren’t and that’s what this set is all about. Three CDs, packed full of great records that should have been hits, but weren’t. Reflecting the musical preferences of the era, the featured styles run the gamut of R&B, doo wop, soul, rock & roll, country, and mainstream pop. Some of the tracks will never have been on legitimately released CDs before; all will give listening pleasure to collectors and pop music fans alike.

Artists, labels and other pundits could reasonably have expected these recording to be UK hit singles, but they were denied that success. The reason may be apparent with hindsight: the timely release of a rival version, or the listening public starting to fall out of love with the artist, or their style of music. But other misses are harder to fathom, and of course it is this unpredictability that goes a long way to explain our fascination with hit records.

Some of the featured tracks have become favourite oldies despite never making our charts (“Sticks And Stones”, “Last Night”, “Hello Walls”, “Pledging My Love”), some are wannabe hits by name artists whose chart pedigree is not in doubt (Pat Boone, Alma Cogan, Jackie Wilson, Bobby Darin, Craig Douglas, the Platters) and some were “new kids on the block” from both sides of the Atlantic, whose releases should have done so much better.

A fascinating parallel narrative when considered alongside hits-of-the-year compilations, like Fantastic Voyage’s exhaustive British Hit Parade series, The Forgotten 45s 1960-1962, and its companion set The Forgotten 45s 1957-1959, give collectors the chance to fill those holes in their archives which they’ve always meant to fill, but haven’t, and will give impulse CD buyers a thrilling reminder of records that passed consumers by in the heyday of pop music.



  1. Down By The Station (The Four Preps)
  2. The Big Triangle (The Galaxies)
  3. Mister Lonely (The Videls)
  4. Teenage Sonata (Sam Cooke)
  5. Sandy (Larry Hall)
  6. Son-Of-A-Gun (Sanford Clark)
  7. Here Today And Gone Tomorrow Love (Janis Martin)
  8. Get Your Daddie’s Car Tonight (Lorrae Desmond)
  9. Mamma Wouldn’t Like It (Maureen Evans)
  10. Banjo Boy (The Raindrops)
  11. Dear John (Pat Boone)
  12. Somebody To Love (Bobby Darin)
  13. Carole (Billy Scott)
  14. Red Sails In The Sunset (The Platters)
  15. Think (James Brown and The Famous Flames)
  16. I’m Gettin’ Better (Jim Reeves)
  17. Movin’ Away (Ricky Valance)
  18. Happy-Go-Lucky Me (Frank Ifield)
  19. Parade Of Pretty Girls (The Playmates)
  20. Ramona (The Blue Diamonds)
  21. What Am I Living For (Conway Twitty)
  22. Now, Now, Now (Jerry Keller)
  23. Apollo (Connie Stevens)
  24. The Skirl (The Harry Robinson String Sound)
  25. Yogi (The Ivy Three)
  26. Let’s Go See Grandma (Joy and Dave)
  27. Sticks And Stones (Ray Charles and His Orchestra)
  28. No Time For Tears (Sam Hawkins)
  29. Is It Me (Tracy Pendarvis)
  30. The Twelfth Of Never (Johnny Mathis)


  1. Under The Moon Of Love (Curtis Lee)
  2. Tossin’ And Turnin’ (Bobby Lewis)
  3. Nag (The Halos)
  4. Some Kind Of Wonderful (The Drifters)
  5. Pledging My Love (Johnny Ace)
  6. I Don’t Know Why (Linda Scott)
  7. Three Hearts In A Tangle (Roy Drusky)
  8. Hello Walls (Faron Young)
  9. Sacred (The Castells)
  10. Model Girl (Davy Jones)
  11. Make Me An Angel (Glen Stuart)
  12. No Greater Love (Craig Douglas)
  13. Let Me Belong To You (Brian Hyland)
  14. Every Breath I Take (Gene Pitney)
  15. Don’t Cha Know (The Crickets)
  16. Like Long Hair (Paul Revere and The Raiders)
  17. I Remember (Maurice Williams and The Zodiacs)
  18. Buzz Buzz A-Diddle-It (Freddy Cannon)
  19. Little Egypt (The Coasters)
  20. Last Night (The Mar-Keys)
  21. Just Out of Each (Of My Two Open Arms) (Solomon Burke)
  22. Dedicated To The One I Love (The 5 Royales)
  23. God, Country And My Baby (Johnny Burnette)
  24. I’m Hurtin’ (Roy Orbison)
  25. Today’s Teardrops (Laurie London)
  26. Dance On Little Girl (Paul Anka)
  27. Happy Times (Are Here To Stay) (Tony Orlando)
  28. A Tear (Gene McDaniels)
  29. Please Don’t Go (Ral Donner)
  30. I’m Comin’ On Back To You (Jackie Wilson)


  1. Let Me In (The Sensations)
  2. Love Came To Me (Dion)
  3. I Cried My Last Tear (Ernie K. Doe)
  4. Did You Ever See A Dream Walking (Fats Domino)
  5. Ecstasy (Ben E. King)
  6. What’s So Good About Good Bye (The Miracles)
  7. Meet Me At The Twistin’ Place (Johnnie Morisette)
  8. Mama’s Doin’ The Twist (Linda Hopkins)
  9. I’ve Got Bonnie (Bobby Rydell)
  10. I Sat Back And Let It Happen (Leroy Van Dyke)
  11. Release Me (Esther Phillips)
  12. She Cried (Jay and The Americans)
  13. Stop The Wedding (Etta James)
  14. Poor Little Puppet (Cathy Carroll)
  15. Cast Your Fate To The Wind (The Vince Guaraldi Trio)
  16. She’s Got You (Alma Cogan)
  17. Somebody Tell Him (Julie Grant)
  18. Stand Up (Michael Cox)
  19. Your Nose Is Gonna Grow (Christine Quaite)
  20. Hit Record (Tommy Steele)
  21. (Ooh Looka There) Ain’t She Pretty (Billy Duke)
  22. Ahab, The Arab (Ray Stevens) 23
  23. Norman (Sue Thompson)
  24. I Can Mend Your Broken Heart (Don Gibson)
  25. Hey Joe (Bob Luman)
  26. Island In The Sky (Troy Shondell)
  27. Bad Boy (The Donays)
  28. Any Day Now (My Wild Beautiful Bird) (Chuck Jackson)
  29. Don’t Cry On My Shoulder (Connie Francis)
  30. Seven Day Weekend (Gary US Bonds)